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Lost and Found (a.k.a Sweet Lie)

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Happened to come across this Korean movie on MIO TV some time back, it was a movie that was easy to watch and pass the time. Lost and Found is a romance comedy and it had its fluffy as well as funny moments.

Basically the storyline is about a girl, Han Ji-ho, who is a lowly TV writer on the brink of losing her job. She stays with her younger brother Ji-hoon. Opposite them is Ji-ho’s childhood friend Park Dong-shik, a women’s lingerie designer. Ji-ho and Dong-shik are very comfortable with each other, to the extent that he buys the siblings toilet paper when they run out of it.

During her high school days, while Ji-ho idolized Kang Min-woo, the latter hardly knew of her existence. This despite the fact that Ji-ho painstakingly spent months making him a stuffed elephant doll that was inspired by their school trip to the zoo (where she had gotten her head stuck between the railings of one of the animal enclosure). Once done with the doll, she could not muster the courage to give it to him in person, so she does it anonymously instead.

While chasing a thief for her handbag, she gets into an accident (she practically crashes in to a car coming out of a driveway). The driver so happens to be her high school crush, Kang Min-woo. She’s not seriously injured, but ends up feigning amnesia (since she lost her bag, so no form of identity) to gain his sympathy and gets the opportunity to stay in Min-Woo’s house.

With no way to confirm her identity, Min-woo is forced to take her home, to his dismay but to Ji-ho’s great delight. So he brings her home and puts up with the temporary inconvenience, while Ji-ho spends her days playing the part of perfect guest… and potential future wife. She cooks for him (with the wonder of microwave meals), mends his shirts (which results in her accidentally sewing his sleeve to her pants), and performs to her best capability as a sweet, demure lady.

Min-woo wonders why there is no one looking her and it is not too difficult to keep up the ruse, Ji-ho’s brother is not that concerned about her (since their parents have passed) and more concerned about his girlfriend. The only person that cares about her disappearance is Dong-shik, but his attempts to report her missing are disregarded by the police, who tell him to wait longer, adding to his frustration.

As the days go by, Min-woo starts to warm to Ji-ho’s calculated actions being his preferred type: quiet and feminine just like his mom. However, the act does take its tool on Ji-ho who battles with her conscience as Min-woo starts warming up to her, wanting to give up and yet unable to let this golden opportunity pass by. It does not help her conscience when Min-woo mentions that after having once dated a lair, he prizes honesty above all else and has difficulty trusting people now because of his experience.

Ji-ho’s conscience is not the only thing that halts her plan: another complication arises due to her lies. While out shopping in the supermarket, Dong-shik finds her and identifies her, despite her futile attempts claiming that she does not know him. Ji-ho is unable to lie in front of Min-woo further, but thankfully Dong-shik buys her story of getting amnesia. Her brother, upon hearing what happened to her, really believes the story and is horrified. Having found someone that identified her, Min-woo has no reason to keep her by his side anymore, too bad that he was just starting to get interested in her. Ji-ho tries to create excuses to keep bumping into him though.

Back home, Dong-shik and Ji-ho’s brother try various methods to help her “regain” her lost memories by painting themselves in a flattering light and totally the opposite of what they are truly like, twisting some truths in the process. Dong-shik brings her around the city that they visited together in the past and the high-school they attended. He even organizes a mini-reunion with their high-school friends. He even tells her that she used to harass the boys in school and that he had to defend. Ji-jo grits her teeth as she clearly remembers that he was the one that harassed her and all the boys that ever showed interest in her. But she can’t say a thing if she doesn’t want her act to be discovered.

Dong-shik’s attempts to get Ji-ho to remember who she is starts to interfere with her plans to get to Min-woo. It does not help her case when her boss calls her in for a new project. Not wanting to lose her job, she head out to the station ready to act “normal” at work. However, Ding-shik is curious and follows her, wondering why she is there, which ends up having to act “amnesiatic” with her co-workers. She gets frustrated with Dong-shik being there interfering with her work and her act.

It is evident that Dong-shik is attracted to Ji-ho, although he does not show it that much. While Ji-ho starts getting closer to Min-woo, Dong-shik interrupts a date that Ji-hoo and Min-woo and declares that they have been dating for two year, much to Ji-ho’s chagrin but she can’t refute that because of her “amnesia”. But she manages to convince Min-woo that it is not true. However, as time goes by Ji-ho realizes that she likes Dong-shik, while Min-woo was an illusion that she created. She did not really know the real Min-woo, who is actually pretty boring, but had created an image she had of him.

She’s in a dilemma, and when her brother gives her some advise by telling her that he dumped the girl he was chasing for ages because she was not the girl that he had thought her to be and it was like a shoe that doesn’t fit. His advise resonates with her as she is starting to feel stifled in her own lies. She makes her decision: Dong-shik. Min-woo is slightly upset but the towards the end of the movie we can see that he might be getting a new “girlfriend”, a kindergarten teacher he once knew in school and meets in the zoo.

Overall, a fun and fluffy movie to watch, although the storyline can be a little cliché it is still entertaining on those boring days.

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JYJ's Park Yu-chun Held for Steering Unlicensed Yacht

Boy band JYJ's Park Yu-chun was caught by maritime police operating his yacht without getting the vessel checked for safety. The Korea Coast Guard is investigating Park on charges of violating the Ship Safety Act, a spokesman said Thursday.

According to the Coast Guard, Park steered the 11-ton Prestige without a safety license in waters off Haeundae, Busan about a dozen times between late July until early October last year. The 13.5 m-long yacht has double-decker cabins and reportedly cost about W1 billion (US$1=W1,122).

