Saturday, November 03, 2012

DramaQueen's Pick: Kim Jong Kook 7th album - Journey Home

Album Review
Kim Jong Kook has released his 7th full length album on 1 November after a long hiatus. This is a highly anticipated album as it mark his comeback after three years. Muscleman is looking good and i am sure he is well prepared to conquer the music chart again.  I am pleasantly surprised that Kim Jong Kook manage to maintain his singing ability after all these years. In addition, he added more dept and sensibility to his vocal. 
In a recent interview with the media, he revealed that he had been keeping all the good songs during his long break from the music industry. Despite his suceess in the variety program such as Running Man, Kim Jong Kook did not give up on music. In order to ensure a good quality to his album, he put on the hat of a producer and a lyricist to some of his songs. This album showcase a variety of music genre, such as hip hop, rap, electro dance, reggae and ballads.

Men are all like that

This is the main track feautring his good friend Song Joong Ki who was a former Running Man member. Kim Jong Kook sings about how affectionate feelings end up fading and finally dying after a break up.  Check out the heart wrenching music video with Song Joong Ki. I like the way the MTV was filmed, it was artistic and at the same time able to connect with the audience. With the eye candy Song Joong Ki starring in this music video is a big bonus. This MTV also reminded me of his latest drama - Nice guy.

Words i want to say to you

I especially like this track number because it features the Running Man members Haha and Gary. I always thought that it will be good if they collaborate on a song since they were in the Music industry. I like it that his dongseungs were so supportive of their hyung. This song showcase their different style - reggae, soft rap and pop, all in one track! It is amazing and their voices blends in with each other. I can't help but to move and sway with the music.

Men also feel sad

This track features Mighty Mouth and i have always like their rapping and hip hop style. I think it is a great idea to collaborate with them again. Initially, i expected this song to be a soft ballad when i saw the teaser a few days before the release of this single, but i was wrong. Not that i dislike this arrangement through, instead i like the way Kim Jong Kook handle this song. It is an upbeat song which involve a lot of rhyme sense and skills in adjusting the voice and tempo.

Thinking of you

This is Kim Jong Kook unique style of ballad, as usual his signature soothing voice was fully demostrated in this song. It is a good idea not to use high pitch too often as it does get over the top at times. He is smart to tone down on his high pitch and sing this song with sensibility. When i listen to this song, i was reminded of  why i like this 'one man' at the first place. His voice is sincere and it touches my heart.

Thousand footprints

This is a light hearted song which is catchy and easy on the ears. I cannot imagine a tough and strong guy like him can sing like an angel. His voice is sweet and beautiful just like this song. I feel like walking in a garden with wind blowing in my face while listening to this song. 'Sarranghae' i love this song very much.


This track is a great collaboration with Turbo member Mikey. I missed the Turbo days when Kim Jong Kook was an active dancer in the 90's.  Nowadays, he does not dance and i wish he could do some cool dance steps for his songs. To all the young people who were not familar with the Turbo days, this is a great song feauturing Mikey as the rapper. Kim Jong Kook sang a few lines with a mixture of English and Korean as this is the trend nowadays. His English is good but i was a little taken aback with the special effect at the beginning. Subsequently, i enjoyed the song pretty much after listening to it a few times.

The story that is not the end

This is a sad ballad that is sang with much emotion and sadness. A unqiue style which Kim Jong Kook carries in all his ballads. Kim Jong Kook protrays a sensitve new age guy type of image which melted the hearts of the 'ahjumas' and the more mature ladies. Daebak.

Was so pretty

This is the sweet and gentle kookie voice that we are familar with. Kookie returns to the root of album making, that is to ensure a good quality to all his songs. This is something different from all the manufactured albums by the idols in this generation. Indeed, a little old school but it is definately sang with passion.

You should be happy

This song reminded me of his famous hit song - letter. I remembered watching the MTV and was totally blown off by this singer. This is kookie usual style of ballads except that it is more polished than before and i think experience speaks volume.


A nice song that started out slow and gradually increase its tempo and rhythm. Kim Jong Kook stick to his style of music and does it well. Overall, a great effort by spartakook for taking his music seriously. Bravo!


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Kim Jong Kook's various albums. Yes indeed I was attracted to his unique voice when I first heard of his song. I love this song "Loveable" alot as whenever I hear the song, I feel happy and it helps me to be a happy and a loveable person. Thanks again!