Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rain and Kim Woo Bin starring in Running Man Australia Special Episode

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This is the latest update about Running Man cast going to Australia. Rain and Kim Woo Bin were stated to be the guests in this Running Man Special. Who is excited to see heartthrobs Rain and Kim Woo Bin in Australia? 

While Kim Woo Bin had starred in Running Man before, this is the first time Rain is coming to Running Man. Anybody remember that Rain actually came to Family outing in one of the episode and competed with Kim Jong Kook during a game? 

This is the link to their impressive battle: Family Outing. Both of them are really fit and strong to begin with. I hope we can see them competing with each other in Name tag tearing game. That will be interesting. For more information please view this link: Allkpop


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