Chosun Ilbo

Ella Chen to marry Malaysian beau this year

Source : Channel NewsAsia

TAIPEI: Taiwan pop trio S.H.E.'s Ella Chen announced over her micro blog on Thursday that she will marry her Malaysian boyfriend Alvin Lai this year.  "Holding hands, treasuring the present, I am very happy! Yes, I ... am finally getting married.

"The marriage rumours have been around for some time, I am very thankful for everyone's concern. Here, I'd like to announce and share the good news," gushed Chen in a post on her micro blog.

"This year, I am really getting married. I hope everyone will meet their true love, then treasure and cherish one another." She accompanied her post with a photo of her and Lai, with a sign saying "good marriage fortune" in the background.

In response to her post, Lai said on his micro blog that he is "very lucky" and vowed to cherish Chen, love her and "give her eternal happiness". Chen's S.H.E. group mates Selina Jen and Hebe Tien quickly congratulated her over their own micro blogs.

"Yes! You have found happiness and I am really happy," said Tien.

"Wait till you (Tien) get married too, then we can become a true 'wife band'," said Jen, who tied the knot with husband Richard Chang last year.

Shinwha Ready for Comeback After 10-Year Hiatus

Shinhwa, one of the most popular boy bands of the late 1990s, are returning to the stage in March after a four-year absence.

CJ E&M and Shinhwa Company said the group will hold their comeback concert at Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium from March 24 to 25 after releasing their 10th album in the middle of March.

The six members of the group -- Kim Dong-wan, Shin Hye-sung, Andy, Eric, Lee Min-woo and Jun Jin -- became teen idols after their debut in 1998, which led to a decade of stellar success and enduring popularity. They released several hit songs and gained a huge following in China and Southeast Asia.

After they stopped performing as a band in 2008, many went on to enjoy successful solo careers, with Eric and Kim Dong-wan becoming recognized as actors, and Shin Hye-sung and Lee Min-woo producing hit solo albums.

They founded their own management agency, Shinhwa Company, last year, and plan to tour Asian countries including Japan after their concert in Seoul this spring.

Chosun Ilbo

Princess Prosecutor - Korean Drama DVD (Sold)

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*DVD has both English and Chinese subtitles. 8 Discs (16 Episodes)

Ma Hye Ri is a woman with an excellent memory and ability to focus, which allowed her to pass the bar exam with ease. Despite her talents, she is more interested in being fashionable and dislikes hard work, so she is far from being an ideal prosecutor and has doubts about her suitability for her job. Through her conflicts with senior colleages and struggles with difficult cases, Hye Ri gradually matures into a brilliant prosecutor with a sense of duty and justice.

徐仁宇(朴時厚饰)是 一位在美国大学毕业后通过了韩国司法考试而成为了律师的人物,通过负责雄厚的大企业案件而走上了成功之路。只要是马慧利(金素妍饰)面临危机时就会出现解 围的角色,但他真正的意图继续让人猜不透,剧组形容为“神秘”人物,让观众猜测他到底是不是鬼祟的坏家伙。首席检察官,尹世俊(韩正洙饰),补上了三角恋 爱的第三角。马慧利是一位典型的精英检察官。一个没多大责任感的检察官,每天只想去血拼购物,不喜欢辛苦的事情,打死也不想做麻烦讨厌的事情。马慧利凭着 能流畅的背诵新上名牌货单的卓越集中力和记忆力一次性通过司法考试。她是一个与检察官的正义感和使命感有着很大距离的人物。她觉得检察官这个职业与自己的 性格格格不入。之后,马慧利被挑剔的前辈检察官欺骗、诬告、暴行等所有强力事件,而逐渐地具备了作为检察官的资质。检察官马慧利和律师徐仁宇在法庭上虽然 是对立的竞争关系,但是却培养了恋人的感情。

Condition: Like New: An item that looks as if it was just taken out of shrink wrap. No visible wear, and all facets of the item are flawless and intact.

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Skip Beat (Extravagant Challenge)

After waiting for 3 years, this drama is finally in the works! The cast has changed and it is a little weird having Korean actors acting in a Taiwan drama with their parts being dubbed, but so far so good. If you don't know already, the drama is adapted from the manga "Skip Beat", with the necessary changes made for the Chinese audience.

The drama follows Gong Xi, a high school student who gave up the opportunity to enter university to support her childhood friend and crush, Bu Po Shang. She slaves over multiple jobs just to earn enough to pay the rent for their up-scale condominium in Taipei, while Bo Po Shang (also known as Shang) focuses on his career as a singer.

As Shang's popularity starts to soar, he starts to disregard Gong Xi and even flirts with his manager. It is only now that Gong Xi realizes that she was used by Shang to help him with his living expenses.

Feeling heart-broken and betrayed, Gong Xi is determined to get her revenge on Shang, vowing to enter the entertainment industry and become bigger star than Shang. She auditions to L.M.E, Taiwan's largest talent agency and rival to Shang's agency. Although Gong Xi passes the autiditon, she lacks compassion and love due to Shang's betrayal, so she ends up in the newly created "Love Me" section with new recruit Jiang Nanqin.

While at L.M.E, Gong Xi encounters Dun He Lian (also known as Lian), a famous actor. He is disgusted by her motivation for entering the entertainment industry and consistently finds ways to annoy and taunt her. However, as Gong Xi's acting career starts to take off, she begins to discover a new sense of identity and purpose which deviates from her from her initial plans of revenge. Lian eventually warms up to her, and although at first in denial, finds himself falling more and more in love with her.

