Friday, September 02, 2011

YG Entertainment confirms that Daesung will not promote this year

allkpop reported earlier that Big Bang’s Daesung has received a ‘not guity’ verdict for his involvement in the vehicle accident that killed motorcyclist Hyun. With all eyes on Daesung, many fans began vocalizing their wish to see Daesung reunite with his groupmates for promotions. However, YG Entertainment has firmly stated that Daesung will not be returning to the fold for the rest of the year.

On August 29th, YG Entertainment stated, “Regardless of his ‘not guilty’ verdict, Daesung does not have any activities planned for the rest of this year. Instead, Daesung will continue to focus on going to church.” Daesung has been attending church regularly to focus on his religious life due to the severe distress and heartache he felt from the situation.

The verdict ends a case that’s been dominating headlines since late May. After careful review, prosecutors decided that there wasn’t enough hard evidence to determine whether or not the motorcyclist had been alive or deceased before Daesung ran him over with his Audi vehicle.

Prior to Daesung’s accident, the motorcyclist had already sustained severe spinal injuries from a collision with a streetlamp, and was intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of 0.186%. Therefore, the nine members of the citizens’ prosecution committee all voted to drop the prosecution against Daesung altogether.

Source : Star News
Credits: CWK @ allkpop


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