Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Big Bang Comeback with Loser

Big Bang comeback with two hits singles Loser and Bae Bae and they are making wave in Asia. I am impressed to hear a matured Korean pop group singing a song which somewhat depicted their life. Similar to us, the Big Bang members experienced things in life that we all went through at a certain point of time. There are also some things which they experienced as celebrities but we may never know. What is it like living as Big Bang? Are they normal people like us too? What message does the song conveys? Here is a list of characters based on their solo clip, depicting a different story each. Just now personal is this song to Big Bang? After listening to Loser, I felt that it has depths and a philosophy towards life in general. Loser is really a nice song that is worth to recommend. 

MV: Loser 

G-Dragon - Loneliness, Sadness 

Despite having all the riches, wealth and being successful in many areas. He is feeling empty inside his heart. The big house, black and white cartoon is so ironic to him. G-Dragon appears to have everything but he is not happy. Everything is dull to him when he stepped out of the limelight. 

Taeyang - Lost and confused 

Taeyang has lost sight of himself and he could not find a direction in life. He feel contractive about everything and is confuse about his choices. The cross and the way he jump on to it symbolizes he just want to let go of all his troubles. Instead of repeating the same mistakes and dwelling on his own unhappiness. In the end, he choose to be set free from all the downward spiral. 

Top - Regrets, hurts, pain

Top solo clip indicated that he regretted something in his life. The furniture in the house could symbolize his privacy or personal space. The woman touched it and these are things which he does not allow others to invade into that personal realm. Therefore, he choose to destroy the relationship with her. Later on, Top was seen crying on the street. It shows that Top is insecured and there are things which he is sensitive about and is afraid to unveil his true self. In order to protect himself, he choose to hurt the other party first. He may appears to be strong and tough on the surface, but is actually fragile and weak in his heart. 

Daesung - helpless, desperate, ashamed

Daesung lost his girlfriend to a group of bullies. They humiliated him and he decided to take revenge. However, he lost the battle again during the street fight. He felt helpless and desperate to win but lost everything in the end. This can be linked to Daesung road incident. He was attacked by many people and the netizens accused him as a murder. He felt so ashamed of himself during that time. 

Seungri - stubborn, lack of self control 

Seungri girlfriend cheated on him with another man. He could not accept defeat and tried to mend the relationship with his ex-girlfriend. He felt so mad at himself and the whole situation that he displayed some violence. There was a scene where he followed the girl and was upset that she has moved on to another relationship. On the other hand, Seungri is still hanging on to the past. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Takashi Kashiwabara: Which is your favorite character?

Takashi Kashiwabara has been working in the Japanese entertainment industry for many years. There were quite a number of memorable role which he brought to life in the Jdorama. Which is your favorite character and why? 


1) Movie: Love Letter 

Role: Itsuki Fujii 

Character: Shy, introvert, stubborn 

Heart breaking scene: Itsuki Fujii drew the picture of female Itsuki Fujii at the library. In the end, she found out about it. 

Favourite scene: Itsuki Fujii read a book near the window curtain.

Introduction: Do you remember Kassy debut movie Love Letter? The cute and charming boy that was secretly in love with the female protagonist? I admitted that I cried when I first watched the movie. It was such a touching story about first crush and the feeling of regret. Kassy looked so dashingly handsome and beautiful at the same time. I was astonished by his well defined features and attractive charisma. 


2) Drama: Hakusen Nagashi White Line

Role: Hasebe Yusuke

Character: introvert, studious, smart, enjoy photography 

Heart breaking scene: He is a pitiful second lead in the drama. It feel sad that he is always rejected by the female lead. 

Favorite scene: I feel my heart beating fast when he almost kissed Sakai Miki!

Introduction: This drama series was on air for a few years due to its popularity. This is the first time I rooted for a second lead to get together with the girl. However, I am still satisfied with the ending of the story. 

3) Drama: Itazura Na Kiss 

Role: Irie Naoki

Character: Cool and aloof appearance, with a hidden warm heart. Mean and sarcastic to Kotoko, but has a soft spot for her. Shy, playful and showed intolerance towards Kotoko, but he will secretly help her in times of needs. 

