Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vivian Dawson shops at a night market

The model stopped visiting night clubs as his girlfriend Jolin Tsai's concert tour in China comes to an end. Previously, model Vivian Dawson was spotted in a night club with a younger female model, while his girlfriend and pop princess Jolin Tsai was away in China, on her concert tour.

When photos of Vivian and his date were published, the media constantly hounded Jolin when she returned to Taiwan, wanting her comment on the incident. This caused a strain in the couple's relationship.

A few days ago, Jolin was in Nanjing for the final stop of her Myself concert tour. That night, Vivian was spotted with his friends at a night market, after work.

The model first accompanied his friends to the food market to buy some liquorice guava, deep-fried chicken and other snacks. While those around him feast on the food, Vivian, who is watching his weight, resisted the temptation to eat.

The chatty Vivian did not eat anything, but chose to converse with his friends in a mix of Chinese and English.

The model, who loves to jog, also walked faster than the rest of his friends. When the traffic light turned red, Vivian crossed the street before his friends managed to. Waiting for the light to turn green again, the model even practiced a few of Jolin's dance move to entertain himself.

Later, his female friends left first, leaving Vivian and three of his male friends at an internet café, where they spent the rest of their evening.



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