Friday, December 09, 2011

The Four Scholars of Jiangnan

周 杰伦、王力宏、潘玮柏、林俊杰,人称“江南四大才子”,外貌方面,卖萌的卖萌、忧郁的忧郁、阳光的十分阳光、腼腆的十分腼腆。当然,既然是“才子”,才华 方面是必不可少的,以上四人都会乐器、都会跳舞、都会唱歌、也都会演戏,连主持都会,被称为“才子”名副其实。对于他们的才华,你看到了多少?对于他们的 星路发展,你又记得了多少?接下来就让我们一起来盘点江南四大才子的星路发展。


Jay Chou, Lee Hom, Wilber Pan and JJ Lin are branded as "The Four Scholars of Jiangnan." Because of their good looks, individual styles and talents. The media identified them as "the talented artists" which is greatly justifiable: they are able to play musical instruments, dance, sing, act and even host a show. As for their talents, how much do you see? How much can you remember about them in their journey of stardom? Let's recap their journey of frame. - Drama Queen


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