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MBLAQ THE BLAQ% Tour 2012 (Taipei) - English Version

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MBLAQ held their first ever concert in Taiwan Indoor stadium on the 18 August 2012. All the fans were eagerly anticipating their performance. During their first dance, they wore ninja suits and dance enthusiastically.  Lee Joon accidentally dropped the sword on the floor, however, he is fast to react as he was seen taking up the sword and continued to dance. He further displayed his professionalism later on in the show when there were some minor mishap on the stage as he is able to use his wit to overcome those circumstances.

Mblaq Lee Joon

MBLAQ members showed their well-toned body to the excitement of the three thousand over fans. They were able to engaged the audience to sing and dance to their hit songs such as - "It's War" and Run. The lighting and the design of the concert was fascinating and brings much visual effects. MBLAQ even interacted with the audience using Mandarin which bought about much laughter. To the delight of their fans, the idols were trying their best to bridge the gap between each other

Mblaq Lee Joon

MBLAQ tried their best to sing and dance on that night to show their appreciation for the support of their fans. Later on in the night, the solo performance by all the members demonstrated their individual charm and talent. Everybody had a platform to perform and the fans were heard shouting their group name to cheer them on. Finally, the performance finale, The MBLAQ members thank the audience and everyone that make this concert possible. They left a deep impression to all the audience and all their fans wished to see them soon when they visit Taiwan again.


MBLAQ THE BLAQ% Tour 2012 (Taipei) - Chinese Version

MBLAQ 于 八 月 十 八 日 首 度 在 台 湾 的 室 内 体 育 馆 举 行 演 唱 会. 歌 迷 齐 聚一堂, 以 欢 腾 的 心 情 观 赏 表 演. 当晚 五 子 的 劲 歌 热 舞 迷 倒 在 场 的 所 有 人 也 令 全 场 的 气 氛 高 涨. 五 子卖 力 演 出 回 馈 歌 迷. 李 准 表 演 忍者 剑 术 时 不 小 心 有 小 小 的 失 误, 然 而 他 随机应变 拾 起 地 上 的 剑 继 续 表 演. 随 后, 李 准 也 灵 活 的 应 对 突 发 事 件 表 现 出 艺 人 的 专业.

MBLAQ 入 乡 随 俗 秀 国 语, 逗 得 现 场 观 众 大 笑 也 赢 得 大 家 的 芳 心. 当 晚 三 千 多 名气 纷 丝 随 着 MBLAQ 的 舞 曲 舞 动身 体 并 齐 唱 他 们 的 成 名 曲. 现 场 的 灯 光 效 果 和 舞 台 模式 令 人 叹为观止. MBLAQ 与现 场 歌 迷 的 互 动 拉 近 了 彼此比之 间 的 距 离, 也 使 得 现 场 尖 叫 声 连 连, 歌 迷 差 一 点 失 控.

MBLAQ 的 成 员 也 大秀 结 实 的 肌 肉 和 精湛 的 舞 艺 抄 热 现 场. 大 家 顿时 为 之 疯狂, 高喊 MBLAQ 的 团 名. 之后 他 们 也 以 个 人 的 项目展现 才华 与 特色. 节目 到 了 尾声, MBLAQ的成员 出 来 道 谢 也 为 演 唱 会 圆 满 的 画 下 了 句 点. 歌 迷 们 依依不舍 的 离 开,
期 待MBLAQ 来台宣传. 然 而, MBLAQ 留 给 大 家 一 个 美 好 的 回 忆.

[English Version]

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SBS Running Man

Running Man Cast:

Yu Jae-suk
Nicknames: Yu-ruce Willis, Yu-hyuk, Yu-mes Bond, Grasshopper
The main host of the show and known during the race missions for his escaping abilities. He is shown to have a closer relationship with a lot of the guests on the show, which he often boasts about to the other members. He is also often referenced to the color green throughout the show and is also known for his nickname "Grasshopper" from his first television appearance. Although initially a weak player during the race missions, he later becomes one of the stronger players in the series.

Kim Jong Kook
Nicknames: Sparta-kook, Commander, Kookie, Tiger, Coach Kook

The strongest man on the show, Kim Jong-kook is known for his strength and skill during the race missions. During the missions, he is known for his sudden appearances that are often accompanied by the soundbite "Sparta!" taken from the movie, 300. His smart tactics are often successful to eliminate the other members and as a result, he is known for having both brains and brawn. He is also shown at times to act cute and show off his "aegyo". His only apparent weakness is women and he is often teased for having a particular fondness towards Yoon Eun-hye.

