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You're Beautiful Episode 1

You're Beautiful > Episode 1
This story revolves around a young sister, aspiring to become a nun. Being orphaned from a young age, Go Mi Nyu has lived in a convent. Due to her upbringing in a convent, Mi Nyu tends to speak in formal Korean, which tends to be interesting when she converses in real-world conversations. Mi Nyu is innocent, kind-hearted, and although has a sweet nature, tends to end up causing trouble due to her naivety.

In the first episode, Mi Nyu’s kind intentions to prevent a young girl from disrespecting the mass service being held in the chapel, leads to a hilarious situation: in a bid to get the girl to stop playing with her mini TV player, Mi Nyu ends unplugging the device in the struggle. This results in disrupting the service when the device is unplugged and loud music fills the chapel.

The story is not only about Mi Nyu, but her interaction with a popular A.N.JELL, a three-member boy band led by Hwang Tae Kyung. As Tae Kyung is having health problems from over using his vocal cords too much, his manager insists on adding a new singer to to group. That new singer is Go Mi Nam, Mi Nyu’s twin brother. Tae Kyung does not take to the news of a new addition to the group happily, and is upset that he is being forced to lip-sync until his condition improves.

Due to the incident in the chapel, Mi Nyu ends up being punished by having to clean the compunds surrounding the chapel. In the midst of cleaning, Mi Nyu is being observed by Mi Nam’s manager, Ma Hoon Yi. While Mi Nyu is on her scooter on an errand, Hoon Yi catches up with her and stares at her weirdly, and this creeps her out and cause her to knowck him out and flee the scene. He chases after her and makes it clear to her the reason he was looking at her: her twin brother had an accident and needs to get some plastic surgery done. All Mi Nyu has to do is dress up as her brother and take his place at the important signing to join A.N.JELL.

After all the pleading by Hoon Yi, Mi Nyu relents and ends up heading to the to the A.N. Agency office. After being introduced to the A.N.JELL menbers, and just before successfully signing the contract on her borthers’ behalf, Mi Nyu is dragged by Tae-kyung into the recording room. Tae-kyung refuses to open the door until Mi Nyu proves himself to her; before he can even begin to consider letting Go “Mi Nam” joining the group.

Left with no choice, Mi Nyu starts to sing ( a hymn no less!). This gets Tae-kyung and the other two members’ (Kang Shin Woo and Jeremey) attention. She clears the charade and the group members accept “Mi Nam”. After the audtion, Mi Nyu thinking that that was the end of her charade, is prepared to leave for Rome as it has been her dream. (It’s actually more of a habit, since she has stayed in a convent since young, rather than what Mi Nyu really wants.) Being convicted that she must leave Korea to achieve this “dream” of hers, she ignores Hoon Yi’s pleas to pretend to be her brother for a least a month, till he recovers.

However, unfortunately for Mi Nyu, she collides into Tae-Kyung and her plane ticket ends up I nhis hands. Thus ensures, Mi Nyu and the A.N.JELL menbers have a hilarious encounter(s) of hide-and-seek: Mi Nyu keeps on bumping into each of the members causing her to panic and run away, while she desperately wants her ticket back. Unable to get back her ticket, and stranded at the airport with nowhere to go, she ends up listening to Tae-Kyung’s mp3 which landed in her hands when they collided.

Whilst listening to the music, Mi Nyu back recalls the painful memories of growing up at the orphanage with her brother, and how they were bullied. She resovles to pretend to be her brother, when she decides that his dream of becoming a singer (to find their mother) would be hers for now.
At the press conference introducing A.N.JELL’s new member, Mi Nyu re-emerges from the room with short hair (she made a tough decisiom of cutting it) and dressed in a white suit with her chest bound.

Soon, she moves into the mansion where the boys stay, and she is awed by the sheer magnitude of the place. She attempts to return Tae-kyung’s mps player, but ends up getting drenched by a bidet: while she was deciding where she should place the mp3 player, Tae-Kyung suddenly came in, panicking Mi Nyu hides in the toilet and ends up hitting the bidet by accident when he finds her in his room. He is furious that she entered his room without permission and tells her never to do it again. After she leaves, he checks out the toilet: “The bidet is more dangerous than I thought. I’d better be careful.”

The manger holds a welcome party for “Mi Nam”. Despite Hoon Yi’s attempts to keep the alcohol away from Mi Nyu, she ends up drinking it non-stop. This results in a hilarious situation where the 3 members of A.N.JELL try to catch Mi Nyu when she drunkenly makes her way to the roof; almost falling off the ledge...


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