Friday, February 10, 2012

Dateless Rainie Yang mulls Valentine's Day matchmaking session

HONG KONG: Taiwan singer-actress Rainie Yang revealed during a store opening event in Hong Kong on Wednesday that she may wind up spending Valentine's Day at a matchmaking session organised by her friends, reported Hong Kong media.

"My friends have arranged for a dinner date [on Valentine's Day], but they refuse to tell me who is going to show up when I asked them. It feels as though they really want to set me up with someone, but I am not in a hurry [to find a boyfriend] and I prefer to make friends naturally," said Yang, who added that she is still considering whether or not to go.

"It is not very nice to turn down such a sincere gesture from your friends."Yang said this isn't the first time her friends have tried to set her up with a guy. "I tried a similar matchmaking event and went to a karaoke outlet. I was not used to it at the time. My friends are too worried about my happiness. It is better to decide these things (who to date) for yourself," said the 27-year-old star.

When asked about the recent rumours which claimed that she is considering getting back together with her ex-boyfriend Roy Chiu, Yang replied that there is no truth to them at all. "That is a misunderstanding, a story the newspapers created. Basically, we have no contact with each other," said Yang, "We are just friends who encourage one another. We have lost contact with one another after working together many, many years ago."

Source: Channel News Asia


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