Ji-hyo Song
Nicknames: SongJi-yok, Mong Ji-hyo, Ace, Miss Mong, Bad Ji-hyo, Monday Girlfriend

The only current female member of the show and initially only appeared as a guest but was added to the main cast in episode 6. During the earlier episodes, Song Ji-hyo was often known to swear during broadcasts especially towards Ha-ha and Lee Kwang-su. She is also known to be often seen with confused or blank facial expressions a lot of the time. Throughout the series, she has been involved in the primary loveline of the show alongside Gary. She is one of the strongest players during race missions with similar running and catching capabilities as well as comparable intelligence to Kim Jong-kook.

Nicknames: Ha-roro, Ha-rad Pitt, Penguin

The primary joker of the cast and is usually picked on by other members because of his height and his similar appearance to Pororo the Little Penguin. He also has a tendency to feel as though he is the main lead in a movie created by his imagination. When things don't go his way, he lashes out verbally, causing great laughter among the cast. He is also the playboy of the cast, as he always confesses his love to female guests. He was initially a weak player during the race missions, occasionally being picked on even while on the chasing team, however he slowly improves over the course of the show.

Lee Kwang Soo
Nicknames:Framer Kwang-su, Kwang-vatar,Kwang-potter,Giraffe, Icon of Betrayal

The youngest and tallest member of the cast and initially introduced alongside Gary and Song Joong-ki as one of the "variety rookies" due to his lack of experience on variety shows prior to Running Man. During the earlier episodes he was known for framing his fellow members with embarrassing and often absurd rumours. He is often picked on by the rest of the cast, particularly Kim Jong-kook, due to his timid nature as well as similar appearance to the Na'vi species from Avatar. He is one of the weakest players, often the first to be eliminated during race missions. However, he has grown to easily betray his fellow members without concern.
Kang Garie
Nicknames: Peaceful Gary, Gae-colas Cage,Monday Boyfriend, Straight-Going Gary,Gary-sswi

Introduced alongside Lee Kwang-soo and Song Joong-ki as one of the "variety rookies" due to his lack of experience on variety shows prior to Running Man. He is shown as the most gullible and is easily fooled by the other members. Throughout the series, he has been involved in the primary loveline of the show alongside Song Ji-hyo. Although shown to be quite clueless at times, he is shown to be quite strong during the race missions even managing to win both special race missions in order to find the best Running Man and winning a trip to Europe.

Ji Suk Jin
Nicknames: Big Nose Older Brother, Sunflower, Impala

The oldest member of the show and one of Yu Jae-suk's closest friends, knowing each other for more than 20 years. He is shown to be jealous of the good relationship between Yu Jae-suk and Kim Jong-kook. During the race missions, he is shown to be one of the weakest members and is the easiest and most frequently eliminated out of the cast, so easily that the other members would declare that the race has officially started after his elimination.

Running Man has became an internationally popular korean variey show. The main reason is the selection of the main cast. Each members were given distinctive characters which we can associate with. We need the seven prominent colours to form a rainbow, likewise, Running man needs all the members in order to capture the attentions of viewers. From the initial part of chasing and running, the running man had progressed to other games. I would like to compliment the scriptwriters and the PD for being creative and hardwarkin, they brainstormed for ideas to inject fun and excitment in the games.

In my opinion, Running man is one of the best variety show in Korea . The attractiveness of the programme is the interaction between the running man and the guests. They are comical and fun in delivering the show, and some of the antics never fails to make me laugh. In the past, i used to watch  the widely popular variety show such as Family outing and  X-Man, which conicedientally starred my favorite MC Yoo Jae-Suk and Kim Jong Kook. Nowadays, i get my satisfaction watching Running Man which is just as funny and interesting.

However, the Running Man team seems to overused the idea of placing a 'spy' in a mission. Initially, it was a refreshing idea to include spy, but it does get tiredsome at times. Some of the episodes, the production team seem to make it obvious who will win the game. Some of the games were reused and were predictable. The ultimate prize of the winner is either gold or money which i believe is to attract the guests to participate. Nonetheless, i think sometimes it will be better to include the punishment which they did during the first few episodes of Running Man. I will continue to see how creative the games are and the content of the show is something which i look forward to every week.

