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My Love From The Star Episode 7

Min Joon overheard Kwi Kyung confession and freezes the time, afraid of the answer. 

Before he left, he unfreeze the time. Song  Yi felt something strange and she told Kwi Kyung that she almost agreed to accepting him just a second ago but had since changed her mind. 

Despite that, Kwi Kyung did not give up, he hugged Song Yi and said that he will work harder to win her love. 

Min Joon drove his car up the Clift to the city. The place looked like the Clift where Yi Hwa died. This was the first time Min Joon encountered death on this earth.

Back to Min Joon interview at the library. He mentioned that in the past, he is not worried that people had forgotten about him in this world as he is going to a different world. However, now he was afraid of being forgotten by someone. It just happened when he is about to go to a different world. 

Kwi Kyung head to the bar for a drink after being rejected by Song Yi. He met Se Mi and confided in her. 

Song Yi's mother and her brother came to Song Yi house uninvited. They pressed the doorbell but nobody answer the door.  Song Yi mother guessed her pin number 1111. Bingo! They let themselves into her house to the surprise of Song Yi. 

Her little brother received a gift from a fan. It turns out that the gift was from an anti fan. When they opened the gift, they had a shock as there was a dead mouse inside and a note written,"you shall die too!" Yoon Jae ran down to catch the deliverer but he had rode off in his motorbike. 

Yoon Jae suggested reporting this to the police. Their mother disagreed and Song Yi tried to play it down by stating that she has many anti fans and also fans who supported her as she pointed to a teddy Bear given by a fan. She reassured her family that she has a manager/bodyguard now. Song Yi mother asked about her date with Kwi kyung and was disappointed that they did not get together. 

Min Joon rode an elevator up and his ears picks up on their conversation, he relaxes when he heard that Song Yi had rejected Kwi Kyung. 

Upon his arrival, Song Yi grabbed his arm and introduced him to her family. She mentioned that Min Joon is his manager who studied in Harvard, speak English and he lives next door. Min Joon tried to denied it but was stopped by Song Yi. She shoved her family into the lift and Min Joon barked at her for linking their arms together. Song Yi said that he should be used to it because he studied in America. Min Joon replied that he did not have any friend in America. 

Min Joon also said that he did not agree to be her manager. However, hid curtness soften with one look on Song Yi face. She confided in Min Joon that she had received threatening from anti fans. In the end, Min Joon took her in by her hand and invited her into his house. 

Song Yi confided in Min Joon about Kwi Kyung proposal at the amusement park. She revealed that she will soon be broke and she should consider Kwi Kyung proposal. Min Joon barked at her not to accept the proposal citing an ancient text which means not to take marriage lightly. Song Yi used this quote to hint at Min Joon to help her neighbor who is in trouble. 

Min Joon used his telekinetic power to pull the books from the bookshelves. He chose one book from the library. It was the book which he read earlier - Miraculous  journey. 

Over breakfast, Se Mi asked her brother about the man at the boat in the CCTV photo. Seok chided her for looking at his investigation profile. He admitted that he is still trying to find out who he is. 

Min Joon received a summon from the police station. He went to the police station to assist in the police investigation. He said that the security camera in his apartment can prove that he was at home during that time. The suicide handwriting was also confirmed to belong to Yura. 

Song Yi messed up Min Joon house with litters everywhere. Out of habit, he called Manager Bum. He overheard the director praising Se Mi. 

Min Joon retrieved his voicemail and the first call is from the Manhwa store to ask him to return the adult manga books which Song Yi borrowed. The second call is from Song Yi who barked at him to purchase a cellphone. Min Joon smiled and the next minute he went to the hand phone store and brought a phone. 

Kwi Kyung proposed a business idea to his father. He asked his father to open an entertainment agency for Song Yi. His father reached for the golf clubs with the intent to knock some sense into him. However, he relented at his son passion for Song Yi. He stated that it does not mean that he can marry Song Yi although he agree to give the idea a shot. Kwi Kyung cheekily said that he only need her approval.

Song Yi watched some commercials about exercising the abs. She was about to reach out for the phone, when Min Joon called using his newly purchased phone. She asked him to hurry back for a business meeting. 

The proposal was basically about her plan to lose weight in preparation for future food advertisements. Min Joon almost roll his eyes when Song Yi ask him to take note of the dinner menus. 

Min Joon almost turn a delivery man away when Song Yi revealed that she had ordered all these stuffs from the television. Manager Do was asked to sign the package. Min Joon resigned and accepted the delivery. 

Song Yi ordered crab to go with the rice. However, there wasn't much meat in the crab. Min Joon practically called her an idiot for purchasing things without finding out. Song Yi wanted to have her dinner seated infront of the television to watch her drama. Min Joon put his foot down at this suggestion, only to relent when Song Yi gave a puppy look. 

At the coffee table, Song Yi and Min Joon watched the drama starring Se Mi. Song Yi criticized Se Mi acting and predict that the ratings will go down. She was proved wrong as the next day, Se Mi celebrate the drama high ratings with the crew. 

