Sunday, September 22, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 6


I find it amazing that Shi-on is able to reach out to the werewolf girl (Eun-Ok). He is gentle and kind to this girl who was abused by her guardian and somehow they managed to connect to each other. Although, it was kind of sad to treat the girl like a 'dog' and that she basically does not trust the people around her. Her only natural instinct is to bark and bite the person who gets close to her.

I like to hear about the story of Do-han and his little brother. I just know that Do-han has some underlying reasons why he does not accept Shi-on, other than the fact he has savant syndrome. The way he treated Shi-on seem to hint at something which has yet to be revealed. I am glad to know about this heartbreaking story about Do-han. I supposed he treated Shi-on like his younger brother, but he can't overcome his guilt and the wrong decision which he had made which indirectly caused the death of his brother.

The resident spy Il-Kyu open the door and aggravated Eun-Ok and caused a chaos in the hospital. I don't like the fact that Shi-on will be wrongly accused for leaving the door open. I hate those pushing the blame to a innocent man scheme in order to acheive something. Talking about politics power struggle in the hospital organization, it was boring and i rather see the doctors interaction with their patients or some emergency cases. Those human touch factors is what holds the story together and make it appealing to the viewers. :)

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