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My Love From The Star Episode 6

Min Joon ran out of the car despite the heavy traffic, making his action more suspicious.  Detective Park gave chase after Min Joon. 

While running, Min Joon recalled his experience in Joseon Dynasty. Both Min Joon and Yi Hwa escaped from the guards after Yi Hwa father died. Min Joon was already weak after he was poisoned but they promised to stay with each other. 

Once Dectective park was out of sight, Min Joon teleports himself into the lift lobby. The security guards were suspicious of him who appears from nowhere. 

Jae Hyung arrived at Song Yi house with the intention of finding the evidence. He looked around her closet and searched through her belongings. When Song Yi asked about the sudden visit, he make up the excuse of being concerned about Song Yi after Yura incident to cover his track. After that, Song Yi revealed that she knew about their relationship at the cruise and even witnessed their fight. Jae Hyung asked about Song Yi insomnia, asking her to take care of her health. 

Meanwhile, Kwi Kyung arrived at Song Yi house and was shocked to see a pair of man shoes. He rushed in and was relieved to see his brother. On the other hand, the security guards checked on Min Joon. They realized that he is the resident here and apologized to him. They went through the video again and it was eerily strange. 

Min Joon slammed on Song Yi door. Kwi Kyung opened the door and was not pleased to see Min Joon. They started quarreling and Min Joon shove Kwi Kyung out of the house using his superhuman strength. Min Joon refused to confess that he is here to protect Song Yi. Instead, he accused Song Yi of letting any man into her house. That remark angered Song Yi and she sent him out of the house together with Kwi Kyung. 

What follows was a petty bickering between two men. Kwi Kyung insisted that Song Yi belongs to him and Min Joon question if that was agreed mutually. Min Joon mind flashed back to one of his lecture in school and the topic is about Jealousy that was caused by low self esteem. 

Min Joon childishly mentioned to Kwi Kyung about the hair tie that Song Yi had left in his house and when Kwi Hyung wonders if she is drunk, Min Joon clarifies that Song Yi was sober when she slept over in his house. 

Song Yi wanted to pay her respect to Yura but her van was pelt with eggs from angry fans. At the agency, Song Yi overheard the conversation between CEO Ahn and Song Yi mother. It was about the renewal of contract and CEO Ahn was reluctant to sign Song Yi under their wings. In the end, Song Yi said that she intended take a hiatus from work and told Bum that he is no longer her manager. CEO Ahn was relieved that Song Yi is willing to bear the cost of the damage and Bum gave him a disappointed glare, since everyone knows that Song Yi did this to save her face.

Se Mi and her mother steps in and boasted about her daughter recent status as the leading actress. Se Mi said that she has not decide about taking up this role in consideration of Song Yi. However, she freeze when Song Yi caught her lying about her mother injuries. After Song Yi left, Se Mi finally revealed that she had took up this role and that she did not tell Song Yi in order not to hurt her. Se Mi finally waited for her big break and she revealed her bitterness towards Song Yi. 

At the prosecutor office, Dectective Park was still wondering how Min Joon escape in the blink of an eye. They did a background check and realize that Min Joon is not an ordinary person. He is at the level of Chaebol wealth. At the fishing trip with Lawyer Jang, Min Joon revealed that he had accumulated his weath through property. Min Joon gave his instruction to Lawyer Jang to sell all his property before he leave the earth. He revealed that he envision himself ready to leave the earth but he cannot let go of "someone". 

Min Joon went back home and saw a post-it note on the front door. It turns out that Song Yi asked him to purchase a cellphone in case she could not find him. 

Jae Kyung was volunteering at a vet clinic. It is true that he aspired to be a vet, however he looked scarily when propofol was mentioned. Perhaps a bad idea from the murderer? 

Song Yi received a post-it note from Min Joon about her final exam and if she don't turn up, she will get an F. Song Yi decided to chauffeur herself since she does not have a manager anymore. Song Yi called her brother and reprimanded him for not sending his greeting on her brithday. After that, it was a hilarious journey to school. At the gas station, Song Yi mistaken an attendent asking for her autograph when he actually needed Song Yi to sign on the receipt. It was funny about Song Yi lack of driving skills and the lame joke about her name. 

While parking her car, another car rear-end her. She recognize the driver as a reporter and hurries to buried her face. The news van soon came and surrounded her, trapping her inside the car.