Heart breaking scene: The scene where Irie Naoki  deserted Kotoko and attended the Christmas Party with Reiko. I am a little unhappy about the unexplained relationship with the second female lead Reiko. I know she tried means and ways to manipulated Naoki Irie but never once capture his heart. There should be a scene whereby Naoki Irie reject her love formally. 

Favourite scene: There are simply too many favourite scene. I love the part where Naoki Irie dashed out of his house to chase after Kotoko.  

Introduction: This is the drama that propelled Kashiwabara Takashi to stardom. He became the hottest issue in Asia at that time. It is just a pity that there is no sequel to this popular drama. 

4) Drama: Shota No Sushi 
Role: Sekiguchi Shota

Character: Gullible, Kind, innocent, cute, talented, hardworking, Cheerful
Heart breaking scene: When Shota cried after his failure. I really rooted and cheered for his character to win in life. 

Favourite scene: Many comical moment with Shota and the way he pursue the art of foods. Those yummy sushi and dishes!!! 

Introduction: I like the cute and humorous Kassy, that was at times silly. Kassy is a talented actor that makes me laugh and cried with him. 


5) Drama: Big Wing

Role: Takeshi Kuriyama

Character: Humble, Down to earth

Heart breaking scene: Almost none since it was a comedy romance drama. 

Favourite scene: Whenever Kumiko caused trouble, he will help to resolve the matter.

Introduction: Takashi Kashiwabara is again "tortured" by the female lead. I think that is just his fate in drama. 


6) Drama: Itsumo Futari de (Always the two of us)

Role: Okuda Naoyuki

Character: cheeky, playful, cheerful, humorous, fun

Heart breaking scene: Episode 3 onwards when Kassy left the cast due to illness.

Favourite scene: Whenever Kassy is onscreen.

Introduction: I love Kassy so much in this drama. Unfortunately, he could not continue with this outstanding role.  

7) Drama: Shukumei

Role: Wagura Yusaku

Character: Depressed, troubled, manly 

Heart breaking scene: When Wagura Yusaku realized that his brother had married his first love.

Favourite scene: Whenever Takashi Kashiwabara and Fujiki Naohito appeared onscreen.

Introduction: I love those depressed and soulful eyes! Takashi Kashiwabara is the master of using his eyes to convey his emotions. Those moments when he appeared to be deep in thoughts, attracted my attention. 

8) Drama: Honey and Clover

Role: Takumi Nomiya
Character: Intelligent, matured, charming 

Heart breaking scene: When he did not get together with the woman that he love. I feel pitiful for him every time he pretended to be alright when he is hurt. 

Favourite scene: When Kassy is focused on his work. 
Introduction: Kassy acted as a workaholic and charming man. I love how he is always there for the woman that he love.

9) Drama: Celeb to Binbo Taro

Role: Tsuksa Gotoda
Character: Scheming, sophisticated, princely

Heart breaking scene: When the secret was revealed that Gotoda was forced to leave Alice by her stepmother.

Favourite scene: Gotoda playing piano and wearing a suit. Oh gosh! Everytime he appears onscreen, my heart goes to him.

Introduction: Gotoda is never a true villain to begin with. I don't detest him but feel sorry for him instead. Takashi Kashiwabara tried to project a bad boy image. He seldom act as villain and this is the first time he act as a not so evil villain.


10) Drama: The happy plan

Role: Zhi Yan

Character: Anti-social, introvert, sophisticated 

Heart breaking scene: Zhi Yan sad childhood.

Favourite scene: When Takashi read the book with his leg crossed. Someone use the fan to blow the wind on him now!

Introduction: This is a microfilm and the screenwriter is none other than Takashi Kashiwabara. The storyline is simple and lacking but it is worth all the wait just to watch Kassy onscreen. 

DramaQueen pick: Top ten Japanese Ikemen

Name: Takashi Kashiwabara 

Born in: 1977

Popular drama/movie: Itazura Na Kiss, Love Letter, White line, Shoto No Sushi

Nowadays: Kassy is no longer active in Japan Entertainment Industry. Last year, he created an official Weibo account in China. He has also expressed interest in screenwriting and photography. 

