Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cyndi Wang spotted with a new man

The Taiwanese singer was said to have used her new love interest to clear up rumours of her dating Yao Yuan Hao. Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang was speculated to be dating Yao Yuan Yuan, an actor and ex-boyfriend of model Sonia Sui, after the pair spotted at a beach in Kenting, Taiwan together.

The pair even went prawning together, although they both consistently denied dating rumours when questioned by the media. Last Saturday, the media received a tip-off from a member of the public, who said that he saw Cyndi with a man -- who drove a BMW -- at Chengde Road, where they
stopped for tea.

When reporters arrived at the scene, Cyndi and the man were still chatting happily. When the pair left at 4.30pm, the man escorted Cyndi to the front passenger seat and they drove off together. He later also stopped along the way to get the singer a cup of coffee from Starbucks.

The couple then arrived at a massage parlour on Tong Hua Street and both Cyndi and the man exited from the shop half an hour later.

When Cyndi noticed that they were being trailed by the paparazzi, she parted ways with the guy. Reporters took the opportunity to quiz the singer on the identity of her male companion. Replying with a smile, the singer claimed that the guy was "just an old friend". She emphasised that they are not a couple and that it is impossible for them to date each other.

When probed if she was trying to use the guy to clear up her rumours with Yuan Hao, Cyndi laughed and replied, "This is so funny" and added that her friends are "very unlucky" to know her.

Responding to the rumour, Cyndi's manager did not disclose information regarding the guy and merely expressed, "They are just friends. It was a usual social activity." On the other hand, Yuan Hao refused to comment on the speculations of Cyndi's new love interest.



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