Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Return of Superman Episode 97: G-Dragon meet Sarang

Now i understand why G-Dragon uploaded a photo of himself blushing from embarrassment in Instagram. I was giggling at G-dragon red tomato face and his shy expression is so classic and pure! In my opinion, this episode of Return of Superman is so interesting and cute that you should not miss it at all! Talking about G-Dragon, i have to compliment him for being so well-mannered and cute which is simply so attractive to watch onscreen.  

This is athlete celebrity Choo Sung Hoon daughter, her name is Choo Sarang. They introduced her as a big fan of popular Korean boy band - Big Bang. She was dressed in a white dress while waiting for G-dragon to pay a visit to their house.

Choo Sarang is so cute when she claps along with Big Bang hit song - Bang, Bang, Bang. I love the way this little girl shake and dance to the music. She look awkward and cute as she tries to imitate Big Bang dance move, How adorable is that to have a little fan!

Finally, it is time for G-dragon to appear in front of Choo Sarang. I wonder what is this girl reaction when her favorite idol suddenly stand in front of her. In my opinion, Sarang is a well-mannered girl when she stood at the door to greet and welcome the guest. I must say that Sarang does look a little surprised when she saw G-dragon.

It is kind of cute when G-Dragon tried to get close to Sarang, making effort to be her playmate, while her father is busy preparing dinner for them in the kitchen. Look at Jiyong boyish smile and that cute pink shirt!

It is interesting to see how shy is Sarang, as she continue to ignore G-dragon presence and play by herself. G-dragon looks troubled and thought of ways to break the barrier between him and Sarang.

Look at how cute Sarang stared at G-Dragon when he said that he had brought her a present! Kids love to receive presents and that is a great way to capture their attention. Sarang look at G-dragon lovingly, i supposed she shows that she likes this oppa.

Sarang seem to like this girly make up table as she is too impatient to slowly unwrap the present. Instead of doing it gently, she simply torn the wrapping paper with her great strength. Talking about like father, like child, i am sure her personality takes after her parents too.

Sarang can't take her eyes off the new toys and begin to play with it. I love how this little girl observe G-dragon quietly. I saw the tender loving care of G-dragon and was a little envious of Sarang. 

Soon, both of them begins to play together. I love how G-dragon approach the child so gently and kind. He even offered her the stickers to place on the make up table.

I know i am being delusional, but G-Dragon does seem to like kids and he may even be a good father in the future too. I am glad to see the soft and caring oppa in G-dragon. 

How cute the two of them begins to play "Bang, bang, bang", each pretending to shoot and receive the love shot! They look so comfortable now playing naturally. 

Sarang gave me a shock when she suddenly jump onto G-Dragon and gave him a hug! That girl does know how to be affectionate and expressive to her favorite idol oppa. Cute! She even poke on G-Dragon cheeks, making him laugh so heartily.

G-Dragon was so hot after playing with Sarang and he took a sip of water. Worried that Sarang might be thirsty, he gave the bottle to Sarang and she quickly played with it.I know at this point of time, many people might be jealous of this little girl. Somehow, this reminds me of another cute little girl that was featured in the show earlier an her name is Haru. 

I love this down-to-earth cute little G-dragon. He have good manners and even offered to initiate help to set up the table for dinner. That is really cool! G-Dragon is indeed different from the G-Dragon we usually see onstage. 

Cute little Sarang read a book while waiting for dinner to be ready. G-Dragon helps to take out the dishes and lay them on the table.

I love how they enjoy their healthy and delicious dinner together like a family. Sarang even played some jokes and get her father to lift up her eyelids. G-dragon totally enjoy her joke and laughed so adorably. 

Kids are so cute when they make funny faces! G-dragon even covered his face from embarrassment!

Sarang help to put the dishes onto the sink and the sauce accidentally dripped on her white dress. Being a considerate oppa, G-Dragon took a cloth to wipe away the stain when the unbelievable thing happpen!

Cute little Sarang find another easy and direct way to solve this issue as she undress herself infront of G-Dragon. Oh My Gosh! This little girl is so innocent and cute! She innocently took out her dirty dress and ask her father to change her dress! This cutie pie even move and jump around G-Dragon, while he failed in his attempt to ask Sarang to wear back her white dress. 

Our cute little shy oppa could only look down on the floor and blush like a red tomato, as he tried to cover his embarrassment with a pierce of cloth. Oh Sarang, look what you did to our Jiyong oppa? Sarang became the official first little girl that undress herself in front of G-Dragon during broadcast. 


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