Friday, December 16, 2011

Girls Generation to Become Million Album Seller in Japan

Source: KBS Global

Star Hallyu group Girls Generation’s first Japanese album entitled “Girls Generation” is expected to record a million sales in Japan. Major news agencies in Japan including Sankei Sports reported on December 7 that Girls Generation’s first album that had been released in Japan last June has sold 850,000 copies up to now, and it is expected to record a total of a million sales as the album will be released again in repackaged form on December 28.

The repackaged album will include an unpublished song entitled “Time Machine,” a Japanese version of the song “The Boys” that had been released worldwide on October 19, and three remix songs from their original twelve songs included in the album.

News reports forecasted that Girls Generation’s first album will achieve one million sales, as the group has recently been obtaining more popularity in Japan with their appearances on Japanese media and TV programs such as “FNS Song Festival” on Fuji TV and “Red & White Year End Song Festival” on NHK. If the album achieves a million sales in Japan, it will become the first record to do so in Japan among Korean musicians. In addition, it will also become the first million seller album in Japan of 2011.


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