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Knight and Day

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star in the action-comedy Knight & Day. During their glamorous and sometimes deadly adventure, nothing and no one even the now fugitive couple are what they seem. Amid shifting alliances and unexpected betrayals, they race across the globe, with their survival ultimately hinging on the battle of truth vs. trust.

Overall, it was not bad, it was better than I expected. There were funny moments, as well as sad moments. The action scenes were very nicely done.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prince of Persia

Adapted from a computer game of a similar name, the story is set in ancient Persia and revolves around an orphan street kid named Dastan (Will Foster) who’s adopted by the King Sharaman (Ronald Pickup). Dastan quickly grows up, the adult version played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Raised alongside the King’s real sons, belligerent Tus (Richard Coyle) and the more sensible Garsiv (Toby Bebbell), and shown the tricks of the trade by his dad and uncle Nizam (Ben Kingsley), Dastan grows determined to show off his newly formed skills...

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So the effects were nice, and the backdrop for the movie was not too bad. But I found the pace of the story too slow. And there was not much character development. The ending was an open one, but it wasn't a particulary satisfying one either. The only thing going through my mind when it ended was... "that's it?!"

Mnet’s official stand, “We will take full responsibility of the plagiarism case even though our contract with Lee Hyori has ended”

Singer Lee Hyori acknowledges that there has been plagiarism in her latest album.

Lee Hyori recently had many fans wondering why she will not be promoting the followup song for her 4th album ‘H-Logic’ after the title song ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. She wrote on her fancafe on 20th June, “We would like to reveal that the original composer of the songs to my 4th album is not Bahnus.”

The songs in questions are namely ‘Swing’, ‘Bring It Back’, ‘I’m Back’, ‘How Did We Get’, ‘Feel The Same’ and ‘Memory’. Hyori added, ” We will do what we have to and put that behind us, we will take moral responsibility.”

With that, Lee Hyori had ended her 4th album promotions in just 2 months without a followup hit.

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Everyone, Hello… From Hyori

100620 01:21

It looks like it’s been a while since I wrote an entry here.

After the release of my 4th album, many interrogations rose, it was frustrating for me and you must have been curious about these issues at some point .

I’ve been asking myself whether I should tell you all of it or not, there were things to take into consideration, and after I figured it out, time has passed… and it took me some time to talk to you.

It must have been frustrating for you as well, I’m truly sorry about that…

When I was making the album, in the beginning, I received songs from Bahnus.

When we released it, plagiarism issues were raised, there was something wrong.

I, too, believed everything he told me, there was no way we could know.

The company first received the songs from him, under his name, and we didn’t suspect anything.

But we kept moving forward, and words risen again, suspicion, artists saying that he wasn’t the original composer of the songs, that he stole them and claimed these were his.

Finding the original producers of the songs was hard and it took some time to make sure everything we heard was the truth. We investigated about him and we found out that the songs were not his.

We know for sure that 2 songs out of the 6 songs that we recorded are not his, we already contacted the original composers.

About the remaining songs, we couldn’t find the original creators but the company is still looking into it and will take care of this matter.

We will do what we have to and put that behind us, we will take moral responsibility.

I wanted to release the album soon, it took me a long time to make it as I wanted to, and I also wanted to promote it

for a long period, until these issues are solved, I can’t do that anymore.

The truth is that, for these problems to be solved, a long time is needed.

These matters take time to be put behind.

It’s unfortunate but it appears that it will be impossible for me to lead successful album activities for now.

I’m truly sorry for you who expected more from me and waited for something else…

I’ve always been passionate when recording songs for my albums, although I went through a lot and experienced headaches.

My heart aches, because I couldn’t promise you something perfect, I’ve been constantly blaming myself.

But instead of being helpless, I feel that it is my responsibility to step up and to take care of this. It’s my responsibilty to handle anything I do well.

For putting you all through this with me, I apologize, once again to all of you.

I want to always show you the best of me.

I’ll be working even harder to show you the best of me.

I will show you more, the best.

* Source: Hyolee Together
* Translation:HyoleeSubs

Edison Chen Returns to the Hong Kong Music Industry

Source: Takungpao
Credits: Jayne @

After his nude photo scandal in 2008, Edison Chen Koon Hei announced leaving the Hong Kong entertainment indefinitely. Although he later explained that “indefinite” did not mean he would quit the Hong Kong entertainment industry, a formal return date was never announced.

The day before, Edison appeared as a guest performer at Famma’s concert. At the celebration dinner last night, Edison revealed that he will release a new album in October. This marks Edison’s official return to the Hong Kong music industry!