These were some of the episodes which i personally recommend and enjoyed:
1) Episode 96, 97 (Guest starring: Park Ji-sung )
2) Episode 93 (Suvivor Game)
3) Episode 74 (Superpower Game)
4) Episode104 (Olympics Game)
5) Episode 98 (High School Trip)
6) Episode 99 (Conqueror Game)
7) Episode 84,85 (Guest Starring Big Bang)
8) Episode 63,64 (Guest starring Girls Generation)
9) Episode 44 (Guest Starring Jang Hyuk)
10) Episode 10, 57 (Guest Starring Cha Tae-Hyun)

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T-ara management grapples with fallout from Hwayoung controversy

SEOUL: The head of Korean girl group T-ara's management agency Core Contents Media (CCM), Kim Kwang Soo, on Tuesday denied rumours that group member Ryu Hwayoung, who has been asked to leave over staff complaints about her, had been slapped by her group mate Jiyeon, reported Korean media.

Kim described the rumours, which had spread like wildfire after a netizen who claimed to be a former backup dancer for the group posted a detailed account of how Ryu was bullied by her group mates, as "lies".

He re-iterated that his decision to give Ryu the boot was based solely on the opinions of the staff working with T-ara, and had "nothing to do" with the rumours about bullying within the group, pointing out that he believed this decision will help her "become a better artiste".

Despite Kim's best efforts to contain the situation, the controversy surrounding Hwayoung's departure – many Korean netizens believe she was actually cut from the group after she was bullied by her group mates - continues to grow.

In light of the recent controversy, CCM announced Tuesday that T-ara's scheduled performance at the Yeosu Expo on Wednesday has been cancelled.

A Korean cosmetics brand also recently said that it will no longer be using T-ara to promote its products, while other advertisers are reportedly considering their options and adopting a wait-and-see approach before committing to any endorsement deal with the girl group.


5,000 tickets for Big Bang’s Peruvian concert sold in 40 minutes

Since the announcement of not one but two concerts in Latin America, fans from the lucky countries (Peru and Brazil) have been waiting eagerly for the tour dates, tickets sale dates and prices.

It was just about last week when Big Bang finally confirmed the tour date for their concert in Peru, which will be held this November 14, at the Jockey Club of Peru. Ticket sales started this week on August 1.

This gathered attention from fans not just from Peru but also from other countries such as Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and even Panama. Since the official announcement was made, fans started gathering since Sunday outside the official selling stores. There was an endless line of fans who even slept outside the stores in order to get their tickets.

Once the stores opened to the public in the morning of August 1, the agency stated they sold 5,000 tickets in 40 minutes. Most of them for the “Kandavu section”, which is right in front of the stage, and also they said they had to expand the section with just 200 additional tickets. Three hours later, the sales went up to 7,000 tickets with the “Kandavu Section” almost sold out.

The concert was originally planned with an attendance of 9,000 fans, but if the demand keeps increasing, it might be possible to even expand it a little bit further. This is one of the most awaited K-Pop concerts in Latin America so far, right along with JYJ‘s. Excited VIPs cannot wait any longer and hope for November to come fast.

credit: soompi, Generación K-Pop and BigBang is Great Arequipa
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JJ Lin's health compromised due to hectic work schedule

The singer discovers he is suffering from a severe case of stomach ulcers after complaining of stomach pain. Erratic work hours, skipped meals and high levels of work stress - according to doctors, these are reasons that contributed to JJ Lin's severe bout of stomach ulcers. After enduring stomach pains for a month, JJ Lin was sent for emergency treatment at Taipei's Chung Shan Hospital after the pain got severe.

After a scan, doctors discovered that JJ was suffering from stomach ulcers and his condition was so severe that his small intestines were also affected. JJ himself was alarmed when doctors pointed that he had slight bleeding in his stomach.

The Singaporean singer's health has taken a beating of late. He contracted a bad bout of influenza recently, which was so serious that a doctor had to be summoned to his hotel in Malaysia to treat his illness. He recovered quickly and returned to work promoting his latest album, Lost N Found.


Jolin Tsai to release first studio album in two years

Ahead of Jolin Tsai's latest album, which is set to be released on September 14, photographs of her album photo shoot have been released, raising expectations for her first studio release since Myself in August 2010.

Her title track, 'Da Yan Yi Jia', will showcase a new style of dancing for the pop princess and is also set to challenge the songbird vocally as she has raised the standard of her rapping and singing parts.
Taiwanese-born designer Chen Shao Yen, who is based in London, was specially hired to design Jolin's slinky gold outfit. He shared that Jolin had full trust in his design and even went to the extent of celebrating his birthday for him. He praised the singer for being both professional and caring. The photo shoot was conducted in Paris and has garnered a lot of attention, raising the hype for her upcoming album.

The music video for her title song will be released simultaneously in 60 different countries on August 15 -including Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, the United States, Canada and Australia.