Friday, October 21, 2011

Barbie Hsu substitutes Dee Hsu on Kang Xi Lai Le

Source: UDN
Written by: fufu @

It’s been two years since Barbie Hsu has hosted any shows; she secretly arrived on the set of “Kang Xi Lai Le” yesterday as a substitute host and special guest Makiyo commented, “She’s even more fierce than Dee,” while Shen Yu-Lin praised, “I thought she would be rusty, but it surpassed my expectations.” He then added that Dee is more witty while Barbie is more mature and makes a great combo with co-host Kevin Tsai.

Since Dee Hsu will be on maternity leave soon, the production team immediately turned to Barbie for help. Currenly, the sisters arrive to the set together; Barbie records the first show while Dee does the second, so that they can accumulate enough episodes to broadcast when Dee is off.

In order to help Barbie ease into hosting, the production team decided discuss Barbie's favorite topic, "shoes", for the first show. Barbie revealed that she and veteran entertainer Serina Liu were both crazy for shoes; they’ve even fought over the same pair of shoes and earrings in the past. Now whenever Barbie sees a new pair of shoes at the store, she would first ask the salesperson, “Has Miss Liu bought this pair yet?”

Barbie’s husband, Wang Xiao-Fei, wrote words of encouragement on his micro-blog, “My wife, press on!”


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