Min Joon was checking his watch as the exam was going on and he was disappointed that Song Yi did not turn up. He sharpen his senses and focus on the commotion outside the school. 

Min Joon used legalistic terms against the media and asked Song Yi not to hide when she did nothing wrong. Song Yi got out of the car and held Min Joon hand. The media immediately click on their camera but it does not work.

The exam was over and Min Joon took Song Yi to the museum. She caught sight of the crystal hair pin and Min Joon noticed her strangely emotional reaction.

Se Mi drops by her brother room and saw a photograph on the desk. She noticed about the mysterious man that recused Song Yi Years ago during an accident. She took out the photograph which she took when she was a teenager and compared it with the current photograph. She was shocked to discovered that it was the same person although the pictures were unclear. 

Min Joon drove Song Yi to her dinner date. She even offered Min Joon to be her bodyguard or manager. He asked, how much will you offer me? 

Kwi Kyung met Song Yi at the Amusement park, just as what Song Yi mother suggested to him. It was to celebrate Song Yi brithday. Song Yi remembered the time when she rode the Ferris Wheel with her father. From a far away distance, he could envision the both of them holding hands and rode the Ferris Wheel. 

Min Joon recalled the museum trip and Song Yi stared at the hair pin with sadness but she did not know why. He narrate the story is like a bad dream. Back to Joseon, Yi Hwa and Min Joon was holding hand. Yi Hwa gave Min Joon the hairpin as a farewell gift, telling him to get back home safely. She assured him that she will never forget him even after death. 

Their pursuers chased after them and reached the edge of the Clift. Min Joon tried to gather all his strength to protect Song Yi but he was too weak to go against the officers. 

Yi Hwa protected Min Joon by shielding the arrows shot by the guards. Yi Hwa dead and Min Joon sob as he held Yi Hwa in his arms. The story ended with Min Joon describing that this is the moment he never want to experience. The pain of losing a love one. 

Back to the Ferris wheel, Kwi Hyung proclaimed his love for Song Yi. He promised to take care of her family all his life. Kwi Hyung asked Song Yi to think about it before answering. Song Yi said that she can answer him now. 

Time freeze and Min Joon start to walk away thinking, even if I have to do this to prevent hearing, there are things which I do not want to hear. 


Manager Bum send a letter to Song Yi door and ran away with sadness after he told Song Yi to take care of her health. The letter was addressed to her future manager. It stated that everything that her future manager need to take note about Song Yi. Including Song Yi dislike for the Joseon Dynasty. 


I love the scene about Yi Hwa and Min Joon. Perhaps, it is all about timing and fate has it that both of them have to be seperated by death. I was so touched by this pure love. Both of them were so young when this tragedy happened. I was so engrossed and was totally drawn into their characters. I was sad that their scenes came to an end in this episode and their story are not necessary anymore since we got the whole picture. Bravo to this two actors who acted so well! 

Song Yi is getting reliant on Min Joon and   I love the way Min Joon protected Song Yi. Their chemistry is amazingly good, although Song Yi looks like Min Joon elder sister. It makes sense since Alien technically speaking does not age. Jun Ji Hyun is a gorgeous lady and her acting is surprisingly good and consistent. I knew her as a competent actress since years ago and I think she really tried her best to act well in this drama. 

There are many things happening in this episode and I really like the pace of this drama. The scriptwriter is a great storyteller in explaining the story using flashbacks and link it to the present. There wasn't a dull moment and everything is so engaging with a mixture of fun, excitement and loving moments. 

Unlike those drama which I watched about fate, the main characters here are not so passive and wishy-washy when it comes to love. Min Joon actually knows that he love Song Yi. Likewise, Song Yi is slowly drawn towards Min Joon. I am glad that their love for each other is progressing well. However, what type of fate awaits them in the future? With a murderer chasing behind them,  Min Joon preparing to leave the earth and many more.

Other than the well written Main leads characters, I was drawn into other characters too. Se Min appears to be a bad person but I do pity her at times. She seem to live behind the shadow of Song Yi all these while. Kwi Kyung is quite cute and innocent, despite my liking towards Min Joon. Lawyer Jang and Min Joon friendship is also another highlight in this drama. I really enjoyed those moments. 

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