Saturday, February 15, 2014

Running Man Cast Members

1) Kim Jong Kook 

Character in Running Man: Fiery, Hot tempered coach Kookie. Overpowered his cast mates with brute strength. He is always targeted by his Running Man cast or guests. Generally, he is an ememy in the opponent team but a source of strength if they are in the same team. He is the strongest and the most threatening member of Running Man. 

Others: Singer and used to be part of Idol duo Turbo.

Nickname: Kookie, Tiger, Commander, Kook Jong, One Man, Spartakook

Strength: Leadership, Intelligence, Strength, Stamina and competitiveness 

Weaknesses: Weakness towards Woman and sometimes withhold his strength towards guests and idols. 

Early Episodes: Kim Jong kook and the two boys (Haha and Gary). Always the catchers during hide and seek games. Ultimately, they won in almost every episodes. Some viewers began to complained. 

Recent Episodes: Kim Jong Kook is always a gentleman and as expected is gentle to girls but tends to play rough with the guys, especially the Running Man members. 

He is not as competitive as compared to the past. It is understandable since he is getting older and does not want to strain himself too much, given his history of back problems. He does not care too much about winning. Despite that, he still give his best shot in Running Man. In addition, he had mentioned before that the other Running Man had improved a lot throughout the years. 

2) Yoo Jae Suk

Character in Running Man: Leader/captain of Running Man and the Main Mc of the variety show. 

Others: A comedian

Nickname: Yooruce Willis, Yoomes Bond, National MC, Grasshopper

Strength: Quick wit, Intelligence, good in strategize planning, Speed in Running, strong and a good leader. 

Weaknesses: Cowardly scared of height and handling sea creatures. He gradually improved throughout these years. 

Early Episodes: Leader of the mission team. Lose to Jong Kook catcher team most of the time and received most of the punishment during those days.

Recent Episodes: Yoo Jae Suk gradually improved in his strength after all the training he had with Jong Kook. He is one of the strongest in the Running Man team now. Beware, he is not an easy target anymore. 

3) Kang Gary 

Character in Running Man: Monday couple with Song Ji Hyo. 

Others: A rapper in Korean duo Leessang. 

Nickname: Sudden commander, Gae(Dog), Peaceful Gary, Monday boyfriend, Monkey

Strength: Unpredictable, Agile, Fast, Strong and good in strategizing.

Weaknesses: Song Ji Hyo, bad in lying

Past Episodes: Part of the catcher team with Kim Jong Kook during hide and seek game. He is one of the rookie variety host together with Ji Hyo and Kwang Soo. He often get 'reprimanded' for letting Ji Hyo off during the games.

Recent Episodes: A low profile person who is unexpectedly good in strategizing. His surprising skills and talents when we least expected often shocked everyone. He proved that he is a strong player who is gradually good in lying. We can see more of Kang Gary abilities and skills now. 

4) Lee Kwang Soo

Character in Running Man: Manake (youngest) among the cast.  Subjected to be bullied and ordered to run errand for the other cast mate. 

Others: An actor

Nickname: Giraffe, Betrayer, Easy Brother

Strength: Tall, Strong, long arms, smart

Weaknesses: Often screw up with games to be funny. Variety God really look after him. 

Early Episodes: A rookie host that was often bullied by Kim Jong kook and sometime the other cast members too. Initially, he appears to be weak and easily caught while playing games.  

Recent Episodes: He had improved a lot in the recent episodes. Not perceived as weak anymore, Kwang Soo demonstrated strength and sometimes unpredictable intelligence during the missions. His competitiveness and determination helped him to win in games. His rival is Kim Jong kook who always 'bullied' him in the early episodes. Betrayal and drama King became part of his character. 

5) HaHa

Character in Running Man: A crafty betrayer and the 'little brother' of Kim Jong Kook. A lively and playful host that learnt his hosting skills from Yoo Jae Suk. 

Others: A reggae singer. HaHa and Skull

Nickname: Haroro, Penguin, Icon of Betrayal

Strength: Cunning, intelligent, Crafty

Weaknesses: Strength (compared to his cast mate) 

Early Episodes: He was always professing his last love to every female guests. A playboy image that was meant to be funny in the Variety show. He was always team up with Kim Jong Kook in the Catcher team. He love to be the main character and act out the scene.

Recent Episodes: He protray a more matured image onscreen. A poud father of a son, he often mentioned about his love for his family. Haha remains as part of the betrayal trio, winning games using his wits. 

6) Song Ji Hyo

Character in Running Man: Monday girlfriend to Gary. 

Others: An actress

Nickname: Ace, Mong Ji, Monday girlfriend, Lion, Fox

Strength: Fast, Intelligence, Crafty

Weaknesses: Strength ( The only female cast member)

Early Episodes: A rookie to variety land. She is part of Monday couple with Gary. She used to be the Ace in the Mission team. Brave, intelligent  and used her gender to her advantage. 

Recent Episodes: She remains the same as the image that she established earlier. She appears to be more tired because of her busy schedules. Her cast members teased her for being a sleepyhead and she can sleep almost everywhere. 

7) Ji Seok Jin

Character in Running Man: Race starter, Eldest in the Running Man. He protrays a grumpy old man that has a never give up attitude. 

Others: Comedian 

Nickname: Impala, Papa Ji Seok Jin, Race Starter, Easy Brothers, Big Nose Hyung

Strength: Intelligent, unpredictable

Weaknesses: Strength (The weakest among them) 

Early Episodes: He is the long time friend of Yoo Jae Suk. Often he proclaimed to be the Sunflower that always look towards Yoo Jae Suk. The weakest link and part of the early jail birds with Kwang Soo and Yoo Jae Suk. 

Recent Episodes: He remains as the weakest link in Running Man. However, his never say never attitude helps him to secure an individual win. Despite his age, he keeps on challenging himself in games. 


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