Main characters (taken from Wikipedia)
Ivy Chen as Gong Xi (宮囍), based on the manga character Kyoko Mogami:
A bright and intelligent high school graduate who gives up her chances for university to support her childhood friend and love interest, Bu Po Shang, in his pop idol career. She later finds out that Shang only used her for his own selfish reasons and had no intentions to spend the rest of his life with her. Devastated and vengeful, Gong Xi vows that she will exact revenge. Shang tells her that the only way to do this is to join the entertainment industry and defeat him. After much begging and pleading, she is finally accepted into L.M.E., Taiwan's largest talent agency, and joins the company's new-found department, Love Me (Chinese: 愛我吧部).

Siwon as Dun Helian (敦賀蓮), based on the manga character Ren Tsuruga:
A famous young actor who takes his profession very seriously. One of Taiwan's biggest stars, he is under the same talent agency as Gong Xi. Although he maintains a perfect public image, he is disgusted by Gong Xi's reasons for joining the show business and frequently finds ways to annoy and taunt her. He soon realizes Gong Xi's talent in acting and begins to support her endeavors. He eventually develops romantic feelings for Gong Xi, but she is too concentrated on her motives to notice his pursuits.

Donghae as Bu Po Shang (不破尚; lit. "Unbreakable Shang"), based on the manga character Shō Fuwa:
Born Shang Jieyong (尚介勇), Bu Po Shang is Gong Xi's childhood friend and love interest. Although egotistical and arrogant, he is an extremely talented musician. Fully aware of Gong Xi's romantic feelings for him, he successfully convinces Gong Xi to travel with him to Taipei to support him financially while he focuses on developing his singing career. Ruthless and ambitious, Shang decides to abandon Gong Xi to get together with his manager, which leads to Gong Xi to join the entertainment industry for revenge. Upon seeing Gong Xi's transformation, Shang realizes that he had more feelings for her than he originally thought. He holds great animosity towards Dun Helian because of his popularity and his close relationship with Gong Xi.

Bianca Bai as Jiang Nanqin (江南琴), based on the manga character Kanae Kotonami:
A young rising star who attends the same auditions as Gong Xi. She is desperate for a successful acting career and initially despises Gong Xi for standing in her way. Similar to Gong Xi, she joins the "Love Me" department of L.M.E. to touch up on her acting ability. After working together in various projects, Gong Xi and Nanqin develop a deep friendship.

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S.H.E reunites for another commercial

The Taiwanese girl group came together for the spring/summer collection of a women's clothing brand. S.H.E member Selina Jen returned to work recently, after she was badly scarred in an on-set accident two years ago. Last week, the starlet joined her fellow members Hebe Tien and Ella Chen in a photo shoot for a shoe brand.

Yesterday, the trio reunited again, for the spring/summer collection of a women's clothing brand, which they had endorsed for the last five years. As Selina was unable to stand for long hours, the photo shoot was completed within five hours.

On the day of the shoot, Selina had two costume changes. When she wore had to wear short skirts, the singer wore an extra pair of leggings to hide the scars on her legs. The production crew also called for short three-minute breaks during the shoot, so that it would not be so taxing on Selina.

Selina, who had not done a photo shoot in a long time, appeared delighted during the shoot and would chat happily with Hebe and Ella. The trio was also spotted heading towards the restroom hand-in-hand. Commenting on Selina's performance, Ella praised her friend for still having what it takes. "Her smile still sparkles, when she's in front of the camera," she said. The trio's manager also let on, "Everyone knew she was injured, so it was all right to reveal her pressure suit [during the shoot]."
The manager also tried to help Selina secure extra jobs, saying, "She can also do solo product endorsements. We can overcome any technical difficulties."

S.H.E will also be filming a commercial for an electronic product, apart from endorsing the shoe and clothing brand. Despite being old contracts, these three product endorsements had a payout of NT$40 million (S$1.72 million).


2PM's Nickhun To Act In Thai Movie

Nickhun is not only a singer, but now soon-to-be an actor! According to JYP Entertainment, the 2PM member will be acting in a Thai movie project, celebrating major filmmaker GTH's 7th anniversary. He's already in Thailand, and has been since January, for the filming. This is Nickhun's first time acting.

GTH is well known for movies like "Phobia2", "Hello Stranger", and "Bangkok Traffic Love Story". Three directors will be participating on this latest project, creating a three-part story about life and love.

Nickhun will be in one of the three parts, playing a major supporting character who aids the main character in the search for the meaning of life and love. Despite his newbie status as an actor, the heartthrob has been reportedly receiving much praise for his passion and hard work.

The young talent will continue his shoot all the way through the end of January. He'll return to Korea after wrapping up not only the filming, but movie promotions as well.

Hamasaki Ayumi to divorce

Singer Hamasaki Ayumi (33) has just announced through her official fan club that she is getting divorced. She married Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz (31) in Las Vegas a little more than a year ago, on New Year’s Day of 2011.

Hamasaki acknowledged that she is the main reason for the divorce. Sources say that the two had originally planned to live in the United States, but ever since the Tohoku earthquake last March, Hamasaki has felt unable to leave Japan.

Hamasaki said that she and Schwarz tried to discuss how to continue their marriage, and she felt that if they were only physically separated they would be able to overcome that by travelling back and forth to see each other. However, the distance between them has also become mental, and Hamasaki explained that she can no longer return to the time when she felt she could live outside Japan.

It is reported that Hamasaki will file for divorce through a lawyer in the United States on Monday (U.S. time).


Big Bang and Shinhwa to Battle it Out in March

K-Pop is expected to see more rosy days this year, as long-awaited boy groups are planning to make their comebacks come spring. Two of the most anticipated boy groups, Big Bang and Shinhwa, will be coming back in March with new albums.

