Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Good Doctor Episode 7


Although I expected this to happen to Shi-on, I did not expect Doctor Choi and Yeon-Seo to turn their back on him. Why must he take the blame when he is not at fault at the first place? Why is he involved in a dirty political mind game? That creepy chairman and the vice chairman is freaking me out and I have no idea what is going on in their mind. Yes I know it is all man for themselves and the idea of scheming to achieve one's goal. In the midst of the power struggle, they have to step on other people, negotiate to protect their interest and keeping a pretense.

Ultimately, the people who will suffer and used as a pawn to overthrow the chairman will be Do-Han and Shi-on. Everything they does were under a pair of watchful eyes and those evil people playing dirty tricks to Path a way to success, gladly step on others to gain benefits. Even hospital is not spared from those conspiracies.

Despite all the political game, the drama still focuses on the nature of doctor's job and the challenges they faced daily. I am happy to know that Shi-on mum is working at the same hospital as him. However, i still dislike the fact that she abandoned Shi-on when he was young. I mean, how can she do that to shi-on? Eun-ok guardian who is her auntie is so ugly and even demand to have her niece back! She has the cheek to come and collect Eun-ok after all that she had done? Is she a sadistic person that abused a young kid? That can never be condoned and I am glad that the hospital staffs tried their best to protect Eun-ok. 
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