Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jerry Yan to star in second spin-off of "Fated To Love You"?

Source: UDN
Written by: fufu @ CpopAccess.com

With the success of the original drama “Fated To Love You” and its spin-off “(Drunken To) Love You”, SETTV’s executive VP Su Li-Mei and “Fated” series director Chen Ming-Zhang are already planning for its third installment. Recent rumors spreading from Chen’s and Su’s micro-blog reveal their desire to cast Jerry Yan as their lead. Su admits that she has been in touch with the actor, but says she wants to design a character that will fit Yan well. She giggled, “Every time I see him, he asks why I don’t get him to film a drama. Actually, I’ve always been thinking what we need to make a drama that is the most suitable for him.”

Yan has just completed filming the mainland drama, “我的燦爛人生” (My Brilliant Life), which is also directed by Chen Ming-Zhang and is an adaptation of the popular Korean drama, "Brilliant Legacy". During the filming, he lost 7kgs, weighing only 65kgs at a height of 181cm. Luckily, he has already recovered by working out and eating specially made meals by his mom.


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