Feeling Pressure Upon Return to the Hong Kong Coliseum

As the opening performer at Famma’s concert, Edison sang the song “Imagine,” but changed some of the lyrics. After his performance, he sat below the stage to watch the rest of the concert. Edison appeared engrossed and often stood up to dance. The audience seemed to welcome Edison ’s return and many teenage girls asked to take photos with him.

At the celebration party, Edison felt that Famma’s performance was qualified. Performing at the Hong Kong Coliseum again, Edison felt nervous and immense pressure. Was Edison happy on stage? He said, “I’m just talking.” Regarding the audience’s good reaction to his performance, Edison thanked his supporters and vowed to do his work well. Although he is unprepared to sing and film again, he noted the importance of everyone’s support.

As to changing the lyrics of “Imagine,” Edison denied that his intention was to ask the audience to accept him again. He emphasized that the will not test the audience’s reaction through another artist’s show. When his new music album is released in October, the audience’s reception will be apparent then.

In his new music album, eighty-percent of the songs are in Mandarin while twenty-percent will be in Cantonese. The album will be launched no later than October. Edison revealed that he will be writing all of the song lyrics in English and then hire translators to translate them into Chinese. “I have a lot of things to tell my fans directly, so I have to write my own lyrics.”

Did the release of this music album mark Edison’s official return to the Hong Kong music industry? Edison said, “I don’t know; did I leave before? I am not sure what it means to make a come-back. Let’s see how things turn out. If you say I am making a come-back, then okay, I’m back!”

Earlier, Edison vowed to earn $100 million (HKD) before getting married. He smiled, “I have to earn more money first before discussing marriage further.” Over the last few years, Edison realized that it is difficult to quantify how much money is enough. Money can not purchase happiness nor love.

Was Edison’s girlfriend, Vinci Yeung, aware of Edison ’s impending new album release? Edison laughed and said Vinci did not listen to his songs and did not watch his movies. He considered that Vinci loved him for being himself, rather than his movies and songs.

Edison Chen Raps in English at FAMA's concert expressing his feelings; Comeback In October

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

[MINGPAO 6/17/2010] Edison Chen changed the lyrics to English rap. Part of the lyrics were: "I hope someday you'll change your mind and join me", which means that Edison hopes people can accept him again. To this Edison said: "In the last few years, I lived in the U.S, where the values are different from Hong Kong. It's not that the people of Hong Kong are not good, but just it's too difficult to pursue others and individual goals. Everyone should just relax, do your own thing is the most important. I am not telling people to accept me, people will know when my album releases."

Edison also expresses that in the last two years, there has been people asking him to do a public singing performance, but he didn't want to sing his old songs, so he declined to the offers.

Comeback in October
Edison reveals that 80% of the songs are Mandarin, only 20% is Cantonese. He plans to release the album in October, at that time he'll be focusing on promotions. He said: "Cantonese lyrics are all written by me. The Mandarin lyrics are written by MC Hotdog, he translated my English lyrics into Chinese. Releasing an album this time, the lyrics must be written by me because I don't want a middleman to change the meaning." Asked if he's implying that October will be his official comeback? Edison embarrassingly said: "I don't know... have I left?"

It was said that he stopped his on-screen jobs, Edison said: "I did stop, but I don't understand the meaning of 'comeback'. If everyone thinks that I am making a comeback, then that's ok! To me, I am still living as a person."

Edison said in the past that when he earns 100 million, he'll marry his girlfriend Vincy Yeung, asked if this goal still exists? Edison smiled a bit: "I have to earn even more before I get married! I don't know how much left until I reach my goal, but now I don't dare to talk about marriage, work harder! In the last few years, I have learned that money is very important, but still can't buy love and happiness."

Girlfriend Loves him for who he is
Asked if his girlfriend knows that he's releasing an album in October? He said: "She kind of knows, but she never listens to my songs nor does she watch my stuff. I like her because of that. She loves me because of who I am, not because I am a singer."

Se7en comeback new minialbum release date confirmed as 21st July

The new album release date for Se7en for his comeback after 3 years has been confirmed.

Se7en will release his new mini album on 21st July. According to YG Entertainment on 16th June, “We have decided that the release date for the new album will be on 21st July.”

With that, this will be Se7en’s comeback in Korea after his last album ‘Se7olution’ released in November 2006. Ahead of the mini album release, one song will be revealed beforehand in mid-July.

Meanwhile, Big Bang TaeYang from YG Entertainment is also set to have his new album release on 1st July. And as for Big Bang, they will be back in August.

