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My Love From The Star Episode 8

Jae Kyung secretary and a henchman belted an unconscious Song Yi at the driver seat. They tampers with the brake and send the car rolling down the hill, satisfied that the job is done. 

Min Joon focused on the city and his supernatural senses located Song Yi when she panicky scream for Min Joon. He stopped the moving vehicle on time. A visibly shaken Song Yi came out of the car but Min Joon had disappeared. 

Song Yi received a call from Hwi Kyung and he came to her rescue using GPS. He picked Song Yi up and drove her back to the hospital. 

They met Min Joon outside the hospital and Song Yi wonder if he did appeared and save her life. Min Joon calmly stated that he just came back from the police station. Hwi Kyung stated that Song Yi must be mistaken. After he turned his back, he overheard Song Yi telling Hwi Kwang that she is thankful that Hwi Kyung is always there for her. Min Joon took out his injured left hand that he hides in his pocket and stared at it.

Jae Kyung was disappointed with his secretary about the failed murder attempt. The secretary tried to explain about the strange situation which they encountered. 

Kwi Kyung pursue the matter about the drug used by the doctor. It was unclear about the drug used on Song Yi and Kwi Kyung demanded to watch the CCTV. 

At home, Min Joon cleared his wound and bandaged his hand. Hwi Kyung escorted Song Yi home and said that he will get to the bottom of this matter. Meanwhile, Song Yi opened the door and was shocked that the house was ransacked. Min Joon heard her scream and pound on her door. To prevent any danger, Min Joon took Song Yi into his house. Song Yi noticed the bandaged hand and questioned Min Joon about his injuries. He brushed it off as hurting his hand at the police station. He pretended to be clueless when Song Yi pressed on about the incident.

Hwi Kyung was concerned about Song Yi and he asked Se Mi to accompany her. Se Mi was hesitant about this suggestion and even declared that she is not a nice girl. Hwi Kyung disagrees and insisted that she is the nicest girl in this world and he can confides in her things that he could not tell Song Yi.

A flashback to their teenage days. Hwi Kyung told Se Mi that he likes Song Yi and he asked if Se Mi can help him since she is the nicest girl in this world. Now Se Mi revealed to Hwi Kyung that she knows who is that man from the accident and that if she tell Song Yi, what will be her reaction? When Hwi Kyung asked who he is, Se Mi does not answer. 

Song Yi wore Min Joon clothes after a hot shower. She told Min Joon that it is normal for people to look at beautiful things (herself) and be tempted. Min Joon insisted that he does not bother at all. Using a pretty vase as an example, Min Joon stated that he will not have butterflies in his stomach when he see it. 
Rather than talking about this, Min Joon ask Song Yi to get some rest. Song Yi went back to her couch but Min Joon surprising asked her to sleep on his bed instead. To Min Joon disbelief, Song Yi requested for a book so that she can fall asleep while reading. 

They went to the library to select some books. Song Yi was in awe of the wide range of books in the bookshelves, assumpting that Min Joon collected these books to show off.  That remark angered Min Joon and he chide Song Yi for her lack of knowledge in hanja. Song Yi retorted that she is reading to sleep and she had found a picture book to read. This book is Miraculous Journey. She reads to herself in bed and Min Joon continue to recite at the living room. 

After Min Joon tucked Song Yi to sleep, he revealed that his heart has already open for her. It was at night, Min Joon went to the market to buy some gaebu also refer as penis fish for Song Yi. 

Song Yi woke up alone in the house. With an umbrella in hand, she intended to go out for a walk. When she opened the shoes cupboard, she was surprised to see her glittery heels inside. 

Min Joon came back from the market and he retreated defensively when Song Yi questioned him about the shoes that he previously denied taking. Min Joon stuttered nervously knowing that it is hard to talk his way out. He presented the gaebu that he had brought divert the attention. Song Yi gave him a knowing smile and said that he must have a preference over women shoes. she stated that he should have asked for them and she would have give him as a gift since she has tons of these high heels shoes. Min Joon tried to explain and was frustrated that he was being misunderstood. 

Yoon Jae walked along the street and met his father who was trailing him at afar. Yoon Jae helped his father up when he slipped and fall. However, he does not recognize his father since he had left the family when he was very young. 

After eating the gaebu, Song Yi offered to do the dish washing. She clumsily broke the plate which was valuable, unknown  to her that those are antique. Adding insult to injuries, she commented that all the spoons and  plates are worn out anyway. Min Joon was heartbroken bag he told her to stop the dish washing. 

Song Yi offered to clean up the living room. She took up the vacuum cleaner and accidentally knocked over a vase. An interview of Min Joon told us about the origin of all these antique.

Song Yi apologized to Min Joon and offered to clean everything up. In an attempt to prevent Song Yi from doing anymore damage, Min Joon darts forward and gave Song Yi a back hug. 

Seok and detective Park ran through the file of Yura stalker who assaulted Song Yi and discovered a new lead to the case. It was believed that Yura was involved with a mysterious man, unfortunately the CCTVs were down on that day. 

Jae Kyung review the footage taken from the camera when Min Joon found the spycam. His men could not find the USB in Song Yi house. He wonders who had kept it. 

Min Joon had actually kept the flash drive  after he discovered the spycam. It was featured in one of his premonition which shows a guy wrenching a drive from a  body that was lying in a pool of blood. 

Hwi Kyung requested Se Mi not to divulge the identity of the man to Song Yi. At the other side of the road, Se Mi called Hwi Kyung as he walk away. Time to drop the ball on Hwi Kyung? 

