Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ten things you gonna love about Kim Jong Kook in Running Man

1)  Kim Jong Kook the Cute Tiger

Kim Jong Kook is so cute as the "Tiger". Running Man is like a serengeti, where it is a survival game and the the fittest will survive. In this all for oneself game, there are a mixture of herbivores and carnivores in the Serengeti. Lee Kwang Soo - Giraffe, Ji Suk Jin - Impala, Yoo Jae Suk - Grasshopper, Penguin - Haha, Gary - Monkey, Song Ji Hyo - Fox/angry bird and Kim Jong Kook - Tiger. It is interesting how their onscreen characters matches their personality. 

2) Kim Jong Kook: Spartakook

Kim Jong Kook is a competitive person and he is the strongest man in Running Man. Therefore, he is often the main target of Running Man guests and sometimes among the Running Man members themselves when there is a conflict of interest. They would gather strength to betray each other and even gang up to eliminate the strongest opponent. However, they would strongly rely on Kookie if they were in the same team. Kookie is known for his muscular body and supernatural strength. Fans were impressed with his display of quick-wit, strategies and skills during games.  

3) Kim Jong Kook the almighty pillar of strength 

He is the fearsome almighty especially in terms of strength. I still remembered those moments in Running Man where Kookie displayed his strength and it was frightening. We know how hard Kookie trained his body and he set a high standard of discipline on himself to exercise regularly and he watches his diet too. There were numerous times when our hardworking Kookie displayed his monstrous strength and great determination in Running Man.  

4) Kim Jong Kook the humorous man with great variety sense

He is a veteran entertainer that appeared in popular variety programs such as X-man and Family Outing. Through many years of experiences, Kookie had mastered the variety skills from mentor Yoo Jae Suk. He can be really funny and comical whenever there is an opportunity. 

5) Kim Jong Kook the coach/trainer

His other nickname is Coach Kookie. His character in Running Man is supposed to be competitive and harsh towards his teammates. Sometimes, he was seen as "bullying" his hyungs and dongseng (brothers). He believe there should be a villain in every show to make the program more exciting and interesting. Therefore, he is willing to take up the role of a "villain" for the sake of variety. Other Running Man members played along with their onscreen characters too.

6) Kim Jong Kook the hottie commander

Kim Jong Kook look so smoking hot and sexy in black!  I love the way he swiftly moved around the place and did an ambush on the Running Man members. He should be playing more of a detective role too. 

It is known that Kim Jong Kook is alert and has fast reflexes since he is an athletic. I simply love commander in action! Those moments were classic and unforgettable.

Recently, Kim Jong Kook had suffered some injuries, especially his back area. There were times when I hope Kookie will not work so hard to avoid more physical strain. However, Kookie simply tried his best in Running Man without complains and that is really professional. 

7) Kim Jong Kook the gentleman 

Kookie is a gentleman and that is what his fans love about him. No matter how strong he is, the only weakness that he has is women. This particular trait about him project a good image of him onscreen. A real man is a man that knows how to protect his woman. Sometimes it does gets annoying that he give in to a fight when he meet a lady in the opposite team. However, we got to keep in mind about his public image and he has to be tactful about his actions. After all, it is just a game and I think Kookie does not mind losing. Furthermore, Running Man fans  were impressed that Kookie treat ladies with tender loving care, despite his beastly image. 

8) Kim Jong kook the capable team leader

I am impressed with Kim Jong Kook leadership skills since the early episodes of Running Man. He shows his abilities and capabilities in many events during the running of the variety show. He is able to think on his feet and lead his team members towards victory in games. Commander and the two kids were one of the highlight during the early episodes. He keep nagging his members and was known as a "chatterbox". 

9) Kim Jong Kook the shy man  

It was funny how Yoo Jae Suk used to tease Jong Kook. Our one man will be embarrassed and turn red on the face while avoiding eye contact with the ladies that he was paired up with in Running Man. He is so shy when the Running Man members tried to matchmake him with other ladies or mentioned about Yoon Eun Hye during the show. His reactions were funny and cute. The fact that he is already in his thirties and reacted like a school boy when teased make him all the more adorable! 

10) Kim Jong Kook : Our one man turbo idol 

He used to be a good dancer during his turbo days. However, the idol group was disbanded after a few years. Kookie also dances less often after his back injuries.  Nowadays, he displayed his dancing skills more often in Running Man, breaking into dance whenever turbo music was played during the show. It was a contrast between his appearance in X-Men when Kookie was reluctant to dance on stage and in Running Man. It shows how much Kookie has grown as an entertainer. He proved to be a great singer and entertainer after all these years. Kim Jong Kook became a respectable sunbae to his hoobae and a lovable dongseng to his hyung.  


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