S:Newsen + kbites

Super Junior to end ‘Bona Mana’ promotions and proceed to promote followup hit ‘No Other’

Source: Newsen
Translated by: sookyeong@kbites

Super Junior will end promotions for ‘Bona Mana’ and will proceed with promoting of the followup hit.

SM Entertainment announced, “Super Junior will reveal their followup hit ‘너 같은 사람 또 없어/No Other’ on online music sites like Melon, Dosirak, Bugs and Cyworld etc on th 25th.”

The song ‘No One’ will be included in the group’s 4th repackaged album and is a synth pop dance song with trendy hip hop beat. The producers to the song are Reefa and C-2, who have produced for singers like The Game, Fabolous and Ludacris, as well as Ryan Jhun. And the lyrics are written by Kenzie.

And coming 28th June, the 4th repackaged album, which will include songs like the remix version of ‘No One’ and ‘Shake It Up’, will be released.

Meanwhile, the group will have their goodbye stage on 25th June on KBS Music Bank.

Super Junior Choi Siwon, “Iris 2″ joining the cast as an elite agent

Source: Hankyung
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Group Super Junior’s Choi Siwon will be joining the spin off of the drama “Iris” called “Athena: The Goddess of War” as an elite new agent.

Choi Siwon has recently showcased his various charms and received favorable reviews from his role as the main character “Sung Minwoo” in the drama “Oh! My Lady.”

In “Athena, The Goddess of War,” he will be playing a role named “Kim Junho” and are expected to invigorate the drama.

“Kim Junho” longed to be in the world of spies and has dreamed of becoming a secret agent. After joining NTS, he thinks of sunbae agent “Jungwoo” who is confident and stylish as his life mentor.

Because of his handsome features, “Kim Junho” receives all NTS women sunbaes’ love along with being an elite agent.

Moreover, in the beginning of the drama, he will work as a data analyst and in the latter part of the drama, he will be participating the action scenes, accomplishing missions. Choi Siwon will show off his usual aspect of being a flower boy as a gentle and soft guy. Also, he will express his full spirit and masculinity through lively action.

Choi Siwon is already visiting an action school daily even though he is busy with Super Junior’s 4th album activity, showing his determination to properly act his character as a secret agent.

Meanwhile, “Athena” which has received great attention with the casting of Jung Woosung, Cha Seungwon, Soo Ae, Lee Jiah along with Choi Siwon who is a young passionate newcomer will start filming this month with the intent of airing on TV at the end of this year.

Idol bands FT Island and C.N Blue takes the Taiwanese music market by storm going up #1 and #2 on charts

Korean band groups takes the Taiwanese music market by storm.

Recently on Taiwanese famous music sites G-Music and Five Music, groups FT Island and C.N Blue are #1 and #2 on the charts. For the 3rd week of June, FT Island ‘Flower Rock’ and C.N Blue ‘Blue Love’ are up #1 and #2 respectively on the 2 music sites charts.

And SS501 new album ‘Destination’ is up #3 and #6 on G-Music and Five Music chart. ‘Flower Rock’ is FT Island’s latest single first released in Japan on 19th May, while C.N Blue 2nd minialbum ‘Blue Love’ was released in Korea on 19th May. And their album is released for the first time in Taiwan as licensed version.

Meanwhile, it seems that C.N Blue is doing very strong in the Taiwanese music market in other areas. The title song ‘Love’ off their ‘Blue Love’ album is up #2 on local telcom chart emome, and #3 on ‘Taiwan Mobile’.

FNC Music responded, “This is good results considering the strong competition from other idol singers in the market.”

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Big Bang T.O.P releases teaser video for new solo single


Big Bang member T.O.P. has released a teaser video for a new solo single, according to a press release from his agency YG Entertainment on Thursday.

YG announced in a press release that the teaser video for his solo single "Turn it Up," featuring the singer portraying a luxurious appeal in various suits and accessories, was unveiled on various online music sites today.

“Turn it Up,” which was first introduced to fans during Big Bang’s solo concert “Big Show,” will be released through online music sites on June 21.

The new track will also be featured in Big Bang’s upcoming album “2010 Big Show” two days later.

“I've been busy filming movie ‘Into Fire’ and now I want to concentrate on my music career with Big Bang," the 22-year-old singer was quoted as saying. He also revealed that the rest of his group has been working on their new album.

T.O.P., whose real name is Choi Seung-hyun, made his debut in 2007 as the rapper of the five-member boy band. They are considered to be a huge cultural icon for youngsters in Korea.

