Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Moon that embraces the Sun episode 6-10

Finally, the teenagers grew up and from episode 6 onwards we can see the main characters. The crown prince Lee Hwon had grew up to be the king (Kim Soo Hyun).

Lee Hwon found out about the corruption within the ministers. He questioned their reports about the country affairs. The ministers were discontented with the King since he had became more authoritative now compared to the past, stating that he should not meddle with their matters.  

She is now Queen Bo Kyung. Apparently, she was not favored by the King. Even after they had gotten married, Bo Kyung was given cold shoulder by King Lee Hwon. 

Lee Hwon detested Bo Kyung and know her motive behind all the pretentious appearance. Stating clearly to her that she could never win his heart. Bo Kyung was angry and jealous about Yeon Woo who was held dearly in Lee Hwon heart. 

This is prince Yang Myung and the princess. She had a crush on Heo Yeom and he apparently does not like the princess because of Yeon Woo incident. 

Prince Yang Myung is a free spirit prerson who travels around. He had make a promise to Yeon Woo to look after Lee Hwon. Thus, he had kept his promise in his own ways. 

Lee Hwon woke up shaken from a bad dream. He blamed himself for not being able to protect Yeon Woo and caused her death. 

The moon represent Yeon Woo. Lee Hwon missed her deeply, thinking that she had passed away. He had suffered some health problem because of his longing for Yeon Woo. 

Shaman Jang decided that it is time for her to go back. She came back to the city with her disciples. One of her disciples is Yeon Woo. She had lost her memories and had no recollection of her past. She is an intelligent woman who is good in observing others. 

Lee Hwon was on one of his procession trip to the city to inspect the life of his countrymen. There was some commotion in the midst. worried about the King safety, they decided to go back to the palace. 

Prince Yang Myung saw someone who resembles Yeon Woo. He thought that he was seeing things and Yeon Woo was dead years ago. 

Lee Hwon was having a hot bath in the palace and he was unpleased with what he seen at the city. Apparently, the citizens dressed up themselves to welcome the King. That is not the truth that he wanted to see. Prince Yang Myung came back to meet his brother after traveling for a long time. 

Lee Hwon distracted the guards in the palace and sneak out with his personal guard Woon. He was pleased with his disguise as a commoner to patrol the city.

This was the suffering of the people. Property and plague swept through the city. Lee Hwon was sadden by what he saw. They observed a spy send by the prime minister, tracking them along the way. 

Shaman Jang met her master in a house. This arrangement was made by the master for King Lee Hwon and Yeon Woo. If the both of them are meant for each other, they will eventually meet.  Shaman Jang worried about the bloodshed and the cuel fate should they meet again.

King Lee Hwon met Yeon Woo and he thought that he was dreaming. She invited them for a drink to shelter from the rain. Lee Hwon questioned her identity and was disappointed that she is an ordinary shaman who resembles Yeon Woo. Before he left, he asked for her name. She replied that she does not have a name. Lee Hwon gave her a name - Wol. 

Bo Kyung visited the King at night. She suggested the king to get royal concubines to give brith to a child in order to secure his monarchy with a heir. Surprisingly, King Lee Hwon agreed and chide her for the hypocrisy. Bo Kyung was upset and she did not notice that Lee Kyung suddenly collapse in pain.   

The crafty minister Yoon ordered a shaman to cast a spell on Lee Hwon to damage his health. Even the court physicians could not diagnose his illness. The empress dowager suggested to summon Shaman Jang to treat the King illness. 

Yeon Woo was captured and she suddenly have images of the past memories. She felt so breathless and was anxious when she was enclosed in a place. 

Prince Yang Myung and Yeon Woo met each other and the latter help her to escape. Despite their effort to run away from the guards, they were captured in the end. 

They thought that Yeon Woo is Shaman Jang spirit daughter. Eventually, the shaman capture Yeon Woo and dressed her up with a blind fold. Yeon Woo was send to King Lee Hwon as a human talisman.  She went closer to Lee Hwon and saw his tears flowing down. 

Yeon Woo lay her hand on Lee Hwon forehead, While Lee Hwon had a dream about the child Yeon Woo. Lee Hwon woke up and was surprised to see Yeon Woo in the room. He ordered Yeon Woo out of the palace. Which literally meant punishment for her. 

Seol and Jan Sil were worried about Yeon Woo who went missing due to their negligence. Is the darkness coming soon? 

Queen dowager was worried about prince Yang Myung and his supporters. As such, she urged Lee Hwon to get a heir to stabilize his king throne and advise him to keep a distance from Yang Myung.

Prince Yang Myung is an illegimate child. His mother is now a nun in the temple. She wanted to let go of everything but finds it hard to do so. Prince Yang Myung is bitter about the mistreat which they had endured all these years. 

Yeon Woo was thrown into a dark cell. Her mother and brother missed her a lot, however they did not know that Yeon Woo is still alive. Meanwhile, Lee Hwon ordered Woon to conduct an investigation on the shaman. 

Lee Hwon performed his usual duties as a ruler in court. The ministers were wary of him as they could not tell what he is thinking. 

Lee Hwon decided to place Yeon Woo by his side. She is the human talisman to ease off his pain and let him have a good sleep. 

Queen Bo kyung was extremely jealous and bitter about the lowly shaman. Feeling threatened, she send a secret spy to watch their movement and report to her. 

On other hand, prince Yang Myung is persistently looking for Yeon Woo. He revealed to Heo Yeom that he like Yeon Woo and had confessed to her but she rejected him.

Lee Hwon had allowed Yeon Woo to be his human talisman. He was confused by the similarity between Yeon Woo and Wol. He was heartbroken when Yeon Woo told him that she is just a lowly shaman and not the person that he missed.

Lee Hwon instructed Woon to escort Yeon Woo safely back home secretly. The letter that she wrote to Lee Hwon was impressive and Woon was suspicious of her.

After Yang Myung left, Heo Yeom took out a letter written by Yeon Woo. He personally hand in the letter to Lee Hwon and asked him to forget the past. 

Lee Hwon sobbed as he read the letter to him. Tears keeps flowing down his cheeks. He was sad that her hand writing had become weak and loose. Looking through the past letters that Yeon Woo wrote, Lee Hwon surprisingly discovered that the handwriting between the two letters were similar. He ordered the guards to bring Wol to him immediately to verify. 

On the way to the palace, Wol was intercepted by Yang Myung. Turns out Jan Jil had told him the whereabouts of Yeon Woo (Wol). 


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