Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kevin Cheng’s “Mystery in the Palace” Criticized as Lacking Suspense

Last night, new mainland drama, Mystery in the Palace <深宫谍影>; premiered on Hunan TV. Many fans who highly anticipated the drama's release, commented that too many clues were revealed in the palace suspense thriller, noting that the story was unoriginal. Although only two episodes were aired, netizens guessed the outcome of the drama's ending. Allegedly, one netizen even claimed to have read the series script, noting that a murder will occur in a secret chamber of the palace.

Many fans looked forward to the release of Mystery in the Palace due to the popularity of Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖). However, after watching the initial episodes, fans lamented that Kevin was a character solely focused on love. From the dialogue, one would mistaken Mystery in the Palace for a Qiong Yao drama!

In the first episode, after drinking some wine, Princess Yi Dan (Gan Tingting) was raped by drunk Emperor Kang Xi (Ni Qi Min). Princess Yi Dan gave birth to a pair of boy-girl twins, upon which she gave them two keepsakes: a jade seal and a jade butterfly. However, the whereabouts of the two children grown up was unknown.

Since Gan Tingting portrayed the role of both the mother, Princess Yi Dan, and the daughter, Han Xiang, it was easily known that she was the baby girl. However, whether Princess Yi Dan's baby boy was alive or dead remained a mystery.

Regarding the whereabouts of the boy twin, netizens speculated that Kevin Cheng's character was the long-lost brother of Gan Tingting. Netizens complained that Mystery in the Palace was unrealistic, but hoped that the ending will not reveal that Kevin and Gan Tingting are siblings!

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