Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ella hints of a good night sleep on her nuptial night

With one wedding banquet down, Ella and her husband gear up for two more in Taipei and Malaysia. S.H.E. member Ella Chen held her engagement banquet at Pingtung on Apr 15. Her in-laws had specially flown over from Malaysia to attend the banquet.

Ella and her husband, Alvin Lai went through the traditional rituals in the morning before the engagement banquet in the afternoon. Ella offered tea to her in-laws and in return, received a red packet to signify the completion of the ceremony.
After the engagement banquet ended at night, the newlyweds hurried to their new home in Taipei, probing the media to question if the pair had enjoyed their nuptial night.

Through her record company, H.I.M. International, Ella revealed that she was delighted but tired over the engagement dinner. The singer explained, "I woke up at 6am and I was very tired (after the dinner)! After going through the wedding gifts, (we) went straight to bed."

The singer also added that she had a good night sleep, hinting at details on her nuptial night. Ella had also expressed her wish that her subsequent banquets at Taipei and Malaysia will turn out to be successful as well.

Ella has reportedly yet to confirm the number of attendees for the couple's wedding banquets in Taipei and Malaysia. However, it is believed that approximately 150 tables will be booked for the three banquets in total.

In other related news, Ella was touched when she received a pair of handmade diamond studded heels from her fans. She even uploaded the picture of the heels to share her joy with her fans.



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