Facts about Kassy: Takashi Kashiwabara was labelled as the last pretty boy of the 20th century. Despite his gorgeous look, Kassy was widely considered as a supporting actor in Japan. There were only a few jdorama that he acted as the lead actor. He is neither that popular as an actor or a singer. However, he was known for his good looks. 

Reasons for being selected: Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I was indeed bias towards Kassy. In my opinion, Kassy has a pair of soulful and attractive eyes. He also has delicate features with a mixture of Asian and Western beauty. In addition, he has a mischievous and cute smile too. Many years has passed, Kassy has grown from boyish charm to a gorgeous man. I supposed it is not too much to say that he was simply born to be a ikeman. 

Name: Ryo Nishikido

Born in: 1984

Popular drama/movie: One litre of tears, Last friends, papadoru

Nowadays: Recently, he has not been very active in the Japan Entertainment industry. He may have experienced a flopping career for the last two years after he left the boyband "News". There were also scandals of him dating a woman and his involvement in a fighting incident. 

Facts about Ryo Nishikido: He was a member of Johnny Entertainment Boy band "News". Now he is a singer-songwriter Japanese idol that is going solo.

Reasons for being selected: Ryo Nishikido is a charismatic and handsome actor. He has a quiet demeanor that attracts eyeballs. I love his jawline too!

Name: Hideaki Takizawa

Born in: 1982

Popular drama/movie: Majo No Joken, Strawberry on the shortcake

Nowadays: Hideaki Takizawa is busy with his theatre performances. He is successful in Japan, being involved with the productions and headlining all the performances.

Facts about Hideaki Takizawa: He is part of the duo Tackey and Tsubasa.

Reasons for being selected: Hideaki Takizawa has a squeaky clean image. I love his puppy eyes and beautiful smile . He is a Prince Charming in many girls hearts. 

Name: Furukawa Yuki

Born in: 1987

Popular drama/movie: Itazura Na Kiss - Love in Toyko

Nowadays: Furukawa Yuki is very popular in Asia. He acted in the new version of Itazura Na Kiss aka Mischievous Kiss, having successfully protrayed the main character Irie Naoki.

Facts about Furukawa Yuki: He came from a family of professional doctors. It was known that Furukawa Yuki has a good education and family background.

Reasons for being selected: Furukawa Yuki has soft and gentle facial features. He does look cute and adorable in certain angle. 

Name: Kamenashi Kazuya

Born in: 1986

Popular drama/movie: Gokuzen 

Nowadays: Kamenashi Kazuya is no longer active in Japan entertainment. He is seldom seen in any activities.

Facts about Kamenashi Kazuya: He was part of Johnny Entertainment boyband Kat-Tun. 

Reasons for being selected: Kamenashi Kazuya is a charismatic and stylish artist. He is very cool infront of the camera. 

Name: Oguri Shun

Born in: 1982

Popular drama/movie: Hana Yuri Dango, Rich Man, Poor Woman, Crows Zero

Nowadays: He is Japanese Top-notch leading man in Jdrama. Recently, he became a father and a family man.

Facts about Oguri Shun: He is a well known "player" in the entertainment industry. There were many scandals about his infidelity.

Reasons for being selected: He has a well crafted jawline and fine features. Many ladies fall for his handsome face and tall build, that includes his actress/model wife Yamada Yu. 

Name: Toma Ikuta

Born in: 1984

Popular drama/movie: For you in full blossom, Hachimitsu to Clover

Nowadays: He has not being very active in Japan Entertainment Industry. 

Facts about Toma Ikuta: He formed a group called Four Tops. His younger sibling is Ryusei Ikuta. 

Reasons for bing selected: Toma Ikuta is a cute and adorable actor. I love his bright smile and his sunshine personality.

Name: Takuya Kimura

Born in: 1972

Popular drama/movie: Pride, Hero, Long Vacation, Good Luck

Nowadays: He is still the King of jdrama, even though his popularity has declined over the years. In his personal life, he is a family man and a father of two.

