Thursday, May 14, 2015

DramaQueen pick: Top ten gorgeous Korean idols

1) Name: Kim Jaejoong 

Music group: JYJ (since 2010), TVXQ (2003-2009)

Age: 29

Reasons for nomination: Kim Jaejoong looks like a Japanese manga character. He has the gorgeous good looks and attractive charisma. 

2) Name: Kim Myungsoo (L)

Music group: Infinite 

Age: 23

Reasons for nomination: L is boyishly handsome. Certain angle and lighting cause his features to be more prominent and sharp.

3) Name: Jung Yong-hwa 

Music group: CNBLUE 

Age: 25

Reasons for nomination: Jung Yong-Hua have a decent and clean cut image. He projected a gentle demeanor and is widely recognized for his talent. 

4) Name: Kwon Ji-yong (G Dragon)

Music group: Big Bang

Age: 26

Reasons for nomination: G-dragon is a stylish fashionista. This guy simply look good in all his outfit, despite how ridiculously crazy the clothes and makeover might be. 

5) Name: Lee Jong-hyun

Music group: CNBLUE 

Age: 24

Reasons for nomination: Lee Jong-Hyun looks cool and handsome. Similar to Yong-Hwa, he protrayed a natural and attractive charisma.   

6) Name: Choi Seung-hyun (T.O.P)

Music group: Big Bang

Age: 27

Reasons for nomination: T.O.P is simply hot and gorgeous! He look good even in the most trendy and weirdest hairdo.

7) Name: Lee Donghae

Music group: Super Junior

Age: 28

Reasons for nomination: Donghae looks like a Prince Charming with his decent facial features. There is only one word to describe him and that is "ikeman".

8) Name: Lee Gi-kwang 

Music group: Beast

Age: 25

Reasons for nomination: Lee Gi-Kwang looks cute and adorable when he smiles. This is the X-factor which attracts people to him.  In my opinion, he has his own uqiue style which is good. 

9) Name: Lee Hong-gi

Music group: F.T Island

Age: 25

Reasons for nomination: Lee Hong-gi is boyish and cute. I like guys who are able to smile brightly and he is one of my favorite Korean artiste. 

10) Name: Sehun

Music group: EXO 

Age: 21

Reasons for nomination: Sehun is a good looking chap. I like everything about him, especially his thick eyebrows and sharp nose. 


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