Sunday, May 10, 2015

Takashi Kashiwabara Weibo update: Shiny Flowers

English translation: Thank you everyone~thank you everyone~thank you for all the comments. Sorry for the poor translation. It was during last year at this time I visited China. That was a great  memories to me. I am very grateful for all your support. 

Hello everyone, how are you? I discovered shiny flowers. I am immersed in the world of photography. I hope you have a happy holiday. 

My thoughts

I wondered if Takashi Kashiwabara knows that his fans were requesting for his selfie photographs to be uploaded on his Weibo other than his works. Despite the imperfect translation, fans were impressed with Takashi Kashiwabara sincerity and modesty. Recently, he has also stated that he enjoys photography, perhaps he can publish his pictorial book?

It was observed that Kassy will always make it a point to thank his fans for all their support. In particular, to his fans in China. Actually, Kassy has fanbase in other countries too. Hopefully, he can look into that and spread the "love" to other places. Nowadays, Kassy is focusing on the Mainland China market. Undeniably, that could be a great idea to expand his career. 


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