Saturday, September 03, 2016

Bangtan Boys (BTS) Vs Infinite

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These two idol groups are coincidentally the Korean boy band that debuted with seven members.  They are considered the popular Korean idol groups that have international fandom. In my opinion, they have individual style and charisma. However, I see some interesting similarity between them too. Who is your ultimate bias? 

Jin Vs L

Similarity: They are the visual representative of their own group and are the pin-up flower boys that girls go crazy over during fan meeting. Interestingly, both of them are the same age, although Jin is the eldest in BTS.

V (Taehyung) Vs Lee Sung-yeol 

Similarity: Both of them are cute and funny in their own ways. They also know when to joke around and when to be serious. When they are working on something or performing onstage, they are seriously doing their best to entertain us. In my opinion, both of them can be really good actors. 

Jungkook Vs Woohyun

Similarity: They are playful and fun loving people who have their serious and manly moment. In addition, they are both rather good in sports and have beautiful voice. 

Jimin Vs Hoya 

Similarity: They are one of the best dancers in their group. In fact, they both have nice body to show off to their fans. Most of the pictures, we can see the both of them wearing sleeveless shirt/singlet. What can I say except that they do catches my eyes on stage with their charisma? 

J-hope Vs Dong-woo

Similarity: These two rappers and main dancers have warm and friendly personality. If I first get to know all the members in the group, I will most probably approach them the first in order to speak comfortably without much awkwardness. I just feel that they are more approachable and smiley. 

Suga Vs Lee Sung-Jong

Similarity: They are more difficult to understand among all the members. The fact that they are more "mysterious" and hard to figure out or predict their action and mood swing is something that connects. I observed that the both of them look the best when they did cross dressing as a girl with their delicate facial feature, slim body and fair skin. 

Rap monster Vs Kim Sung-Kyu

Similarity: They are both born to be leaders. It is known that both of them have the quality of a leader and they have the respect from their members. Most importantly, they know when to joke around and when to be serious. 

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  1. Yes you are right. both groups are almost same by their individual talents💛💜