Sunday, September 18, 2016

G-dragon Girlfriend Nana Komatsu

Leaked photos from G-Dragon's private Instagram account have revealed his relationship with Nana Komatsu.

Rumors began to emerge earlier this year, when G-dragon (27 years old) and Nana (20 years old) were spotted at a restaurant together in Tokyo. The two had also worked together on an intimate photoshoot for Nylon Magazine, earlier in March of this year.

However, fans and reporters began to assume that the two were much closer than they had let on. The two were again caught in rumors when they were spotted wearing the same styled white bracelet, reminiscent of couple jewelry.

Now, fans have uncovered leaked photos from G-Dragon’s Instagram that come to near definite proof that he’s in a relationship. - taken from Koreaboo

My thoughts 

When will celebrites ever learn their lesson not to post private picture or open a private account in the social media and still expect to maintain their "privacy"? These Korean artistes live under the public eyes. How can they expect to hide their private life when they actually volunteer to put their personal stuffs in the social media at the first place? 

It is only a matter of time before any hacker goes into the social media system and retrieve their personal informations. This unfortunate incident happened to the Big Bang leader G-dragon. He does not like to talk about his private life to the media. We knew that his previous relationship with Kiko waswidely publicise. However, G-dragon has never comment about this matter. 

Actions speaks louder than words. We do see some intimate photograph of G-dragon and Nana. Even if YG entertainment did not issue any statement, we are certain that G-dragon is dating Nana now. Taeyang even suggested in his private Instagram to produce a song titled Lovers. It was obvious that these two lovebirds are currently into each other. 

Later on, G-dragon posted this picture in his official Instagram. He must be feeling terrible that this unfortunate incident happened to him. G-dragon is a famous musician that has been in K-pop industry for many years, I am surprised that he is so careless in handling his personal matters. 

Looking back at the girls that caught the eyes of our handsome leader, I noticed that G-dragon seem to adore Japanese models. Indeed, he has a unique taste in women that are docile and exotic.  I can hear the heart of his fan girls breaking into pieces. Don't forget that G-Dragon is going into military soon. Will this relationship last long? 


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