T.O.P. crossed over to acting with his appearances in the TV series "I Am Sam" and in the blockbuster smash hit "IRIS," where he played an assassin.

He is currently promoting upcoming war pic “Into Fire,” where he plays a student soldier, which opens in Korea tomorrow.

Taeyang to release first full-length album in July


Taeyang of popular idol group Big Bang will be releasing his first full-length album titled "Solar" in July, according to agency YG Entertainment.

The singer made the surprise announcement on the agency's official website ( and his homepage ( on Wednesday morning.

"Taeyang put his best efforts into making this first studio album," explained an official at YG in the online post. "He wanted it to contain the music he had wanted to make for the past ten years, ever since he decided to become a singer at the age of thirteen."

"Solar" will be produced in two versions -- an ordinary version and a Deluxe Edition, the latter being a 30,000-copy limited version which will carry eleven regular songs plus Taeyang's previous singles "Prayer" and "Look Only At Me" as bonus tracks.

Although the record won't be out in stores until July 1 (for Deluxe edition) and July 8 (ordinary edition), every track from the new album will be unveiled, one song a day, on Taeyang's website ( from June 25 through June 30.

Born Dong Young-bae, Taeyang was the first Big Bang member to debut as a solo artist, releasing his first mini-album "HOT" in May 2008. The album produced two hit singles "Prayer" and "Look Only at Me".

His digital singles "Wedding Dress" and "Where U At," released last November, will be included in the upcoming album.

The title track from the new record and its music video will be revealed through various online music sites on July 1.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

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Based on a manga of the same name, this story revolves around the life of Misaki Ayuzawa. In a high school that has been recently turned from all-boy to a co-ed one, Misaki Ayuzawa, chairwoman of the student council, battles "stinky and dirty" male students every day to protect the few (20%) females in school.

Off campus, she works hard at a maid cafe to supplement the income of her household (as well as leftover foods) after her father had deserted the family , contributing to her hatred toward males. However, Takumi Usui, a handsome and popular guy accidentally found out her double identity. Thinking that the entire school would know about her part-time job, she becomes suspicious of his motives when he decides to keep quiet about her secret.

Jiro Wang loses sleep over trying to be funny

Source: Chinatimes
Credit : PA @

Jiro Wang is putting his Fahrenheit image aside to take on the hosting duties of a new variety show on CTS. He’s not too concerned about being labeled a comedian, as he believes a career in entertainment should cover all areas. The star said he is feeling the pressure already but he won’t be battling alone. The new show 綜藝大國民 (roughly translates to Variety Citizens) also features Local King Jacky Wu, Kang Kang-lookalike Frankie Huang (黃鐙輝), 5566’s Tony Sun and Zax Wang as his co hosts.

Jiro Wang has previously hosted a show on one of the music channels. He thought hosting simply meant standing and talking, but he found out there was a lot more to it, like filming on location, rehearsing dance numbers, practicing new talents and almost everything imaginable, “There are many things to learn, it’s like doing a concert every week.”

He is also not worried about damaging his idol image, and said his main principle is to bring laughter to the audience, “I’m a Virgo, which tend to become nervous easily. Over the past few days of preparation, along with editing my new book ‘Van Gogh and Me: Jiro Wang’s words, drawings, images’, I couldn’t sleep for more than 4 hours a day.”

The new show will premiere on June 19th at 8 pm. Tony Sun, Zax Wang, Jiro Wang and Frankie Huang attended a dance rehearsal last week, but the local king was noticeably absent. Zax Wong said, “Jacky Wu has always wanted to be in an idol group. This combo should satisfy his wish.” Jiro Wang added that their style of dance is modern, and he also reminded the production to get Jacky Wu a teleprompter.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Teaser for live action film "Kimi ni Todoke"

The official website for Naoto Kumazawa‘s upcoming live-action adaptation of “Kimi ni Todoke” has been updated with a new teaser trailer.

Based on a manga by Karuho Shiina which was later turned into an animated television series, the film stars Mikako Tabe as a high school student named Sawako Kuronuma. Because of her long dark hair and generally gloomy appearance, she’s commonly referred to as “Sadako” by other students—a reference to the character from Hideo Nakata’s 1998 horror film “Ring”. However, her life begins to change one day when a popular classmate named Shota Kazehaya (Haruma Miura) begins talking to her. His gesture of friendship gives her the confidence to be more outgoing and try things she never would have tried before. Eventually, her gratitude toward him leads to a budding romance.

Toho will be releasing “Kimi ni Todoke” in Japan on September 25, 2010.


