Saturday, December 17, 2011

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 1

This drama starts off with Cha Chi Soo in a plane flirting with a beautiful woman, both of them are talking about their experiences overseas. They are conversing fluently in English when suddenly, Cha Chi Soo pauses for a moment and looks at the woman in a bewilderment.  The lady thinks that Cha Chi Soo is lost in the conversion. Never did she expect Cha Chi Soo to say, "Your lips are very pretty." She is flattered by his compliment and blushes.

The flight soon lands in Korean, and Cha Chi Soo heaves a sigh of relief when he steps out of the airport. His presence attracts the attention of the women around, as they rave about his charm. From the coner of his eyes, he sees a group of people coming his way. He recognizes their faces and  immediately puts on his sunglasses, surveying his environment to plan for his escape. The moment he turns around, he sees the lady whom he met on the plane and he immediately dashes into her car before she drives off. The lady is caught by surprise with his sudden move. He tells her, "I am going to get off at your house."

The next scene shows them in her house, with the lady being surprised to see him preparing to leave. She innocently asks, "Aren't you going to sleep over in my house?" And his replies, " What makes you think that?" Before he makes his exit, he turns to the lady and cheekily, adds "You shouldn't be involved with me or you will be in big trouble." He leaves the house and goes to a cafe to meet his friends.

The next scene brings us to the other main lead, Yang Eun Bi. As this moment, she is dreaming of taking an examination which qualifies her to become a teacher in the future. When she finally snaps out of her dream, irritated with a loving couple in the classroom. She imagines that she approaches  them and bangs on their table and yells at them to focus on the exam. She lifts up the book and is about to bang on their table when she suddenly wakes up. The couple looks at her, wondering who she is. She places the book down and walks away in embarrassment.

Feeling the stress about the coming examination, she seeks the help of a fortune teller, who tells Eun Bi not to get angry as she draws the tarot cards. Unexpectedly, she picks a destiny card  which means that she will fall in love soon and they will share a kiss she hears bell rings. However, Eun Bi retorts that she already has a boyfriend who is in the army.

Back to Chi Soo, who spots the men in black and he tries to run away. He runs into the ladies washroom and meets Eun Bi who happens to be in that cubicle. She attempts to chase him out and she makes lots of noise. The men in black are anxiously looking for him at door. In a desperate attempt to shut Eun Bi up, he stares at Eun Bi in the eyes and bend closely to her. Charmed by him, she closes her eyes and prepares for a kiss. However, he whispers to her ears, "the mole here is pretty." With that he walks after making sure the coast is clear. Regaining her composure, Eun Bi storms out of the washroom and shouts at Chi Soo. Chi Soo turns around and says, "Opps i went to the wrong place, but why did you close your eyes?" 

He winks at her and with that sweeps her feet away. Eun Bi goes home to share her encounter with the "Pervert" and describes the event to her friend Kang Dong Joo. Eun Bi is envious of her as a teacher who is well loved by others.

In the next scene, an old man was seated in a bathtub and a man his reporting to him that they had lost him (Chi Soo). The old man replies , "Please continue to catch him." Chi Soo meets his friend (Woo Hyun Woo) on the street and they have a chat at the rooftop. The next day, Eun Bi and Dong Joo are bickering with each other over minor issues. Eun Bi is supposed to meet her boyfriend at the arrival hall but is  disappointed to know that he went home already.

Chi Soo goes back home to meet his dad, however, his father is furious with him and insist that he board the plane back to US. He pleads with his dad to let him stay at home and manages to convince him somehow.

Eun Bi goes to a school festival and she accidentally bumps onto a lady. She apologizes to her but the lady insists that it is not Eun Bi's fault. This makes Eun Bi appear to be a villain. Chi Soo happens to meet Eun Bi in the school festival. The latter has no recollection of their encounter despite Eun Bi giving him hints. They have a brief chat when suddenly Eun Bi notices a person that looks familar to her, it turns out to be her boyfriend! He is having a great time with another woman.

Eun Bi confronts  him and convinced that her boyfriend loves somebody else. Eun Bi turns away trying to control her emotion. She hears the lady comment, "She is surprisingly cool, I thought she is clingy type." Eun Bi turns around and uses a water balloon to smash on the couple! The guy confronts Eun Bi and tells her why they broke  off.

Eun Bi lies that she is also dating another guy. She runs into Chi Soo car while he is chatting on the phone. He is surprised that Eun Bi is his car. They end up having to drive away as the lady starts throwing water bomb at them. They drive off to a place and  Chi Soo waits for Eun Bi to calm down.

While talking about her ex-boyfriends she starts to cry. Chi Soo tells Eun Bi to get out of the car as he can't stand people crying. Eun Bi goes home alone, struggling to get back to her feet. She is determined to pick herself up as she throws all the things away.

Soon, it is Eun Bi's first day as a student teacher and her friend is giving her some advice how be charming and attract the professionals, such as lawyer and doctors. She is  seated at the cafe looking for eligible bachelors as she imagines the young men showing interest in her. However, she immediately wakes up from her dream and faces reality.

As she steps out of the cafe, she meets Chi Soo again. Eun Bi greets him and conducts a survey with him. She is satisified that he meets all her criteria. Realizing that Chi Soo is a good catch, she knows that she need to grab hold of this opportunity to get closer to him. Suddenly, somebody skates pass Eun Bi and she falls into the arms of Chi Soo. For a moment all is silent and Eun Bi can hear the bells ringing away in the distance. She offers to go on a date with Chi Soo but he declines. Just then, he takes out his jacket and puts it on. It is a high school uniform! She hangs her head down in disappointment.

A typical korean drama which builds on fantasy and romance. It is a nice opening which gave us an insight to the characters of these main leads. Jung Il Woo is cute and charming in his own way. It is funny to see him using the same tricks on the women she encountered and his own daddy. He seems to be able to manipulates others using his charm. I am curious to know more about his character and his background

Lee Chung Ah who played Eun Bi is excellent. She really looks desperate looking for a eligible bachelor. From this episode, we know that she is a dreamer and she envies her friend who seems to be more popular. The interesting thing is she has her own criteria when she looks at a man. There is this score sheet in her mind that she uses to judge a guy. That is hilarious but true to certain extend.

There is this mysterious guy called Hyun woo that appeared for a while, I am curious to know more about his role. This drama is able to get me interested and I will continue to write on this drama.


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