Song Yi mother visited Min Joon and grilled him with many personal questions. Min Joon replied, "do I have to answer them? Song Yi mother is please with the answer as it is important to be careful with words as a Manager. 

Song Yi dropped by the Manhwa shop. Dok Ja was unpleased that Song Yi is the one who borrowed the books and he mistook the handsome Min Joon for not returning the books. On the other hand, Song Yi does not like it when Dok Ja refer him as 'our Do Min Joon'. There are more pressing issued to be address as Song Yi revealed the cliff side savior. Dok Ja held Song Yi hand and suggested that she go see a doctor. 

Song Yi consulted a doctor in the hospital about the strange things which happened recently. Starting from the kiss, followed by the vase dropping incident and finally the rescue at the Clift side. The doctor attributes that to anxiety and stress which caused hallucinations. She asked, "why is there only one person in her vision?" The doctor replied that she replied too much on that person and she need to learn not to be too reliant on him in order not to strain the relationship. 


Song Yi met Min Joon outside and she keep repeating what the doctor say and insisted that she is not a burden to him. They went to the car mechanic and was told that the car brake was trampled with. Song Yi received a phone call from Kwi Kyung inviting her for dinner. 

On the other hand, the investigator got the news about Yura stalker death. He was riding a motorbike but was strangely killed at the car only expressway? Is that the end of the clue to Yura case?

On the way to the dinner, Song Yi met Jae Kyung at the elevator. He expressed concern over Song Yi accident, at the meantime he tried to fish out some information from Song Yi. Jae Kyung almost give himself away when he mentioned something that was not disclose. He tried to cover it but Song Yi suspicion was arouse. 

At the dinner table, Song Yi reveals a little detail about what she saw in the footage. Jae Kyung sat on the edge of the seat and listen intently. Kwi Kyung suggested bringing the USB to the police. Jae Kyung intervene and volunteer instead. Song Yi said that the USB had disappeared. 

Min Joon and Lawyer Jang was playing chess till late evening. Min Joon grumbles about Song Yi while Lawyer Jang smiled at his jealousy. Something that Min Joon does not know or yet to confront.

Min Joon went back home and was pleasantly surprised to see Song Yi already home. She invited Min Joon over for snacks and shove a beer in his hand, assuming that he had never drink before. Min Joon stated that he had drunk before. Back to the Joseon time, it was a festive gathering and Min Joon was part of it. The leader passes on the wine around the table. Min Joon find an excuse to refrain from drinking. He said,"I don't drink and drive." Referring to horse ridding. The leader replied," you can leave the horse here and call a car sedan." Under the pressure, Min Joon drank the wine. Soon he was drunk and he send everything floating in the air to the surprise of everyone present. He even raised the leader in the air while everyone scattered in fear. In the end he the horse rode home in the air. 

Song Yi took his refusal negatively, linking it to the remarks about her being a pottery, puppy or a tree. She was bothered by his indifference towards her when everyone else falls for her beauty and charm. Min Joon asked her to see a doctor instead. She mentioned that she did and the doctor advice her not to be too reliant on him. Min Joon scoff at her and get up, only to be pulled back by Song Yi. She set the timer of 15 seconds to stir out some emotion from Min Joon. She looked at Min Joon in the eye and posed in various CF poses but Min Joon remains expressionless. Song Yi started to lose confidence and break from the eye contact. Suddenly, Min Joon pulls her in and gave her a kiss. 


Back at the chess game, Lawyer Jang sighs that while he can settle Min Joon business affair, he had build a bond with Min Joon which cannot be broken. Min Joon admitted looking back he regretted not living a normal human life before. After experiencing all the simple happiness, he desire for more, yet it was impossible. 


The first kiss was initiated by Song Yi at the cruise and I was overjoyed. The second kiss in this episode was expected but it was initiated by Min Joon!  I can hear my heart pounding and feel the butterflies in my stomach. I like the way Min Joon tried to fight his feelings  towards Song Yi and eventually chose to give up and face it. Yes, he could no longer be in denial about the emotion he felt towards Song Yi anymore. 

They look so adorably cute with all these interaction. Is Min Joon using back hug as an excuse for physical contact? Min Joon look so innocently cute when he gets anxious over Song Yi clumsiness. Melt. Anybody love the way Min Joon and Song Yi recite a phrase in the Miraculous Journey about Edward? I love the narrating part and was deeply touched by it. The hilarious scene about Min Jong being drunk and caused trouble was funny too.  

I love the big teddy bear Min Joon who appears to be cool but has a soft spot for Song Yi. He even lent him his bed to sleep! That is so so sweet of him. All the small little things like buying her favorite foods and taking care of her needs. Honestly, that was so dreamy and all these can only be found in drama land. In reality it does not happen but in drama land we can at least dream about it. 

Se Mi may not be as wicked from what I see, at least not for now. She is in love with Kwi Kyung and she was jealous of Song Yi since young. I like her confession  when Kwi Kyung said that she is the nicest girl in the world. However, I wondered what Se Mi revealed to Kwi Kyung on the phone. Is it about Min Joon identity? 

As always I love the bonding between Lawyer Jang and Min Joon. I like it that Lawyer Jang seem to know about Min Joon better than he know himself. Aww.. I will miss this buddy too. On the other hand, creepy Jae Kyung is planning to take action against Song Yi. I wonder why Song Yi revealed those details to Jae kyung. Does she know something? Is she playing with fire? What is Jae Kyung planning to do with Min Joon? 

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