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Painted Skin Drama Series (2011): Episode 2 & 3

Painted Skin Drama Series (2011) > Episode 2 & 3
While carrying an unconscious Peirong out of his house, Wang Sheng encounters Pang Yong, who is Peirong's childhood friend. They get into a fight, until Peirong regains consciousness and tells Pang Yong that Wang Sheng was the one who helped her escape. The misunderstanding is cleared and the fighting between the two men is stopped. It is at this juncture that bandits attack both of them from all corners, and the two men team up to defeat their attackers.

Worried at what is happening (with the attackers) in the city he lives in, Wang Sheng heads home to find that his parents have been killed by a group of bandits. His home is on fire. Wang Sheng fights with the remaining bandits. Peirong, seeing flames coming out of Wang Sheng's residence, urges Pang Yong to go and help Wang Sheng. Pang Yong arrives just in time and saves Wang Sheng from being killed by a bandit.

Xu Xu is also in the city that is raided by bandits, she fights some bandits. Old Xia turns up and exposes her identity as a demon. Just as he is about to subdue her, she escapes and risks her life to save Wang Shenf from the fire by creating rain. Old Xia is moved by her gesture and agrees to take her in as his disciple. He give her a set of rules that she must follow: she cannot reveal her true form, cannot use her powers, cannot fall in love and get married. She agrees, eager to be human, something that Old Xia cannot comprehend. Xia Bing and Xu Xu become sworn sisters after Old Xia takes in Xu Xu as his disciple.

Pang Yong and Wang Sheng kill all the bandits that attacked the city. Amongst the bandits were the sons of the chief bandit. Upon hearing that Wang Sheng has killed his sons, the chief vows revenge.

After burying his parents, Wang Sheng decides to lead a wanderer's life. Peirong nd Pang Yong invite him to their hometown Taiyuan. On the way to Taiyuan, Pang Yong's integrity and Peirong's concerned touches and comforts Wang Sheng. Pang Yong shares with Wang Sheng that his parents were also killed by bandits and it was Peirong's parents who took him in as a foster son. Determined to be useful and make his foster family pround, Pang Yong became a commander in the army.

When they are back in Taiyuan, Peirong narrates to her parents what happened and how Wang Sheng saved her from the marriage. Pang Yong's men are unable to comprehend why Pang Yong would allow Wang Sheng to come to Taiyuan, and even welcome his rival-in-love. Pang Yong is firm in his belief that Wang Sheng is a good man who can contribute to Taiyuan.

The townsfolk of Taiyuan beat Wang Sheng up because of the crimes committed by his tyrant father. Peirong pleads on his behalf to appease the people, worrying her parents that she may have fallen in love with Wang Sheng.

Meanwhile, Old Xia and his two female disciples chance upon a town with many dead bodies, which are rumored to be committed by evil spirits.

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