Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Love Sick" Chinese Movie Premeire and Fanmeeting

Source: Longhoo News

The idol movie “Love Sick”, which stars Chen Bolin and Ariel Lin will be aired in Nanjing on 14 Oct 2011. The day before the movie was aired (Oct. 13), the film’s director, Chen Bolin and Ariel Lin toured all big theaters in Nanjing. The star appeal of popular idols, Ariel and Bolin was evident as every fan meeting was packed. 30 lucky fans were invited to a free showing of the movie at  Longjiang international cinema, the last stop in the film's group Nanjing tour. The 30 lucky fans has the opportunity to also get close to the stars.

Although it was raining heavily (on 13 Oct), turning Nanjing's atmosphere cold and damp, the fans enthusiasm was not to be dampened. The venue was not empty nor deserted as expected due to the weather, instead all of the seats were occupied, with even the two sides of the theater being filled with people.

Throughout the movie, which had a duration of 91 minutes, the audiences was laughing throughout the movie for at least 50 minutes. In the movie, Bolin plays a young and handsome doctor who is has a  good heart. While Ariel is Liang Ruoqing, a broken-hearted, girl who is slightly neurotic, it seems like Ariel’s strange character added color to the movie.

When the show ended, the cast was invited by the host to go on stage, but Ariel seemed to have disappeared. She emerged a few minutes later and explained her absence. "I sneaked in to watch the last 25 minutes of the movies with the audience, and ended up ruining my makeup from crying. I had to touch up the ruined makeup. I hope everyone would forgive me."

In the Q & A session that followed, the audience's excitement was even higher. When asked about his favorite scene in the movie, Bolin said: “It was towards the end of the movie, when Ariel rushed to the airport to catch me. But after going through all those difficulties, she was speechless when she finally saw me.” In that scene, just as Bolin's character was waiting for Ariel's character to confess her feelings, another female doctor told him to hurry up as everyone’s waiting for them to board. Without turning around at all, Bolin's character shouted: “Than let them wait!” Bolin laughed and said he liked this scene the most and added, “If we had to act that scene out again, I would have picked her up in my arms and we would have boarded the plane together.”

During the fan meeting, one very loyal Bolin fan got the chance to ask a question, and receive a poster. She said she likes Bolin very much. When the fan meeting concluded, she was still very excited and expressed her thanks again to Longhoo for giving her this opportunity to speak to Bolin.


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