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BTS Short Films Wings Theory

Rap Monster's narration - still from Hermann Hesse's 'Demian' reads, "My parents' house made up one realm. This realm was familiar to me in almost every way -- mother and father, love and strictness, model behavior, and school." I love the way Rap Monster recite the lines from the famous novel. Big Hit Entertainment Creative team is so brilliant to come out with this idea. Ever since they released these teasers, many people came out with their own theory about the video and interestingly these teasers were all linked to the previous album Forever Young. In my opinion, the circles perhaps represent the imperfection of life. We learnt to spread our wings and fly despite all the hardship in life. Like the butterfly which means transformation. 

BTS Wings Teaser (1) starring Jungkook

The beginning: We see Jungkook taking in all the pains of his hyung (brothers). He woke up from the bed, in a white shirt and the nightmare begins. We can see the bird imprinted on his white shirt. That symbolise he is connected to the sky  and ultimately free himself from the restrain of gravity (in another realm perhaps unconscious after the car incident in Run). 

We were also given the opportunity to peek at the inner struggle of Jungkook in this video. There was a scene where he depict emotions through drawings. The painting that was on the easel board seem to represent all the members pain and agony. Some people say that the pictorial is V and some say it is Suga or even himself. I have no idea who that painting and drawing belongs to, however if I have to choose I think it is probably Suga. Suddenly, the painting and piano burned and Jungkook called "Hyung!" Next, the room became pitch dark, and when the light shone on Jungkook. We can see a pair of wings behind Jungkook. 

My interpretation: Jungkook seem to take all his Hyungs problems on his shoulders.  He saw the devil coming to devour his friends in his "dream".  Jung kook seem to be fearful and lost his direction in life. He is at the beginning stage of turning into a butterfly (adulthood). There are times when he is still figuring out about life and feel anxious of the uncertainty.

He witnessed the pain of the people around him and called out to his hyung. When I linked this video to forever young, I concluded that Jungkook may grew up in a traditional family with strict rules. He could be angry and upset with school. I think he might have been pressured to perform up to the expectation of the adults. There is also a possibility that Jungkook is a victim of school bullies because he is under the eyes of the public. In my opinion, Jungkook only have his hyungs as his closest friends. Thus, his breakdown when he fear that the devil (crows) were taking them away from him. 

Psychological representation: Fear and sense of lost

Symbol: Wings. That is represented as the chipped butterfly wing. There is also a pair of bird wings behind Jung kook. That is the beginning of zooming into the dark side of psychology.

BTS Wings Teaser (2) starring Park Jimin

Lies: This could have something to do with depression. Jimin in this video looked lonely as he struggled with his inner thoughts. He is desperate for someone to save him! The scene with him lying on the bed and the pills that was tossed over reminded me of J-Hope consuming the pills. That is the psychological realm Jimin is facing. He tried to numb himself and escape from his problems but the struggles deepened. On the surface, he looks fine and force himself to smile at the camera. However, he has been putting on a mask and he was actually drowning inside his head. 

My interpretation: Jimin may be neglected in many areas of his life and is always having negative thoughts in his head. He feels that he is always falling short of expectation, just like what Namjoon narrated in the dialogue the realm of circle that make up his life. It's a cause and effect thing. 

Therefore, Jimin always feel the constant need to please others in order to earn the love and attention he desires. He felt "cold" and "weary" of the society norm upon his shoulders. It seem that he is surrounded by the forest, feeling extremely trapped in himself. He is actually pretending to be somebody (model behavior) instead of being truthful to himself. He developed a self defense between him and the world. He need to truly accept himself in order to be happy. 

Psychological representation: Depression and loneliness

Symbol: Apple. It's a lie that he has been feeding upon. The illustration that Adam went to the forest and ate an Apple from the Apple tree that God forbidden, which then open his eyes to the knowledge of good and evil. He is "poisoned" the moment he took a bite and continue to dwell in that forest (A world that he imagine will keep him safe). He is lonely and his only companion J-hope is nowhere to be seen. The feathers and empty bed could hint that J-hope is no longer around for him and he can't truly smile anymore because they are not together.

BTS Wings Teaser (3) starring V 

Stigma: V is trapped in his own circumstances. As what was seen in the video, V accidentally killed his father in order to protect his sister. This led to a crime that he had committed. He have violence tenancy and a problematic childhood trauma. He suppressed his emotions till the day he burst out and accidentally killed his father. V grew up in a broken family with a sense of hatred and anguish. It was sad when he replied to the police that he have no one. 

