Friday, February 24, 2012

Queen Seon Duk

Genre: Historical Drama
Episodes: 62
Broadcast network: MBC 

This drama portrays the story of Deokman, who later became Queen Seon Duk in Silla history. Being 62 episodes, the series could get a little draggy at times and it was off to a slow start. At least I found the first few episodes too slow for my liking, but I guess it was necessary to set up the storyline and give the characters their ‘history’ and conflicts. But overall, it was a very interesting show, if you are into political intrigue and the complexities of human hypocrisy.

To summarize this lengthy series, there are three arcs: the beginning of Deokman, Deokman’s struggles to regain her identity as princess, and when she finally becomes Queen Seon Duk.

This drama is about a story of a beautiful queen, who has to give up her love to save the people and thus, leaving behind many brilliant achievements.

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