Thursday, June 04, 2015

Kim Jong Kook appearance in Korean drama: The producers

Kim Jong Kook joined in the cast of The producers and I am glad to see his acting skills. He was casted as a pathetic veteran producer that did not win any favor from the management, despite having worked in reality program for years. His character name is Kim Hong Soon. He is the type of person that has a good personality but his attempt to grab opportunity often fall short on luck. 

I think he is comfortable with the cast members as seen from his interactions with Cha Tae Hyun amd Gong Hye Jin. I love his comedic timing and his adorable expressions. I wondered did Cha Tae Hyun give his good friend some acting advices? I think Kim Jong Kook did well for his first Korean drama. 

Although it is a minor role in the series, Kookie still tried his best to protray a petty, careless and desperate character. He had me rolling with tears of laughter when he became the admin of a group chat, which he intend to bad mouth the secretary.  Surprisingly, nobody respond. Soon, we know the reason behind the unresponsiveness. He accidentally added the secretary to the group chat! Perhaps, the character that he is playing is a little similar to his own personality (nagging non-stop). I think he is pretty natural in his role.

There were serveral nice outfits which Kookie wore starting from episode 3 when his character was first introduced to this drama. I look forward to more of Kookie and was amazed by his talent in acting. Kookie as a rookie actor is very cute and the character suits him very well. 

Later on in the drama, Kookie seem to interact more with the secretary of KBS. Is there some kind of love line going on in this drama? I am keeping my fingers cross. For a rookie actor, Kim Jong kook deserve a pat on the shoulder. 


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