To Big Bang, this comeback means more than any of its others. Last year, member Daesung was involved in a car crash with staggering consequences, while G-Dragon was put on probation after being charged for smoking marijuana, rendering the group unable to stand in front of the public for some time.
Big Bang's successful career in Korea and the world, which had been strong since even before the group made its debut in 2006, was hit hard by these incidents. Still, while the group was on hiatus, it managed to become the first Korean group to win an award at the MTV Europe Awards, and the group even flew over to fly over to Belfast to claim the award on a televised broadcast. YG Entertainment had decided that because it was such an honorable occasion, it wouldn’t be polite to miss it.

But even despite these successes, Big Bang’s hiatus dealt a great blow, because the group had to stay underground in a period when the K-Pop boom was just starting to spread through the world supported by various social network services. While other groups such as Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Kara, 2PM and Wonder Girls continued to build their careers overseas, Big Bang had to stand aside and watch.

Fortunately, the time to rest has finally come to a close, and Big Bang reemerged as one in the 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert held near the close of 2011. In February, Big Bang will release a new album and actually start promoting, starting with its exclusive concert Big Show to be held from March 2-4 in Seoul.

The group plans to reassess and reaffirm its popularity in Korea through the concerts, which are estimated to bring in about 40,000 fans. Also, as the longest-running idol group Shinhwa will be coming back at the same time as Big Bang, many music fans are looking forward to an interesting year.

Shinhwa will be releasing its 10th studio album in March, coming together once again for the first time in a long time. Although the members were signed with different agencies, they managed to hold their group together, and will finally be promoting as a group again starting on its 14th anniversary.

The members, excluding Lee Min Woo, who is still serving in the military, are currently actively preparing for their comeback by practicing their songs and dances. The group also plans to embark on an Asia tour starting with a concert in Seoul on March 24, its 14th anniversary.

Pop culture critic Kang Tae Gyu told enews, “In March, the trend-leading group Big Bang and the long-running idol group Shinhwa will be meeting each other for a fierce competition, but for music fans, it will be a time when they’ll be able to listen to a greater variety of songs.”

Credit: www.enewsworld

Big Bang's New Album Delays Release of YG's Girl Group

Earlier this past year, YG Entertainment revealed that they were working on a new girl group. In the past there had been hints that the group would make their debut as early as January. Ever since, Big Bang’s comeback has been forecast for February, the company’s focus has shifted to their preparations. This shift in scheduling has in turn put off the girl group’s debut to a later date.

Big Bang’s album had been put on hold, due to unfortunate events which occurred during the second half of 2011. In that time the members have been hard at work and what they have in store for fans is of extraordinary interest. Originally, the group was scheduled to release their album in March just in time for their 2012 Big Show concert. The preparations for the album have gone exceedingly well and because of this YG decided to move their comeback up. It will be a year since the group released their 4th mini album last February.

As for the new girl group, they are expected to make their official debut sometime after March. The label’s first girl group, 2NE1 has already become successful and influential. They differentiated themselves with their style and their music as they were unlike any other girl group before them.

The upcoming girl group is expected to be another ground breaking group. The girl group will be more than just 'pretty' as they will work with YG’s existing colors and add more pop music elements. Although the members themselves along with the number of members that will make up the group have not yet been identified, the girls are naturally beautiful as none of them have had cosmetic surgery done. For now, MNET “Superstar K2” alum, Kim Eun Bi is the only one who has been revealed as being part of YG’s future girl group.

2NE1 also expressed their expectations for this new group. In a conversation with OSEN, leader CL revealed, “They will not at all be like us, they are of different colors. The girl group looks ready, I know, too, the new group is very excited. You definitely will want to look forward to seeing them.”

A representative for YG had this to say regarding the delay, "The more thorough preparation will serve us well in the long run." he said.

Credit: Soompi

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 4

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop > Episode 4

Chi Soo drives off in his car as he recalls what he saw at the ramyun shop: Eun Bi crying alone, resembled another person, his mother who used to cry alone at the bedroom holding a photograph. He makes a u-turn and heads back to the ramyun shop again. However, this time round, he sees Eun Bi holding a man. Chi Soo becomes upset, he turns away, using a handkerchief to wipe his hands before throwing it on the floor. 
The next day, he looks up for Hyun-woo, his good friend and asks him if the intern teacher (Eun Bi) is married. Hyun-woo replies with a no, and to his knowledge she does not even have a boyfriend. Chi Soo persistently asks Hyun-Woo, who the man present at her funeral was and what does he think about the relationship between the two. Hyun-Woo replies, “instead of thinking whether they are in a relationship, don’t you think that he is just comforting her?” Chi Soo parrots in astonishment, “Comfort?”, not understanding.

The next scene brings us back to Eun Bi's home. She is talking to her friend on the phone, assuring her friend that she is fine. She was told to go to the principal office and write a report about that incident. So she prepares and gets ready to go to school, just as she is about the leave she sees another toothbrush in the washroom. 
At the same time Chi Soo is getting ready to go to school as well. He dresses and puts on some cologne. In the living room, Chi Soo's dad is discussing some business plan with his assistant when Chi Soo interrupts, asking, “by any chance, do you know something about comforting others? For example, when somebody has passed away?” His father's assistant suggests, “you can give money or flowers.” Chi Soo further asks, “Is there something warmer such as an action or words?” And the reply he gets is, “You can doubled the money and give more flowers.” Satisfied with the answer, Chi Soo heads to school.