Facts about Takuya Kimura: He is a member of Johnny Associate label boyband "Smap". 

Reasons for being selected: He is stylish and cool. His portrayal of a smart pilot left a deep impression on me. There is something charming about this guy which I could not put my finger on. He is simply a ikeman.

Name: Masumoto Jun

Born in: 1982

Popular drama/movie: Hana Yori Dango, Crows Zero

Nowadays: Masumoto Jun is active in Japan Entertainment industry. He looks more manly now as compared to his younger days. 

Facts about Masumoto Jun: He is part of the group Arashi and he is the youngest member. 

Reasons for being selected: He has a special charisma that attracts the attention of the audience. He may not be your typical handsome man, but he is charismatic and stylish. 

Name: Satoshi Tsumabuki

Born in: 1980

Popular drama/movie: All about my siblings, Villian, Waterboys 

Nowadays: One of Japanese most sought after actor. He has been recognized for his acting skills, especially in recent years. 

Facts about Satoshi Tsumabuki: He is in a relationship with actress Maiko

Reasons for being selected: He looks cute, down to earth and resembles the boy next door. Recently, Satoshi Tsumabuki has aged gracefully and is still looking good. 

DramaQueen Pick: Top ten beautiful Japanese actresses

  • Name: Sato Aiko
  • Born in: 1977
  • Popular drama/movie: Itazura Na Kiss
  • Nowadays: She had married a riding instructor in 2007. Recently, she made a cameo appearance in Itazura Na Kiss - Love in Tokyo.
  • Facts about Sato Aiko: She was a winner in a beauty contest in Japan.
  • Reasons for being selected: After starring in several jdorama where Sato Aiko need to act extremely silly, it was natural that audiences may forget about this lady hidden beauty. Sato Aiko does not belong to the category of conventional beauty. However, She has her own unique style. I like her slim figure and long legs. She has a sunshine smile and a down to earth, girl next door charm. In addition, she is a versatile actress that can transform into a sexy kitten too.
  • Name: Inoue Mao
  • Born in: 1987
  • Popular drama/movie: Hana Yori Dango
  • Nowadays: She is a very popular model/actress in Japan. Recently, she is dating Arashi member Masumoto Jun.
  • Facts about Inoue Mao: She was a child actress since the age of 5. It was said that her mother had exposed her to different type of music and arts at a tender age. In the end, she placed her focus on acting after she received her first fan letter.
  • Reasons for being selected: She is pretty, cute and sweet.

  • Name: Kyoko Fukada
  • Born in: 1982
  • Popular drama/movie: Food fight, Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake
  • Nowadays: She has been filming her new jdorama Second love with Kamenashi Kazaya.
  • Facts about Kyoko Fukada: She debuted as an actress/singer in 1997. She has been active in the Entertainment industry and played the main role in the Movie Roommate with Keiko Katagawa.
  • Reasons for being selected: She is cute, pretty and fresh. Many people were smitten with her sweet smile and beautiful doe-eyed image.
  • Name: Keiko Katagawa
  • Born in: 1986
  • Popular drama/movie: Roommates
  • Nowadays: She is busy with her film of Jdorama and movies. Latest being the movie co-starring Satoshi Tsumabuki
  • Facts about Keiko Katagawa: She was a former model signed to a Japanese magazine.
  • Reasons for bring selected: She is so amazingly stunning in all outfits and makeover. There is a feminine charm about this girl that is kind of attractive.

  • Name: Satomi Ishihara
  • Born in: 1986
  • Famous drama/movie: Rich man, poor woman, Dear sister
  • Nowadays: There are rumors about Satomi and Exile member Takanori Iwata dating.
  • Facts about Satomi Ishihara: She was rumored to be romantically involved with Oguri Shun.
  • Reasons for being selected: She can be a innocent girl-next-door type of girl and the next moment she can be a wild sexy kitten.