Lawyer Jang was surprised to see Min Joon holding a new cell phone. He had urged Min Joon to buy a cellphone a long time ago and he never did. Lawyer Jang checked his cellphone and was annoyed that the fist name is Song Yi instead of him. Min Joon hilariously tried to explained that Lawyer Jang name is number two. Eventually, Min Joon offered to change the position of the name to appease Lawyer Jang but he said that is being childish. 

Song Yi called Min Joon and asked him to be her lunch partner. Lawyer Jang was  annoyed to hear that and Min Joon told Song Yi to eat udon at home while he took Lawyer Jang to eat udon for lunch. 

Bum showed up at Song Yi doorstep and delivered her purse that was left at the boat. He missed Song Yi 'torture' and hope to be her manager again. 

Song Yi accidentally dropped the clutch and found a flash drive. She picked it up  and inserted into her laptop. She placed the teddy bear nearby as she watched the video footage. There was a suspicious image  and apparently Yura was involved. 

During lunch, Lawyer Jang was surprised that he eat with him as this is something he usually will not do. Min Joon confided in him about the changes in him. Now he even feel cold and he wonders does this have something to do with his departure from Earth? 

Min Joon came back home while Song Yi watched the video halfway. With his supernatural senses, Min Joon discovered a hidden device in the teddy bear eyes. He pulled the device out and indeed someone was tagging their movement. 

Jae Kyung looked at his laptop and gave a evil smile. He took out his phone and ordered someone to do something for him. Meanwhile Kwi Kyung arrived at his brother office and arranged for a meal with Song Yi. After Kwi Kyung left, he murmured to himself,"we will not get to see her tomorrow." 

Song Yi received a phone call from the boutique to shop for new additions. Min Joon drove Song Yi to the boutique and she asked Min Joon to wait for her in the car. 

She met Se Mi at the boutique and had a conversation with her. It turned out that Se Mi had always harbor a grudge against Song Yi and she had never treated her as a friend. Although Song Yi was deeply hurt, she put on a brave front and stated that although she was in a bad situation, it helped her to see clearly who is on her side and who isn't. 

Song Yi walked out of the boutique and Min Joon saw a mysterious man in a mask dropped a heavy vase at the balcony. Within a split second, Min Joon teleport himself from the car to Song Yi side and shield her from the shattering glass. Min Joon carried song Yi up while Se Mi exit from the boutique. She was surprised to see Min Joon who resemble the man in the photo that she took years ago. Her suspicious became more concrete.

Song Yi was send to the hospital for a checkup while Min Joon received a call from the police station stating that they had captured the culprit. Song Yi send Min Joon off but before he go, Song Yi asked Min Joon how did he save her in such a short time. Min Joon freezes for a second, and replied she saw wrongly.

A short while later, a masked doctor came into the room. It was Jae Kyung secretary. He injected something into Song Yi IV drip. Once she is unconscious, he  wheeled her out of the room. 

On the other hand, Min Joon was giving his testimony at the police station. The prep was an anti fan punk who just wanted to play a plank on Song Yi. However, he stated clearly that he did not plant the device in the teddy bear. Min Joon wonders if there is someone else who wanted to harm Song Yi. He called Song Yi but nobody answer the phone.

Song Yi woke up from the drugging and was terrified to find herself in the driver seat as the car accelerate down the mountain. She beg for help and scream for Min Joon to rescue her.  Min Joon arrived at the hospital but Song Yi disappeared. He sharpened his hearing and listen intently. 

The next moment, Min Joon appeared out of the thin air and slammed on the hook of the car. He used his whole weight to put a stop to the moving vehicle. The car screeched into a halt while it almost fall down the cliff. 

Snow falls, Song Yi slowly lifted her head and found Min Joon infront of the car. 


Song Yi was seen groofing around with the teddy bear. She placed the teddy bear nearby when she view the video clip from the flash drive. That was until Min Joon saw the camera and pulled out the device. Yes, we got the confirmation that Jae Kyung was at the other end, viewing the whole scenario from his laptop. 


I enjoyed the friendship of Lawyer Jang and Min Joon. In my opinion, they look like father and son. This is one of the highlight of this show. It is a blessing to have a friend like Lawyer Jang whom Min Joon could confide in. I love the part where Lawyer Jang was disappointed that he is not the first name in Min Joon cellphone. Their relationship is like the best buddies in the world. I think it was nice of Min Joon to be considerate of Lawyer Jang feeling and even offer to have lunch with him. 

Don't you love this couple? Min Joon have a soft spot for Song Yi and we all know that. The way he protected Song Yi and rescue her is simply amazing. I love this hero who is always there for his lady. Although he could not tell her the truth, he had been secretly protecting her. This is so touching and I envied Song Yi for having two men ( Kwi Kyung and Min Joon) who cares for her deeply. Oh, Manager Bum is funny and he genuinely care for Song Yi too. 

Jun Ji Hyun is a tad too old to act cute in my opinion. However, she make it up with her onscreen charisma. Just like what I had previously mentioned, Song Yi look like Min Joon elder sister in this drama. That being said, I think it is also a fresh  idea to pair this couple up. Since Jun Ji Hyun  acting is natural, I am convinced that Song Yi processed these cute and childlike mannerisms. 

I am excited about the next episode when Song Yi saw Min Joon. Will she discover Min Joon identity? What will pathetic Se Mi do? What is the next move from the evil Jae Kyung? 

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