Eun Bi steps out of the house, not noticing somebody was sleeping under the stairs. Once at the doorstep, she finds a sock and she smells it, feeling nostalgic as she thinks that it belonged to her father and heads out. When she leaves, the owner of the sock, who was sleeping at Eun Bi house wakes from his sleep and looks at a photograph of Eun Bi. Once outside, Eun Bi finds a handkerchief (the one that Chi Soo threw).

Chi Soo walks out from the office  and uses his handkerchief to wipe off the side of the lips of the manager, saying that her lips were stained and walks away after that. Meanwhile Eun Bi holds the sock and handkercief in each of her hans in deep thought.  

Eun Bi is at a café preparing herself to apologize to Chi Soo. Just as she places the intern badge she sees So Yi who apologizes to Eun Bi on Chi Soo behalf. Eun Bi does not understand why she needs to apologize to her. Rather Eun Bi feels thatd So Yi should apologize to Ba Wool for hurting him instead. Both of them start off on the wrong foot, which ends up with So Yi ended up asking Eun Bi to apologize to Chi Soo politely.
In the classroom, Chi Soo asks Hyun Woo to write the word - condolence - on the letter. After that he seals off the envelope happily and heads to look for Eun Bi. Meanwhile, Eun Bi is at the principal's office where she is coerced to agree the terms of the contract which is to apologize to Chi Soo for embarrassing him. When she leaves, she meets Chi Soo in the corridor. The principal urges Eun Bi to apologize to him, and excuses himself. 
Before Eun Bi can open her mouth to apologize, Chi Soo shoves her the envelope. When Eun Bi opens the envelope, she is shocked to see so much money. She asks Chi Soo what is this and he replies, “Condolence money, well think of it as employee benefit since your dad died so you keep the money.” Eun Bi returns the envelope to Chi Soo, which puzzles him as he thought he was comforting her. He mistakenly thinks that she thinks the money is not enought and offers her more money. This greatly displeases and insults Eun Bi. 
She tosses the money in the air and slaps Chi Soo in the face with the envelope. By this time there is a crowd gathered around the corridor. She tells Chi Soo that he should have used the term "passed away" to describe the decrease instead of "died". She storms off, but Chi Soo stops her demanding that she apologize or else she will be fired. Not to be threatened by Chi Soo, Eun Bi takes off the intern badge and says she will not be fired, she will quit. Not understanding why his good intention was rejected, Chi Soo demands to know what had he done wrong to be hit by her. Eun Bi approaches him and says, “Do you think I am going to tell you the reason? You will die with curiosity, since you do not even know what is right and wrong”.
Satisfied, she walks off but suddenly turns around and points at Chi Soo, “You stink – the mole attached to your face.” (referring to the black ink on his face). She steps out the school gates feeling very cool teaching the "brat" a lesson. But her happiness is short lived as reality starts to sink in: she lost her job, how is she going to support herself from now on? She confides in Dong Joo over some chicken feet and Dong Joo rubs the salt into Eun Bi's wound by telling her she should have apologized properly at the first place. Now that she has quit (fired), she will not be accepted by other schools. Chi Soo's dad is relieved to be told that the scar will heal after some treatment. He tells Chi Soo that scars left by a woman can last forever. By now, Chi Soo is fuming and still sore from the incident incident, wanting revenge.

Eun Bi tries looking for a job as a tuition teacher, so she starts to paste advertisements all over the street discreetly. She gets a phone call from Chi Soo's dad inviting her to his house. Eun Bi is surprised at the offer to return to school and he will just say to Chi Soo that she had apologized. Eun Bi declines the offer as she thinks that Chi Soo wants her to go back fire her personally. She offers to pay for the tea cup that she had accidentally dropped, but is shocked that it cost so much. Chi Soo dad's emphasized that everything in the house can be broken, except Chi Soo.

While in the lift, Eun Bi regrets rejecting the offer from Director Cha, and that she should have accepted the money as compensation too. The lift stops and the two lady employees enter. One of them is holding the handkerchief that Chi Soo gave her in morning. Chi Soo is surprised that Eun Bi had rejected the offer, demanding that his dad think of a way.
The camera zooms out and we see Chi Soo using his handphone in the classroom during lesson time. So Yi is disappointed that she was not selected to go for a competition so she calls Ba Wool. Ba Wool receives the phone call from So Yi just when he is about to burn the pictures of her, but he answers the call anyways. He gets even more angry when So Yi says that she called him to pick her from school because she could not reach Chi Soo, who at this point is driving his car looking for Eun Bi.

Eun Bi is eating instant noodles outside the convenience store when she was confronted by a group of thugs. Chi Soo finding Eun Bi and thinking to "rescue" her, throws a packet of imported cigarettes. The thugs  delighted with the "present", leave Eun Bi alone. Chi Soo is pleased with himself and expects Eun Bi to thank him. However, Eun Bi wonders why he did that and even gives chase, which ends up n her getting chased by the thugs and she finally hops into Chi Soo's car.

Chi Soo wonders why did Eun Bi get herself into trouble when she can end it with a box of cigarettes. Eun Bi tells Chi Soo that high school students should not smoke and it is wrong to give the box of cigarettes to them. She  goes on to tell him that  true condolence comes from the heart, it is not about the money and also he should not fool around with people feelings. That is the reason he got hit. Chi Soo says that so it was Eun Bi the woman that taught him a lesson and not the intern. He leans in close to Eun Bi and tells her that she is trying him out because she saw him as a man. 
However, Eun Bi responds, “You really stink, don’t use the cologne you are wearing and never use those awful pick-up lines again.” He questions Eun Bi about the other guy he saw at the ramyun store that day, asking whether it is because she has a man and she could give up on this job. Eun Bi has no recollection of what he is saying, but she tells Chi Soo that even if there is a man, he is better than a high school student that only smells of perfume. With that she alights the car and Chi Soo drives off frustrated.