  • Name: Yukie Nakama
  • Born in: 1979
  • Famous drama/movie: Gokusen
  • Nowadays: She married to Japanese actor Tetsushi Tanaka in 2014.
  • Facts about Yukie: She acted as a bespectacled, unattractive high school student in 1996 Itazura Na Kiss. Although that is a small role, but fans were quick to spot her in the popular Jdorama.
  • Reasons for being selected: I love her role in Gokusen. She processed a strong aura which attracted audience. There are times when she is as cool as cucumber.

  • Name: Ayase Haruka
  • Born in: 1985
  • Famous drama/movie: Byukoyaku
  • Nowadays: She has been busy as an actress. It is known that her upcoming project will be based on a popular manga Kyou Wa Kaisha Yasumimasu.
  • Facts about Ayase Haruka: She acted brilliantly in all her films. The first drama I saw as a talented actress was in Byukoyaku.
  • Reasons for being selected: She is pretty and has a slim figure.

  • Name: Horikita Maki
  • Born in: 1988
  • Famous drama/movie: For you in Full Blossom- Ikemen parade 
  • Nowadays: She is probably taking a break from filming.
  • Facts about Horikita Maki: I remembered her in the Jdorama For you in Full Blossom - Ikemen paradise.
  • Reasons for being selected: She is cute and funny in the drama.
  • Name: Ueno Juri
  • Born in: 1986
  • Famous drama/movie: Nodame Cantabile
  • Nowadays: The last time I saw her onscreen was the 2013 movie - Girl in the sunny place.
  • Facts about Ueno Juri: I know her through the drama Nodame Cantabile. she is so brilliant in that role.
  • Reasons for being selected: She is a class of her own. There is nothing fascinating about her looks but she just grows on you. There is something pleasantly pleasing to the eyes about her.
  • Name: Takako Matsu
  • Born in: 1977
  • Famous drama/movie: Hero, Love generation
  • Nowadays: Married Sahashi Yoshiyuki and welcomed her first child recently.
  • Facts about Takako Matsu: She acts with Japan drama King Takuya Kimura.
  • Reasons for being selected: She portrays an independent woman very well. Her down to earth image is endearing to her fans too.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Takashi Kashiwabara weibo update: My hometown

大家好 夏季走近一看渐渐 照片拍摄我的家乡上个月在山梨县 赤 黄 緑   交通信号的是一个颜色顺序(笑) 我的家乡风我希望能达到你们 皆さんこんにちは 夏が徐々に近づいて来ました 写真は僕の育った山梨で先月撮影したものです 赤 黄 緑   信号機の配色順(笑) 故郷の風が皆様へ届きますように

English Translation: Hello everyone. Looks like it is going to be summer soon. Last month I took some photos of my hometown Kofu, Yamanashi. It follows the order of a traffic light: Red, Yellow, Green. :) I hope that the wind in my hometown would blow towards your direction. 

My thoughts 

Kassy love to take photo of nature and upload it on his Weibo. The sceneries of Kassy hometown were marvelous. However, it would be better to upload a picture of him and maybe a poem too. Since he used to be the lyricist of his music band Nowhere. 

I would love to visit Kofu, Yamanashi one of these days. Japan is such as beautiful place, I wished I would have the opportunity to visit his hometown and hopefully meet him personally. Of course that is just my wishful thinking. I supposed it is alright to dream! Lol.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Drama Queen pick: Running Man capabilities

National MC Yoo Jae Suk

Other Nicknames: Grasshopper, Yooruce Willis, dumb and dumber, Yoohyuk

Role: The variety show centre around Yoo Jae Suk. He is the glue that keep all the cast members together. He is a versatile entertainer that steps up to any challenges readily. 

Leadership: A+

Strength: B+

Power: B+

Technique in name tag ripping: A

Strategic planning: A+

Problem solving skills: B+

Competitiveness: A

Cunningness: A 

Betrayal: C+

Stamina: B+

Running speed: A+

Variety sense/ Comedy: A+

Agility/Reflexes: B+

Commander Kim Jong Kook

Other nicknames: Sapartakook, Tiger, coach, Kookie

Role: The strongest Running Man. He is the cast members and guests main target. The "villain" in Running Man that bullies other members. He is the onscreen rival of Yoo Jae Suk. 

