Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kim Jong Kook showcase in K.L (Kuala Lumpur)

Photo credit - KJK Global

Sparta Kim Jong Kook visited K.L on 13 June 2013 and have his first showcase at the HGH convention centre on 14 June. The fans were amazing as they crowed around the area before the flight landed and waited for his arrival. This picture was so cool and Kookie looks like a boss among the security police officers. As usual, he wore a pair of sunglasses and casual shirt and pants as he was escorted safely out of the arrival hall. His Manager and mother accompanied him for this trip too. He kept smiling and greeting his fans and even stop to pose for a picture or sign autograph for his lucky fans who managed to be close to him.
Photo credit - KJK Global

It was announced that Jong Kook will receive an interview at Fly and OneFM (Malaysia radio station) at 9pm.  Therefore, i listened to the interview online and was delighted to hear his voice from the radio station.The DJ asked him some questions during the interview in English and he was able to answer pretty well despite his nervousness. There was this official facebook for his fans to post questions to him or write down things which they want to say to Kookie. The interview was short in my opinion, nonetheless, i am glad to hear his interview within that one hour.

The Show case in K.L

His rehearsal at Convention hall (KJK global credit)
Kim Jong Kook showed his muscles after he lost a game (KJK global credit)

Itinerary of the showcase (KJK global credit)
Autograph session at Paradigm Mall (credit new pro star)

Unfortunately, i was unable to attend his showcase and autograph session in K.L due to the hassle in purchasing the tickets, booking of hotel room and i need to work. Anyway, i am satisfied to be able to attend his showcase in Singapore which brought back fond memories. The feedbacks from his diehard fans were very good and i heard many fans from Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan came to support him. He sang his famous songs and included Twist king during his showcase. Kookie also wore pants and clothes which demostrated his lean and muscular body.

During a short interview, when he was asked which Running Man member he does not want to team up with, he hesitated and replied, " you don't tell him ok?...Ji Suk Jin." That was a candid answer and i felt sorry for big nose hyung. He also mentioned that he like the hot weather in Malaysia and the hot girls. When asked what is the food that he like or tasted in Malaysia? He answered, "Nasi Lemak." (fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk - one of Malaysia signatured dish)

No worries about dieting, Kookie shared that he often work out in gym and he even sacrifice his sleeping time to work out in order to stay in shape. Despite his busy schedules, he will not skip his work out time. To me, that was remarkable because he is so disciplined and to acheive this result is not an easy feat.

As usual, he is very nice to his fans and even refused to take a break when signing autograph at the Paradigm Mall as he felt that it was unfair for fans who are still waiting. Kookie is really an amazing vetern artise that is really good in public relationship. His next destination will be Hong Kong and this time he will bring his fellow Running Man members - Ji Suk Jin, Gary and Haha for their showcase. 


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