Chi Soo goes to meet So Yi, picking her up. He asks So Yi if his cologne smells bad and she says no. When So Yi reaches home, Ba Wool is waiting for her. Eun Bi cannot find the keys to open her home door, it was actually left in Chi Soo's car. Eun Bi is surprised that the door opens and there even food on the table. Thinking that her friend had prepared the food, so called her nly to realise that it was not prepared by her. Her friend warns her not to eat the food but Eun is too hungry to bother anymore, stuffing the food down her throat, not realzing that the food was prepared by her mysterious guest.
Finding the keys in his car, Chi Soo asks Hyun Woo to return it to Eun Bi, but decides to do it himself when Hyun Woo says that he can only do it after work which ends late. After the meal, Eun Bi sleeps soundly, when she gets covered with a blanket by her "guest". It is at this juncture that Chi Soo arrives and sees them. He asks where the intern is and the man replied, “My wife is sleeping.” Chi Soo is in disbelief and says that Eun Bi should better come to her senses or else she will never be a teacher in Korea. The man leans closely to smell Chi Soo and he said, “Pathetic kid, you have no scent, even an onion have a scent. You don’t have a scent of home or a mum scent.” He continues by asking, “Park Chi Soo, do you even eat?” Chi Soo is angry and emphasizes that his name is CHA Chi Soo, not Park Chi Soo.

A funny episode which relates to the theme: The scent of a man. A clever illusration of an onion to a man with no scent (Chi Soo). I pitied Chi Soo in this episode because he is empty inside his heart. He does not have family warmth. It was so surprising that Director Cha uses the office as their home. Imagine your living room is a place to work and have meetings with your subordinates? It was ridiculous. Eun Bi as usual rocks! She dares to follow her heart and her principles of right and wrong. She did not bow down to pressure although we know that she was struggling in her heart to just apologize to a brat to secure her job. Even when Director Cha uses money and benefits to make her accept the offer but she rejected the offer.

Director Cha is a loving father when he mentioned that everything can break except Chi Soo. I can understand that he wanted to protect his son but he does not understand that his method is wrong. He never gave a personal touch in Chi Soo life. That is why Chi Soo is empty inside. He had “no scent” as a person. He does not even know how to express his thoughts and feelings or should I say he never come across “feelings” as in really understand how he or others feels. Especially the incident about the condolence which he sincerely wanted to express to Eun Bi but it turned out differently as his action and words only added fury to her.

It was interesting that Chi Soo had to ask the employees in the company and director Cha what to do in this type of situation when he wanted to send his condolence to Eun Bi and the reply that the employee gave. Everything is about money and nothing comes from the heart.

So Yi is still stepping on two boats at a time. He still hangs on to both guys which make me kind of frustrated. Can’t she treasure Bu Wool who treated her so much better that Chi Soo?

Last but not least, is the man really Eun Bi husband?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Sassy Girl' to become TV drama

Hit movie “My Sassy Girl” is coming to the small screen as a TV drama. The romantic comedy starring Jun Ji-hyun (a.k.a Giana Jun) and Cha Tae-hyun was a sensation when it opened in 2001, and shot Jun to stardom. The movie is based on a book of the same title, and was remade in multiple countries including the United States, China and Japan.

The production company for the original, Shincine Communication, will work with Lemon Rain, the production agency of recent KBS drama “Sungkyungwan Scandal.” In preparation for the new show, the agencies will hold a script contest for “My Sassy Girl” from Feb. 1 through March 30. The winning entry will be made during the second half of the year, and the author will receive 1 million won.

One must submit scripts for two episodes of a 16-episode mini-series. The contest is open to all writers, and co-writing is allowed. There are no specific restrictions on the content, but the movie “My Sassy Girl” should be the motif of the scripts. The material can be submitted via post to Lemon Rain or email to

There has been controversy over making the movie into a TV series, as 2006 drama production agency Peppermint Entertainment released news that it had signed a contract with the author of the book, Kim Ho-sik. Shinecine Communication stepped in shortly after, claiming that Kim had relinquished his rights to any future productions related to the movie other than the book in a letter agreement signed in 2003. The author argued that the signature in the agreement was a forgery. The dispute was taken to court.

Shin Chul, the CEO of Shinecine Communication, told Korea Times that the case was closed, with the movie agency and author sharing the rights to productions related to “My Sassy Girl.” Currently, Shinecine has the rights to pursue certain content within Korea. On the alleged forged signature, Shin said it was confirmed that Kim indeed had signed the agreement.

Korea Times

BIGBANG to Do It Big in 2012

Big Bang is aiming to make a big comeback in 2012. The group will release an album in February, followed by a set of concerts titled Big Show in Seoul from March 2-4.

It is undecided whether the new album will be a full studio album or a mini album, but the Big Bang members are currently working hard on their new album and preparations for their concert.
With the new set of promotions, Big Bang will attempt to rebound higher after slipping up with Daesung’s car crash and G-Dragon’s drug scandal.

The five members of Big Bang previously forewarned their comeback by coming together at the 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert held on December 4. The group also performed in Osaka from January 7-8, and will continue with a performance in Saitama on January 21-22.

The reason why the March concerts mean more than the YG concerts, however, is that they will be exclusive Big Bang concerts. As two of its members had to go on a sudden hiatus, the group was previously unable to emerge in front of the public, but in 2012 it will be hitting the K-Pop scene yet again with an active line of promotions.