New song suspected of being for Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou says people online think too much

Source: oeee
Translated by:

On the 9th Jay Chou premiered MV for the Flower Expo song "Long Time No See" at the Taipei Arena and it is rumoured that he wrote this song for Jolin Tsai. The lyrics "Long time no see, how have you been, has your dog grown up...hurry up and come back to my side", people online indicate this is his feeling of wanting to get back with Jolin Tsai! He said: "People online think too much."

In order to film the MV, he ran around the whole of Taipei getting famous locations. Yesterday he was awarded "the key to the city". Taipei mayor Hao Long Bin said that he can now film anywhere he wants in Taipei without restriction. He even welcomed Jay Chou to get shots at his house, the condition being that he or his son has to be extras.

He invited the Flower Expo robot which cost TW$12 million to make to be in his MV, but the robot got temperamental with him. He said: "When it's rainy he goes on strike, I have to listen to him even if I'm the director." It's so rare for him to dance in the MV. He said, dancing is not his strong point, but he's working hard to learn a new dance for his concert on the 11th.

Show Lo's Confession "My Dish!" ; Rakes in $42.6 Million with ELVA

Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ LOVE 4 SHOW ::
Source: NextMedia

Show "Xiao Zhu (Little Pig)" Lo and Elva Hsiao have sung and danced together many times. Yesterday, the two of them collaborated together in an ad for the first time for jewelry in China. Two of them rolled in $9 Million RMB (~$42.6 Million NTD). The commercial script requested that the two play a couple, and he surprisingly expressed, "She's my dish (type)!" And asked Elva, "Then, am I your dish?" Elva had an awkward moment, and rushed to say, "I've never tried, how would I know?"

They've shared the stage many times, but rumored chemistry had yet to be combusted. Show's sudden confession that Elva was his type had her shocked and stunned in the moment, first responding with, "Don't give me that! (Yeah right!)" and sporadically he continued on with a question, "Am I your dish?" Unthinkably, she couldn't even spew out any general words for politeness, and atmosphere froze for about 2 seconds, and Show teased himself, "See, asking this question makes me feel bad."

She Awkwardly Responds Saying Never Having Tried It Before ; Feelings Hazier and Hazier
She was put on the spot, so she answered, "I never tried/eaten it, so I wouldn't know." When she said that, she immediately heard a mistake (double entendre), and hurried to explain, "Because you guys said dish, so I thought of Taiwanese dishes, Western dishes." But the more she explained the hazier it got. In the end she could only cutely say to the camera, "Do a good deed, and help me rewind(Delete) that."

Actually, ever since 2007 when Show guested for Elva's Fisherman's Wharf concert, in these 3 years, the two have accumulated lots of chemistry, and being from the same company, having the two act as a couple isn't strange or awkward. Elva critiqued herself being "not full enough," so she would be his type. However, he started pinching her arm teasing, "Not at all!"

Show and Elva Sent Each Other Warm
  • 2007/05 Selling Out Life
After recovering from a torn ligament in her left leg, he was guest at her comeback concert, during dance rehearsal, she accidentally hit his 'important area'
  • 2007-2009 Collaborating in Song
She first sang a duet with him for "Bai Gei Ni (Defeat in Love)" and last year he sang "WOW" with her to reciprocate
  • 2010/01 Comfort of Losing a Mother
Hsiao's mother passed, for the 7th day, he expressed his condolences, and helped cheer on Elva
  • 2010/05 Solo Concert Inciting Sentiments
At his Taipei Arena Concert, she was guest, on stage with steaming chemistry, and he also performed her "Shan Shan Re Ren ai"
  • 2010/06 Raking in Money Together
Filming China jewelry commercial , raking in $42.6 Million NTD


Super Junior for 3rd Asian concert tour ‘Super Show 3′ from August in 13 cities

Super Junior is set to start their 3rd Asian tour ‘Super Show 3′, taking the Asian cities by storm once more.

Super Junior will start ‘The 3rd ASIA TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW 3′ from Seoul then moving on to cities like Beijing, ShangHai, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila etc – a total of 16 concert performances in 13 cities.

The first concert performance in Seoul will be on 14th and 15th August in Seoul Olympic Stadium. And the Super Junior members will perform their hits including those in their recent 4th album, showing off their unique charms on stage.

The ticket sales (for Korea) will start from 8pm on 17th June on Gmarket ( It is anticipated that the tickets will be very much sought after by fans.

Meanwhile, Super Junior is promoting the title song ‘Bona Mana’ off their 4th album.

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