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Kaze No Shounen: Ozaki Yutaka Towa No Densetsu

Title:「風の少年~尾崎豊 永遠の伝説~」


The short life of singer-songwriter Ozaki Yutaka, who died suddenly in 1992 at the age of 26. This is a special drama flimed in tribute to this legendary musician. Story based on Ozaki's producer Akira Sado.

Starring: Hiroki Narimiya

Year of released: 2011

Yukata Ozaki performing on stage 

Hiroki Narimiya acted as Yukata Ozaki 

My thoughts:

I happened to came across this name - Yukata Ozaki in the internet. I was simply amazed and wondered why the Japanese were crazy over this charming young man in the 80's and 90's. Out of curiosity, I read his biography and listened to some of his songs. Yes, I agreed that he had lots of influence in the Japanese Pop music. In the late 80's and early 90's, he had already sold millions of records and established the image of a rebellious young musician. He was a young man with great dreams and through this drama special, I felt that I know him personally. His philosophy in life is: Freedom, Love, Dreams, it's not Money.

Remember the golden era of Japanese entertainment in its 90s before Korean took over the lead? I was very young during that time when Yukata Ozaki was at the peak of his career. For more information of this Japanese musician, please view this link: Yukata Ozaki. I like this song - I love you which was a classic ballad.

After watching the documentary drama about this legendary musician, there are only two words to describe how I feel and that is 'wasted talent'. Yukata Ozaki was a great songwriter and he was a charismatic performer too. Such a talented musician ended his life at 26 years old, leaving behind his wife Shigemi and a son Hiroya.

Yukata Ozaki dropped out of high school at 17 years old. He often find himself a social misfit and he refused to abide by the rules set by the adults. Soon, he landed himself a recording contract with Sony music. He gained popularity with his first album - Seventeen's Map, especially within the Japanese youth community. 

Initially, I don't understand why he ended up in such a tragic state despite his successful music career. However, after watching the drama, I begin to see why this rock and roll singer-songwriter walked down the road of self destruction which eventually led to his demise. 

In my opinion, Yukata Ozaki was a headstrong person who held grudges and anger towards the society. A social advocate, a rebel or a social misfit? Yes, those are the words which often describe him. Behind the lyrics of his songs, I saw the insecurity and the sadness of this man. 

Unfortunately, Yukata Ozaki depressed and confused state of mind drove him to drugs. Those feeling of emptiness must be overwhelming once he stepped down from the stage. Actually, he does not know who he is and where he stand in this world. His experimenting with drugs became his downfall. 

Hiroki Narimaya is a charismatic actor. If you have not watch his acting, I recommend Orange Days. I saw his potential in acting from that drama onwards. In this documentary drama, Hiroki Narimaya did really well portraying Yukata Ozaki. His expressions resembled Yukata Ozaki and I believed Hiroki Narimaya made a lot of effort to connect to his experience. The fact that he have to live in Yukata Ozaki character is extremely difficult. Many researches must be done for this drama to protray the life of Yukata Ozaki.

I believed that along the way, Yukata Ozaki realized that he need to move on in life but he was still trapped in his teenage self. He was struggling to break free from his bondage and create a breakthrough in his music. Stress, anxiety, uncertainty, desperation to escape from reality and fear occupied his heart and he knows that he need to break free from these pressures. He does not want to fail in his music, the only pride in his life. 

Thus, he went to New York City and took a hiatus from his music career. His road to escape was met with setbacks and that became the breaking point of his life. The addiction to alcohol, fast cash, temptations and drug taking took a stronghold in his life. 

From my point of view, Yukata Ozaki desire to voice out his frustrations about the society but was helpless and negative about the whole situation. He was an artistic person with a set of idealistic views, who live in a world of his own. He can choose to be an idol with his good look, instead he used his musical talent to face his audiences. He bare his heart and soul onstage and immense himself into his music. 

I can connect to this person through this drama special. His background, his desire to express his unconventional thoughts and pursue his dreams was inspiring. His story was so touching that I felt so much for this charming young man who had health problems since young. I think his mother death was too much for him to bear and it leads to his depression. Subsequently, his addiction to alcohol and drugs drove him to a road of no return. 

Yukata Ozaki was a fallen hero that was idolized by many people even until today. His soulful music transcends through time and many artistes drew inspiration from him. No doubt, Yukata Ozaki was a music talent and a legend. After watching this show, I think it is so important to treasure our life and no matter what, live a drug free life! 

Yukata Ozaki left behind his music and some notes which was revealed to the public after 20 years. Many people suspected that Yukata Ozaki death was a homicide and some said that it was a case of drug overdose. Till today, his death still remains a mystery. 

In conclusion, Yukata Ozaki had left this world and he will always be remembered as a rebellious handsome young chap with great talents. Yes, just like his song Forget-me-not, he is the Peter Pan that will never grow old in his fans heart.


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