Because the concerts will be held for three days with 40,000 fans, they are expected to refuel Big Bang’s popularity. The group is also expected to land activities not only in Korea, but also overseas, as it stood at the center of the Korean wave. Big Bang plans to use the year 2012 as a foothold to step up again in Korea and the world.


Taiwan media regulator wants less Korean content on TV

Source : CNA

TAIPEI: Taiwan's national media regulator, the National Communication Commission (NCC), announced Tuesday that it aims to reduce the amount of Korean television content broadcast in Taiwan, in a bid to encourage the development of locally produced shows, reported Korean media.

Taiwan television station Gala Television Corporation (GTV), which mainly broadcasts drama serials, has become the first to accede to the NCC's request to reduce the amount of Korean fare they carry, and will do so from June.

The NCC had previously called on GTV to broadcast at least one hour of Taiwanese content between 6pm and 12pm on weeknights, as well as increase the amount of non-Korean dramas they carry. It had also asked GTV to ensure local programming makes up for at least 20 per cent of its broadcast content.

Although Korean pop music and drama serials have enjoyed massive popularity across Asia in recent years, it has also attracted criticism for smothering the growth of local content from some critics in countries like Japan and Taiwan.

Indeed, some Japanese even took to the streets in August last year, to protest against Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV for broadcasting what they deemed to be inordinate amounts of Korean television dramas.

JJ Lin: I have always liked Hebe

The local singer openly sought the help of good friend Ella Chen to put in some 'good words' for him. When local singer JJ Lin released his latest album Lost N found, it was vaguely revealed that his record label forbade the singer from pursuing matters of the heart.

However, at the party celebrating his album's good sales performance, JJ openly expressed, "I hope I can be No. 1 in whatever I do, and I hope someone can introduce me a No. 1 girlfriend too." The singer specially mentioned S.H.E. member Hebe Tien, saying that he wanted to invite her as a guest singer for his upcoming concert. He added, "She is my type, but I may not be the type of guy she likes."

Looking slightly embarrassed, JJ revealed that his record label tried to invite Hebe once. However, the pair missed out on the chance to work together, due to scheduling conflicts. JJ also expressed his hopes to do a duet with her in the future and added, "I really admire her, but I'm worried that I won't be able to sing when I see her."

Commenting on Hebe's recent declaration that she "wants to date", JJ laughingly requested for good friend Ella Chen to help him out. "Please put in some good words for me in front of Hebe," he said. JJ added that he is in contact with Selina and Ella, but does not have Hebe's phone number.

Show Luo named most generous celebrity boss

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer Show Luo was named the most generous celebrity boss in Taiwan by Taiwan entertainment tabloid "Apple Daily", with Jay Chou and Singapore's own JJ Lin in second and third place respectively.

Luo reportedly gave out some NT$10 million (S$431,500)in year-end bonuses (including an all-expense paid two day one night vacation in Taiwan) to the 120 employees of his fashion store chain Stage. He also gave out about NT$4 million (S$172,000) in red packets to the production staff of "100% Entertainment", a popular television show he hosts, and will take them to Bali for a five day four night holiday worth at least NT$1 million (S$43,100).

"It's worth it, because everyone had been very hardworking and gone through tough times over the past year," said Luo of his massive NT$15 million (S$647,000) cash haemorrhage. Chou, who runs a music company, four restaurants, a fashion store called PHANTACi, and more recently, a karaoke outlet, came in a close second.

The star gave out NT$5 million (S$215,700) in bonuses to his restaurant and fashion store staff, with another NT$3 million (S$129,000) going to the staff of his music company JVR Music. He also put up NT$2 million (S$86,300) to bring JVR Music's staff to Italy for vacation after the Lunar New Year, bringing Chou's cash outflow to a total of NT$10 million (S$431,500).

Homegrown singer Lin, the owner of three SMG fashion stores, is also a generous boss, paying out some NT$6.1 million to his staff and the people he worked with. His SMG staff got about NT$3 million (S$129,000) in bonuses, and a portion of the NT$2 million (S$86,300) in red packets Lin distributed to his staff, as well as the people he worked with at his music label Warner Music.

Lin has also promised to bring some Warner Music employees on a trip to the Philippines worth about NT$1.1 million (S$47,400). "You cannot skimp on the year-end bonus and red packets because everyone worked really hard and helped out. "This is a form of recompense and an expression of gratitude," Lin told the publication.


Monday, January 02, 2012

Taeyang, “A closer Big Bang will make an amazing appearance in 2012”

Of the nation’s top male idol groups, there are not many K-Pop fans that hesitate to choose five member team Big Bang as the best. Since their summer of 2006 debut, in the last 5 years, Big Bang has had countless hit songs, including “Lies”, “Last Farewell”, “Haru Haru”, “Sunset Glow”, “Tonight”, and “Love Song”.

They are full of performance, fashion, and personality. Not a typical boy group, Big Bang is a group that has unconventionality. Though it is clearly rare for an idol group to have a producer among the team, Big Bang is a team that has producer G-Dragon among them.

However, as the good comes with the bad, Big Bang has definitely had hardships. 2011 has been a particularly difficult year for Big Bang. With its members caught in controversies, they were put in a situation to quit the plans they had previously made.

Regardless of this, Big Bang is currently dreaming of a proper ascension during 2012, year of the dragon, as they are filled with confidence. During their break, the five members Taeyang, G-Dragon, TOP, Daesung, and Seungri have come together and have been working on many songs.

Big Bang member and skilled solo artist Taeyang is welcoming 2012 with excitement because he wants to go at full speed with his Big Bang members in the new year. Taeyang is particularly welcoming 2012, as he is a 1988 zodiac dragon.

I met with Taeyang for the first time in a while to talk about his and Big Bang’s plans and aspirations for next year.

