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The Fierce Wife vs Endless Love: Who really deserves to win?

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1) The Fierce Wife
Also known as 犀利人妻 / Xi Li Ren Qi

Xie An Zhen was happily married with one daughter until her husband cheated on her with her cousin. And the ensuing divorce became a battle of love and wits.

Wins [Awards]: The only winner from that cast was Amanda Zhu in the Best Supporting Actress category, which was well-earned. Everyone else got shafted so bad the producers of TFW chewed out the Academy that very night. Ouch.

2) Endless Love
Also known as 愛∞無限 / Ai ∞ Wu Xian

Liang Jing Hao and Song Rui En fell in love despite their social difference. Soon, they were engaged to be married. However, their happy union was shattered when he discovered that her philanthropic father was the driver who killed his mother in a hit and run years ago and the cause of his father's suicide on their wedding day. The devastated Jing Hao chose to disappear rather than exposing the crime committed by Run En's father. When he resurfaced years later Rui En had to choose either moving on with her life as he did with his or fighting for his forgiveness and saving their love.
Wilber Pan and Sandrine Pinna
Personal Comments:
I was shocked that Wilber won the award for his acting. I believe Wilber did not expect either. However, he had improved so much since his previous drama with Rainie in Miss No Good. He may not be the most talented actor, but he is one of the most hardworking artise. There were a few scenes he did great, such as the crying scenes.

Sandrine and Wilber did a great job in Endless Love. Although I found the first few episodes mediocre. the drama started to pick up pace: their acting and chemistry improved alot. Towards the end of the drama, I was drawn to their characters.

The storyline is a typical of a idol drama and the script was not very well done, certain plots should have been explained more in depth, and the ending could definitely have been better . The ending let me kind of disappointed, they could have done better and give some punch to the storyline.

However, despite its flaws, I love this drama because of the two main leads. They were into their characters and they 'love' they displayed could be felt. Wilber Pan should thank Sandrine for helping him win this award. I feel that there were other contributing factors that led to Wilber's win: the supporting casts and storyline gave him opportunity to bring out his character in the drama. Who truly deserve the to have won the awards might be subjective as we all have different views. But no matter the whines and cries of foul play doesn’t matter as the trophy landed in the hands of the one who truly deserved to win.
Sonia & James Wen
On the topic of Taiwanese dramas, The Fierce Wife although a nice and refreshing drama, is overrated in my opinion. Endless Love had the potiential to do well, but the plots and the storyline was lacking. Sonia did a great job in The Fierce Wife. James Wen did not leave great impression on me as i tend to look at Sonia and Amanda performance. James Wen performance was being overshadowed by the actresses. Joseph and Rainie were ok in Druken To Love You. But Joseph did not have much space to bring out or express the character because of the story itself. It is not surprising that he did not win. Last of all, Iwas shocked to see the photo of Sonia at the red carpet.

Inspirational phase by Wilber Pan: It doesn't matter if I win any award, the most important thing is - did i take on the challange?


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