Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jam hsiao has no time to make movies

Jam Hsiao (Siu King Tung) with THE KILLER WHO NEVER KILLS won the Best New Performer Hong Kong Film Award. After the ceremony the film boss Eric Tsang Chi Wai celebrated with Siu King Tung at his hot pot casserole shop. Tsang Bo Yi also attended. Before Siu King Tung arrived almost fifty fans were already waiting outside the shop, some even had flowers and champagne to celebrate with their idol. As soon as Siu King Tung arrived, fans surrounded him. Later when he posed for photos with them, fans also fought to touch his award.

Siu King Tung won with his first role. Would he like to make more movies? He said, "I can." However, Chi Wai said that Siu King Tung was very busy and had to perform every week. He would like to work with him again because now they were familiar. Before he truly did not say much. Siu King Ting admitted that he would like to play many characters, but if he had to choose between emotional scene and kung fu film he would like to make a kung fu film.

In KILLER he also had a staff wielding scene, which he thought was pretty fun. Chi Wai said, "Then finish the action scene before going to bed." Siu King Tung laughed bashfully. Would he increase his rate? He said that he did not know as the company would make arrangements. This chance to attend the Hong Kong Film Award was very wonderful to him. With so many superstars, he sat behind Donnie Yen Chi Tan.

Speaking of this year's results, Chi Wai said that they were very normal, very Hong Kong results. He only regretted that Lau Ching Wan and Carina Lau Ka Ling did not win. He also praised Jiang Wen for being a gentleman. Even though LET THE BULLETS FLY only had one award he did not mind. When Giddens Ko accepted an award due to time limits he did not have time to give a speech.

Chi Wai explained that at the time they ran very long. He pointed out that the YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE team was very thoughtful because the event only covered the flight and hotel for Giddens Ko, Michelle Chen and Ko Chen-Tung, Angie Chai covered the rest. Chi Wai said, "Backstage Giddens Ko was truly very happy, like he won the lottery." In addition, Chi Wai during the commercial break used foul language. Chi Wai said that this time actually was a film industry party and everyone was family. He normally spoke like that at home too. He also said that half the people there already knew about the "Lo Hoi Pang" mic test incident.



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