Sunday, February 09, 2014

My Love From The Star OST (Original SoundTracks)

My Love From The Stars have a great cast, fantastic storyline and the original soundtracks are just as good as the drama itself. These are the songs played during the show and is highly recommended to listen. Hopefully, Kim Soo Hyun can consider contributing a song since he had proven that he is a versatile actor who can sing well in dream high.

My Destiny is the theme song from the drama - My Love From The Stars. It was sang by Korean R&B singer Lyn. Bravo to Lyn for her powerful and emotional vocal. It is a touching ballad between the main leads. 

Like a Star is sang by Korean famous singer K.Will. How matching is the title of this song! Do Min Joon is the man from the Star, while Chun Song Yi is a celebrity star. Both of them shine brightly in this drama. I always love K.Will smoothing distinctive voice, therefore I am glad that he sang this song. His voice make my heart melt and this song is a perfect match for the main leads. 

Korean girl group Sistar Hyorin sang this song titled Hello. This song is for all the lovers of this Korean drama. Hyorin did surprised me with her signing ability since Sistar is known for being sexy. Anyway, this is another song that is worth listening to in this drama. A nice beat and rhythm that lighten the mood in this drama. Thumbs up!

This is the instrumental music - My Destiny by Lyn. I can feel the emotions through the music. This is such a well written piece that is worth listening to over and over again. 

Tears like Today is a nice song and i totally fall for this singer voice. It is a simple and typical type of ballad but it really touches my heart. I can feel the pain of Min Joon and see him sobbing alone. This song describe the pain and feeling of sadness which the main characters went through. What a well written song which narrate their story!

This Song I love you touches my heart with the simple words - I love you, I need you. What more can i say about this song except that it is really romantic. I felt like crying whenever i heard this beautiful song. The musical instruments playing at the background was well arranged. Simple and nice are the words i would describe this song.

I like the melody of this song, it feels so sweet and nice. In my opinion, this is a beautiful song that gave a dreamy and cute touch to the drama. The rhythm is smoothing and light. I admire the Korean drama for putting in so much effort in their drama series. They are really good in choosing and writing songs for their drama.

This is another nice song sang by Younha. The music accompaniment matches the feeling of the lyrics very well. I felt fresh with a sense of hope when i heard this song. It is a simple song yet it touches my heart.


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