-It’s been a while. How have you spent this time?

-TY: We’re completely absorbed in our work. The five members of Big Bang gathered and have worked on a lot of songs. We’ve created so many new songs. Right now, we’re in the last stage of working on our new album. Personally, I’ve also been working on my solo album side by side. Big Bang still spends time at the dorms, and we’re spending meaningful time together.

-We can’t not talk about 2011. It brought Big Bang a lot of crises.

-TY: The truth is that in 2011, Big Bang was planning on doing a lot of promotions, but we couldn’t. All of the members were honestly very disappointed about that, but we gained a lot from it also. Going through various hardships, the members’ relationships have gotten more close. We felt how much more precious the other members, the fans, and being on stage are to us. This is Big Bang’s turning point. We feel that the people who still love Big Bang are our true fans, and we’re going to repay those people with the best music and performances we can give to them. We’re going to make amazing plans and many appearances. You’ll find out about our amazing plans soon.

-Even from that low, you beat out top stars at the November 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards (2011 EMA) and won the Worldwide Act Award. What are your feelings about that?

-TY: That’s one of the best memories of 2011. After we received the award, the feelings from being there at the ceremony left a lot of good memories. It was the first time in a while that Big Bang gathered together as five, and truthfully it was really interesting that we were the only Asians at the awards ceremony. Our desires to do promotions overseas and spread Big Bang’s music more have gotten a lot stronger from that experience.

-In early December 2011, Big Bang presented performances as five members through the 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert for the first time in a while.

-TY: It was very emotional. Before, being on stage together was something that went without saying, and I felt that we were on stage because we loved music and dancing. But after being on stage after Big Bang went through many things, I got the strong feeling again that we exist for the stage and for our fans. I had the same thought during the Japan tour we had earlier in the year. More than anything, I love Big Bang being together as five the most.

-The K-Pop craze is impressive. The Japanese Best Of album that Big Bang released in December 2011 topped the Oricon Charts at #1, and it seems thatBig Bang has a strong part in spreading the Hallyu wave.

TY: Rather than thinking about popularity or sales, we have a big heart for representing Korea and showing foreigners good music. So while working on Big Bang’s new album, the members exchanged a lot of good words and advice, and we tried very hard to make good music.

-In a recent survey, because of your lack of experience in love, you were picked as #1 male idol star most likely to spend Christmas solo.

-TY: To be honest, when I first saw that I read it as the star most likely to release a solo album during Christmas. (laughs) That’s actually correct—I spent Christmas alone watching a movie. But I’m not lonely right now because I’m sincerely completely immersed in my music. I’m really excited for Big Bang’s great plans for 2012.

-If you were to reveal your hopes and plans for 2012?

-TY: I want to properly show Big Bang’s potential again. We’re going to show that like our music, that nothing will bring us down no matter what happens. I’m going to work hard with the other Big Bang members in promoting here and abroad. I actually would like to do performances locally like we did in our debut days also. I’m planning on living a life absorbed in music.

-To end, please say a word to your fans welcoming 2012.

-TY: I have nothing to say to our fans except thank you. Thank you so much for standing by us. I have confidence that we can repay you with our music, so I’d like it if you can trust Big Bang one more time. I’m a zodiac dragon, and since the coming year is the year of the dragon, I hope that everything you do brings success to you. I sincerely hope you take care of your health and wish you a happy new year

Source: Star News
Translated by: SARA @ bigbangupdates | fyeahbigbangstuffs@tumblr

CNBLUE Hits #1 In Taiwan With "Heartstrings" OST Songs

Source: KBS Global

CNBLUE is not only hot in Korea it seems. Their songs from the "Heartstrings" OST is heating up charts in Taiwan. The songs "Heartstrings" and "Because I Miss You" have hit #1 on the weekly mobile charts such as "emome", "Far EasTone Mobile", and "Taiwan Mobile". What's amazing is that the songs weren't even released offline.

In more overseas news related to CNBLUE, the group will be releasing their second major single "Where You Are" in Japan come February.

Super Junior's Siwon in Manila for ad shoot

MANILA, Philippines - K-pop fans in the Philippines got their first treat of the new year when Super Junior’s resident hunk Siwon arrived in the country last night. Twitter was abuzz when Siwon posted that he was on his way to Manila.

“On my way to the airport now going to MANILA! A new year new night in the MANILA PHILIPINES ! Yoohoo!” Siwon tweeted along with a picture of himself. This started a frenzy among fans who wanted to know Siwon’s purpose in visiting Manila.

With Siwon’s announcement, fans trooped to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)Terminal 1 hoping to get a glimpse of the singer-model-actor.  At past 11 p.m., Siwon tweeted that he arrived at NAIA.

“Just arrived. whats up manila! still new day here!” he posted on Twitter along with a picture of passengers queuing at NAIA’s Immigration area.

He followed this with a tweet to say that he’s in the country to shoot an advertisement.

“I’m in Manila to shoot an ad. It’s not 12 o’clock here yet. Many things have happened in 2011 and I hope that in 2012, you’ll always be happy. Happy New Year. I love you,” he posted on Twitter along with a photo.

According to fans, Siwon did not go out of the airport through the arrival area but instead exited at the departure area. Twitter was also abuzz that Siwon arrived with Super Junior member Kyuhyun. This has not been confirmed. Siwon’s visit to the country became a trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines.

At around 6 a.m. today, Siwon greeted fans with a picture of a sunrise in Manila.

“Good morning beautiful world. first day in Philippines. Its so beautiful sunrise. It will be lovely day. God bless!” he said.

Manila Bulletin