My interpretation: V was caught by the police and sent to jail. Apparently, V had lost his innocence as illustrated with him hugging the puppy and trapped in a cage. Then the thing that he hold dearly in his heart left him. That was when he felt so helpless. He knew that he had to face the consequences of his actions. In the end, he lost his freedom. He is trapped physically and mentally as he wish to go back to the time when life was so innocent.

Psychological representation: Lost of freedom, guilty, sinful and complicated 

Symbol: Puppy. He lost the most precious thing in his heart. It maybe his family and friends. The white puppy represents his childlike innocence which slowly slipped away from him. Things that he holds dear to were taken away from him. 

BTS Teaser (4) starring Suga 

First love: Suga broke into the music store and was playing piano. Suddenly there was a mysterious tone whistle played, and a car crashed on the piano. Everything was destroyed as Suga looked on with sadness. 

My Interpretation: Suga first love is music and that was when everything was destroyed, crashed and burned. This may refer to his sensitive heart and fragility. Suga retaliate with anger and a destructive behavior. He enjoys inflicting pain on himself in order to feel that he is alive. His world is destructive and he want to burn everything in despair. The whistle may be related to Jungkook. That whistle saved Suga from the car crash.  Suga has a disturbed mental state and he make a choice to pull away from that depression. He is astounded about his life choices and its consequences as he stepped aside to view his life (car crash and burning). He decided that he need to stop thinking about committing suicide in his mind. 

Psychological representation: Troubled, disturbed

Symbol: Fire. It can represent many things such as pain, anger, hurt and destruction. Suga hated himself and he thinks that love is a lie. Perhaps he feels hurt but is unable to let go of those pain and it became his destruction. Generally he thinks that nobody could understand him, not even himself. 

BTS Teaser (5) starring Rap Monster 

Reflection: We can see Rap Monster is reflecting on life. The "tattoo" on his arm is a story in itself. The past regrets and pain that he experience became part of his life. He ran to the telephone booth with the word liar and he hit on the door, while the phone is ringing. The mirror was destroyed and he stood alone at a corner. He tattoo the black bird that he found and burned the paper into a cup and drank it. He used his rebellious way to block the pain that was imprinted upon him. He is resisting the pressure from the society and trying to refrain from feeling "condemned" by the unfair judgment that people placed on him.

My interpretation: Some people say that it was V that called him. I think it could be Rap Monster feeling helpless and regretful for not reaching out to V in time of need and help him. He may experience self-reproach and choose to keep those pain. He felt that it is his responsibility to hold everything together as a leader. when things happens, he condemned himself for the mistake. He feel a need to free himself from the pain and be stronger. 

Psychological representation: Self-condemned

Symbol: Mirrors. He is a broken person and he longs for freedom like the bird. His life was been condemned by the conservative society. He does put the blame on himself for things that happened and its out of his control. 

BTS Teaser (6) starring J-hope

Mama: J-hope is in a mental asylum and the "drugs" which is actually snickers came crushing down. J-hope look like he is in "paradise", being high in drugs. He stared at the picture of forest which  licked to Jimin scene. 

My interpretation: J-hope could be having some addiction to drugs use in this video. He is happy with the chocolate sweet and that is the only way he can live in that illusion world. His mentally state is still at the stage of a kid , longing for his mother and trapped inside a child. The forest painting may indicate that he is in a maze just like Jimin. Both of them lack of love and warmth in their life. At some point of their life, they might be abused. J-hope was taken to the. hospital when he overdose on the pills and was later locked up in the mental asylum.  That is probably why he was separated from Jimin. 

Psychological representation: Addiction, helplessness 

Symbol: Snickers bar. He is trapped in his childlike innocent. The colouful ink and melted sweets soon became sticky and he realized that it is disgusting. There is a dark side in him that he wants to hide from others. He wanted to sugar coat his pain but it only adds to sinking deeper into desperate attempt to mask that pain. The picture of Eva hugging the child links to Jimin because all sins begins in the tree called knowledge of good and evil. Adam ate from that tree and Eve (originated from Hebrew Eva) is the female that persuade Adam into tasting the Apple. This open their eyes to see their nakedness and lack. The moment he bite the Apple, death follows as people are judge based on their sins. 


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