Leadership: A+

Strength: A+

Power: A+

Technique in name tag ripping: A+

Strategic planning: A+

Problem solving skills: A

Competitiveness: A+

Cunningness: B+

Betrayal: C+

Stamina: A+

Running speed: A+

Variety sense/ Comedy: B

Agility/Reflexes: A+

Big nose hyung Ji Suk Jin

Other nicknames: Easy brothers, betrayal trio, Race starter, Impala 

Role: The eldest man in Running Man. He is considered as the weakest and was often teased for being the "black hole".

Leadership: B

Strength: C

Power: C

Technique in name tag ripping: C+

Strategic planning: B

Problem solving skills: B

Competitiveness: B+

Cunningness: B+

Betrayal: A

Stamina: C

Running speed: C+

Variety sense/ Comedy: B+

Agility/Reflexes: C

Monday couple Kang Gary

Other nicknames: Peaceful Gary, Monkey, kid 

Role: He is the most unpredictable Running Man. Most of the time, Gary is laid back during games. However, do not underestimate his power. The martial art expert can be the black horse in any games. 

Leadership: C

Strength: A

Power: A

Technique in name tag ripping: A

Strategic planning: A+

Problem solving skills: B+

Competitiveness: B+

Cunningness: C+

Betrayal: C

Stamina: A

Running speed: A

Variety sense/ Comedy: B

Agility/Reflexes: A+

Haroro Ha Dong-hoon 

Other nicknames: betrayal trio, penguin, kid 

Role: He is arguably the most cunning Running Man member. I was impressed with his variety sense and facial expressions. He was the first to bring betrayal into Running Man. Most of the time, he will win because of his quick wit. 

Leadership: B

Strength: C+

Power: B+

Technique in name tag ripping: B

Strategic planning: A

Problem solving skills: B

Competitiveness: A

Cunningness: A+

Betrayal: A+

Stamina: B

Running speed: B

Variety sense/ Comedy: A+

Agility/Reflexes: B

Monday couple Song Ji Hyo

Other nicknames: Monday Girlfriend, fox, angry bird

Role: Being the only woman in Running Man has its advantages. The men tend to be lenient towards her and go easy on games. However, Song Ji Hyo proved to be an ace in the Running Man team too. 

Leadership: C

Strength: B

Power: B+

Technique in name tag ripping: B+

Strategic planning: A

Problem solving skills: A

Competitiveness: A+

Cunningness: A

Betrayal: B

Stamina: B

Running speed: A

Variety sense/ Comedy: C

Agility/Reflexes: B

Giraffe Lee Kwang Soo

Other nicknames: Betrayal trio, icon of betrayal, Asian Prince, dumb and dumber the 

Role: Being the maknae of Running Man team, he was subjected to bullies by his hyungs and noona. However, he received many love from the cast members and the public at the same time. Even the variety God favored him too. This underdog may be playing the role of a pathetic, silly and clumsy loser, but he is always fighting back whenever there is any chance. Therefore, he has many fans who rooted for him in Running Man. 

Leadership: C+

Strength: A

Power: B+

Technique in name tag ripping: B+

Strategic planning: B

Problem solving skills: B

Competitiveness: A

Cunningness: B+

Betrayal: A+

Stamina: B

Running speed: B+

Variety sense/ Comedy: A+

Agility/Reflexes: B

Ten things you gonna love about Kim Jong Kook in Running Man

1)  Kim Jong Kook the Cute Tiger

Kim Jong Kook is so cute as the "Tiger". Running Man is like a serengeti, where it is a survival game and the the fittest will survive. In this all for oneself game, there are a mixture of herbivores and carnivores in the Serengeti. Lee Kwang Soo - Giraffe, Ji Suk Jin - Impala, Yoo Jae Suk - Grasshopper, Penguin - Haha, Gary - Monkey, Song Ji Hyo - Fox/angry bird and Kim Jong Kook - Tiger. It is interesting how their onscreen characters matches their personality. 

