Friday, June 05, 2015

Dear sister Japanese drama review


Misaki (Satomi Ishihara) and Hazuki (Nao Matsushita) are sisters. When they were younger, Misaki did not study well, but she had a charming personality which endeared her to others. Older sister Hazuki was meticulous, but she wasn't very good socially. Hazuki was also jealous of her younger sister, believing her mother only loved Misaki. After graduating from high school, Misaki left home and the family has not heard from her since.

Hazuki is now 29-years-old and works at a local government office. Her boyfriend works in the same office and they hope to marry soon. Suddenly, Misaki, who is now 27-years-old, appears in front of Hazuki and they begin to live together. Misaki has a secret that she can't tell anyone.  - Asiawiki 

Introducing the characters

Satomi Ishihara as Misaki Fukazawa

Character: impulsive, stubborn, wilful, strong headed, charming

Nao Matsushita as Hazuki Fukazawa

Character: lack of confidence, meticulous

Takanori Iwata as Eito Sakuraba

Character: Love Misaki so much, attentive, caring, kind

Hiroyuki Hirayama as Yohei Hagiwara

Character: Shy, gentle, silly

Dear Sister OST: Che'Nelle Happiness

Drama Queen thoughts

My first impression of Dear sister was rather poor. Satomi came across as an overbearing spoilt sister that does not spare a thought about other people feelings in the first two episodes. It was a little shocking to me as the previous drama I remembered her as a lovable and smart leading lady in Rich Man, poor woman. However, her character in Dear sister was irritating at first, but slowly as the story developed, we find out that there is a reason behind her every action. She still maintained a mysterious aura till  the middle of the drama, that is when we finally know more about Misaki and understand her better. After watching Dear Sister, I realized that we cannot judge everything based on the surface of things. There could be more than what meets the eyes. Human relationship can be complicated and it can be simple too. At the end of the day, perhaps being honest with each other can avoid many misunderstanding.


My love for this drama grew stronger with every episode, mainly because of the beautiful sisters. They interacted like real sisters, bickering and fighting with each other. Despite the siblings rivalry, they do love each other deeply. They simply used different methods to love and care for one another. The bonding between them makes the whole show engaging and watchable.

Eito is a character that is really adorable to me. The way he cares for Misaki melts my heart and I wondered is there really such a great man in the actual world that we lived in? He allowed Misaki to mistake him as a gay for many years and is always there for her! Eito also does not mind that the baby that Misaki is carrying belongs to his elder brother. Does this type of sweet and loving guy only appears in drama? Almost to the extend of extinction? Although I love Eito in this drama, he is simply too nice to be true. Anyway, I am glad that this cool guy finally achieved happiness in life.

Hiroyuki and Hazuki love line is rather boring to begin with. They really took their time to finally date each other. Their love is like a merry-go-round. They tried to second guess each other thoughts and were passive in love. In fact, they are actually a matchmake in heaven. Their personality and interests complement each other very well. In the end, they finally mustered up the courage to go out on dates like a normal couple. Sometimes, they behaved like teenagers falling in love. To think that they were almost in their thirties, the feeling of pure love is still strong. I ended up rooting for this couple to be together too.


I dislike Eito elder brother Soichiro. He is supposed to be a teacher but he ended up to be entangled in a love triangle with his student Misaki and his wife. Honestly, I personally do not think he is that charming for Misaki and Hazuki to have a crush on him. Misaki even engaged in a sexual relationship with him! This person is a loser and a jerk to me. The way he handles relationship is so bad that I felt that he is so irrelevant here.
In conclusion

Dear Sister is a heartwarming drama that touches my heart. I am not going to give any spoilers for those who have not watch this drama yet. However, all I can comment is that I am impressed with this 10 episodes drama. The way the plot was executed to the character development came across as earnest and sincere in its presentation. There were a mixture of tears and laughter along the way. Mistakes to be forgiven and redeemed towards the end of the drama. Dear Sister does not protray itself as over dramatic, although the drama itself does has it own flaw. In conclusion, Dear sister generally progress at a nice pace and the characters brings a big smile on my face. 


  1. I also liked this drama a lot. But I disagree with you about the teacher. He was honest and consistent with his feelings. When he fell for his student, he didn't touch her, and he refused to tell her anything until her graduation. That day a misunderstanding (I'm not explaining so I don't spoil) prevented them getting together. Then he divorced his wife and left his job, and when he found Misaki again he had still feelings for her. And he was ready to take responsibility. I think he's a person with integrity, so not irrelevant and not unlikeable. Most viewers that watched the drama with me on viki were against him because he was older and thus not flower-boy pretty, not because he was a bad guy or anything. Of course I also preferred that none of the sisters ended up with him, because they found more suitable partners, but that's a different thing.

    1. I get what you are trying to saying. It's just that i don't think he should consider her feeling given the teacher student relationship and the fact that he had a Wife already. I know he is not really a "jerk" but it's just something about him as a man. Lol