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DramaQueen Favourite visual couples in We Got Married

1) Jjiongah couple 

Jjiongah couple is the youngest couple being paired up in the Korean variety show. This visual couple are rising stars in Korean entertainment industry. We can't deny that simply by appearing in the reality show helps all the artistes to raise their profile and gain more popularity and fan base in the process. As long as it generate news about themselves as public figures and people get to know about them, it is worth to participate in the show. 

I have read many comments about Hong Jong Hyun being a impenetrable man who places an iron wall between people that he hardly knows. In my opinion, I believed him when he said that he has an anxiety issue with stranger. He has been truthful and sincere in showing us his true personality. In some occasions, he does come across as an introvert that is generally stiff and have some sort of awkward facial expressions.  Unlike Yura, he does not have big reactions and seldom expresses his feelings and thoughts initially. At first, he gave a cool and calm image, which is an attractive charm for a man. After some criticism which stated that Hong Jong Hyun have been cold to Yura during broadcast, I am sure it affected him to a certain extend and caused him to reflect on how to convey his feelings and thoughts better. He may even used this variety show to monitor his own facial expressions onscreen and improve himself as an actor. 

After they met a couple of times, he seem to warm up to Yura and gradually works well with her. It is obvious that Hong Jong Hyun needs time to get closer with his partner as compared to other people. I think what works well for this couple is the way they gradually adapt to each other personality and try to complement each other. It is the process that is more important for them rather than the result. Yes, they take things at its natural course, not forcing anything to each other. That is the most watchable part when we sees how far they have reached in terms of closeness and being comfortable with each other. 

Many viewers credit our dear Yura as the lovely princess that melted the ice prince heart. Yes, we need our cheerful and positive Ahyoung princess to open the heart of our handsome ice prince. Without a personality like Yura, it may be harder to make this couple works. There is a saying that opposite attracts and it is used perfectly in this case. They are surely getting closer and more attached to each other in every episode.

Girls Day is known for their sexy and aegyo image. Yura is a member of this popular Korean girl group. After watching the show, i am pleasantly surprised that she has a rather down to earth type of personality despite being a little childish at times. She is girly, cute and funny at the same time. Perhaps it is because of being an idol for a long time, Yura seem to be putting on a shield around herself. She tried her best to project her over-the-top cheerful image but she hardly voice out her displeasure. Most of the time, she just wanted to please the people around her. In my opinion, Yura is a tough lady trying to survive in this ever changing Korea industry. As a matter of fact, she is able to adapt to people and situation very fast. It is the training and experiences that she had in the society that caused her to be cautious in showing her true feelings and that constant smile raised my eyebrow. Somehow, along the way she became harder to read than the mysterious and straightforward Hong Jong Hyun. It is observed that Yura has an idol baggage that she carries with her and it is understandable that she needs to be mindful of herself in front of the camera. 

The producer of this show make a good decision in pairing up this couple. Pushing them into marriage and turning  them into real life Sims couple living at the rooftop. Undeniably, the both of them indeed looks good visually and their personality complement each other very well. As time goes by, Hong Jong Hyun shows that he is a gentleman that respects his partner. He is intelligent, observant, a good listener, an excellent driver, a problem solver, a mischievous man-boy that likes to play RC toys and ultimately a thoughtful and caring oppa to our dear Ahyoungie. This young man is ever so reliable and manly and I am impressed. 

On the other hand, Yura is understanding and kind. In my opinion, she is a genuinely sincere person and I think Hong Jong Hyun did realized that as he observe her during their interactions. Along the way, they learn how to react and respond to each other while spending time together. Some people says that Yura is too immature for Hong Jong Hyun since it is known for that he prefers older woman. Having being a top model for years, he may came across older ladies whom are more matured and elegant. Therefore, it is not surprise that he has a certain standard in his personal preference. 

Despite being younger, Yura did not display any sign of a princess syndrome. Yes, she does use her aegyo to manipulate people or things to go her way, since most guys will fall for it. Other than that, she represents a young and independent woman in the modern society.  I remember during one of the episode Hong Jong Hyun said that he likes cute, sexy and glamorous type of girls. That seems to be pointing towards Yura. What about those increasingly tender loving eyes and sweet affection that Hong Jong Hyun showered towards Yura? If anything, i am certain that the both of them do enjoys each other company. 

Be it a reel life scenario, this couple does portrays two strangers getting to know each other as friends and eventually like what they sees. From awkwardness to playfully teasing each other in the show, this couple does wonders to the show. I still remember this couple was hurriedly pushed together to create sparks and I reckon that their chemistry is strong even from their first meeting. 

In my opinion, this couple does looks like playmates to each other. It's like they shared a brother and sister kind of siblings relationship. Hong Jong Hyun plays the role of an elder brother taking care of the younger sister and at the same time being protective like a father. I like it best when it is just the two of them together. Hong Jong Hyun gradually show his playful side to Yura and he also explained that he likes to see her cute expression. Is that an indicator that he likes her? We all know that a boy likes to tease a girl if he is interested in her. Is that part of an act or are they really liking each other? Is Hong Jong Hyun getting affectionate with Yura?  It is for the viewers to judge and for the two of them to decide about their relationship status. 

2) Skinship couple

Unlike Jjiongah couple, this eldest couple does not need to be concern about idol image or keep up with a certain image. As a result, Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young can freely express themselves in the show without much restraint. They portrays a couple that has been married for years. I enjoyed the Skinship between the couple and the affection they showered on each other. Hong Jin Young is really a charming woman who looks so beautiful at thirty years old. She is entertaining to watch since she knows what to do to grab attention in We Got Married as one of the hosts. Nam Goong Min projects a quiet and reserved charm that is attractive. He seems to be a sensitive man who is able to keep up and play along with his "Wife". Definitely, they are a perfect match in We Got Married. 

3) Sorim Couple

The pairing of Song Jae rim and Kim So Eun is refreshing and cool. We sees an aggressive and daring Song Jae rim making the first move on Kim So Eun every time. On the other hand, Kim So Eun seem to be a little uncomfortable with all the attention she is getting from her "Husband". Some where along the way, Kim So Eun had a role reversal as she begin to use "push" and "pull" method in the relationship. The both of them seem to be fighting for control with the intend of dominating each other. I remembered those cheesy words spoken by Song Jae rim and those cringeworthy moments!

Somehow, their interaction looked scripted with a mutual understanding that this is part of a drama they are acting for the viewers. Yes, they are very entertaining to watch onscreen because they both understand that they have signed up for a fantasy virtual marriage that would end one day. Did they put in real emotion for each other? In my opinion, they are just acting like they do in any drama in the context of a reality show. The end result is that they both achieved more love from the audiences. 

In conclusion, this show can manipulate us into believing that the virtual couples could become real life partners. I supposed the objective of the show is to engage us into a fantasy world, where we as audiences got the satisfaction of watching the celebrities dating in front of our eyes. It can be seen as a thin line between delusional and realistic.Therefore, shippers make your choice! ;)


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