2) Kim Jong Kook: Spartakook

Kim Jong Kook is a competitive person and he is the strongest man in Running Man. Therefore, he is often the main target of Running Man guests and sometimes among the Running Man members themselves when there is a conflict of interest. They would gather strength to betray each other and even gang up to eliminate the strongest opponent. However, they would strongly rely on Kookie if they were in the same team. Kookie is known for his muscular body and supernatural strength. Fans were impressed with his display of quick-wit, strategies and skills during games.  

3) Kim Jong Kook the almighty pillar of strength 

He is the fearsome almighty especially in terms of strength. I still remembered those moments in Running Man where Kookie displayed his strength and it was frightening. We know how hard Kookie trained his body and he set a high standard of discipline on himself to exercise regularly and he watches his diet too. There were numerous times when our hardworking Kookie displayed his monstrous strength and great determination in Running Man.  

4) Kim Jong Kook the humorous man with great variety sense

He is a veteran entertainer that appeared in popular variety programs such as X-man and Family Outing. Through many years of experiences, Kookie had mastered the variety skills from mentor Yoo Jae Suk. He can be really funny and comical whenever there is an opportunity. 

5) Kim Jong Kook the coach/trainer

His other nickname is Coach Kookie. His character in Running Man is supposed to be competitive and harsh towards his teammates. Sometimes, he was seen as "bullying" his hyungs and dongseng (brothers). He believe there should be a villain in every show to make the program more exciting and interesting. Therefore, he is willing to take up the role of a "villain" for the sake of variety. Other Running Man members played along with their onscreen characters too.

6) Kim Jong Kook the hottie commander

Kim Jong Kook look so smoking hot and sexy in black!  I love the way he swiftly moved around the place and did an ambush on the Running Man members. He should be playing more of a detective role too. 

It is known that Kim Jong Kook is alert and has fast reflexes since he is an athletic. I simply love commander in action! Those moments were classic and unforgettable.

Recently, Kim Jong Kook had suffered some injuries, especially his back area. There were times when I hope Kookie will not work so hard to avoid more physical strain. However, Kookie simply tried his best in Running Man without complains and that is really professional. 

7) Kim Jong Kook the gentleman 

Kookie is a gentleman and that is what his fans love about him. No matter how strong he is, the only weakness that he has is women. This particular trait about him project a good image of him onscreen. A real man is a man that knows how to protect his woman. Sometimes it does gets annoying that he give in to a fight when he meet a lady in the opposite team. However, we got to keep in mind about his public image and he has to be tactful about his actions. After all, it is just a game and I think Kookie does not mind losing. Furthermore, Running Man fans  were impressed that Kookie treat ladies with tender loving care, despite his beastly image. 

8) Kim Jong kook the capable team leader

I am impressed with Kim Jong Kook leadership skills since the early episodes of Running Man. He shows his abilities and capabilities in many events during the running of the variety show. He is able to think on his feet and lead his team members towards victory in games. Commander and the two kids were one of the highlight during the early episodes. He keep nagging his members and was known as a "chatterbox". 

9) Kim Jong Kook the shy man  

It was funny how Yoo Jae Suk used to tease Jong Kook. Our one man will be embarrassed and turn red on the face while avoiding eye contact with the ladies that he was paired up with in Running Man. He is so shy when the Running Man members tried to matchmake him with other ladies or mentioned about Yoon Eun Hye during the show. His reactions were funny and cute. The fact that he is already in his thirties and reacted like a school boy when teased make him all the more adorable! 

10) Kim Jong Kook : Our one man turbo idol 

He used to be a good dancer during his turbo days. However, the idol group was disbanded after a few years. Kookie also dances less often after his back injuries.  Nowadays, he displayed his dancing skills more often in Running Man, breaking into dance whenever turbo music was played during the show. It was a contrast between his appearance in X-Men when Kookie was reluctant to dance on stage and in Running Man. It shows how much Kookie has grown as an entertainer. He proved to be a great singer and entertainer after all these years. Kim Jong Kook became a respectable sunbae to his hoobae and a lovable dongseng to his hyung.