Tuesday, November 06, 2012

DramaQueen's Pick: K. Will - The Third Mini Album

K.Will (Kim Hyung-Soo) is a south korean singer, songwriter, dancer, vocal coach, composer and actor. He debuted his first album - Left heart in 2007, followed by Love 119 in 2008. K. Will is one of the few singers in Korean who is able to sing R&B in such a charming manner.

Please don't

This talented singer demonstrated great groove and singing ability in this song. Glad to see him on comeback stage, his live performance is so good. This song is doing well on the music chart and i am glad that he chooses this song as the title track. His nice vocal blends in with the song perfectly. 

I need you

A nice song which is highly recommended, especially to couples who are in love. K. Will sang with passion and conviction that brightens up the relationship. K. Will has the ability to attract his audience through his voice which is amazing.

You are love

This is the OST for Arang and the Magistrate sang by K. Will. This is a beautiful song sang by K.Will which touches the hearts of many. 

You are so beautiful

K. Will can sing R&B blues so well, i am blown off by this song although it is not the main track of this album. K. Will has a beautiful voice certainly, without any doubts. 

My heart is beating

This is a popular song from K.Will previous album starring I.U and Lee Joon from MBLAQ.  This MTV is very interesting and cute, so i thought of sharing this video. I.U is sweet and innocent in this video, while Lee Joon is comedic and cute.


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