Friday, February 24, 2012

KARA's Park Gyuri To Get Vocal Cord Surgery

KARA's leader, Park Gyuri is going under the knife. For her vocal cords.

According to DSP Media on February 20th, Park's been having nodes and polyps develop on her vocal cords since last November. She will be receiving surgery for this on February 21st. DSP added that for Park to recover as soon as possible, she will be undergoing specialized rehabilitation treatment to hopefully be ready for KARA's Asia tour starting in Japan in April.

DSP further elaborated on Park's condition saying, "When Park Gyuri's condition first started, she was given a serious diagnosis saying that if she didn't receive surgery right away, it would be difficult for her to continue her career as a singer. However, with her in the starring role of the musical "200 Pound Beauty" in December and January not to mention KARA's concert in Korea "KARASIA", she didn't want to cause problems so had a strong will to postpone the surgery and got by with emergency treatments instead."

KBS Global


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