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FLYING - 1st Korean Sport Comedy

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FLYING - 1st Korean Sport Comedy

Adding to my collection of dancicals is FLYING, the first Korean non-verbal sports comedy presented incorporating b-boying, gymnastics, cheer leading, and martial arts. It was an 80 minute performance that spanned from the past to the present. Held at the Esplanade Theatre, this time DramaQueen and I got to seat in Circle 2 instead of 3, so it was closer to the action. Thank goodness for the GV (Golden Village) card 10% discount!

FLYING - 1st Korean Sport Comedy Esplanade

Synopsis and Review

The story of FLYING starts off in the past during the Silla Dynasty where a goblin appears during a Hwarang martial art competition, causing mayhem. The scene opens with a girl dancing some traditional dance and... Read more>>

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

跑 跑 人 第 一 百 二 十 集 (Running Man episode 120)

主 题:零 零 七 之 神 枪 手

来 宾: 朴 信 惠, 李 升 基

分 三 组:
  1.  李 升 基, 刘 在 石, 李 光 洙
  2. 朴 信 惠, 金 钟 国, 哈 哈 
  3. 宋 智 孝, 池 石 镇, Gary
录 影 节目 当 天,刘 在 石 接 到 任 务 必 须 在 限 定 的 时 间 内 以 零 零 七 的 方 式 找 出 来 宾 和 其 他 跑 跑 人并 把 R 标 签 贴 到 对 方 身 上。 与 此 同 时 其 他 的 跑 跑 人 成 员 也 接 到 任 务 ,并 且 搜 查 范 围 在 这 几 个 地 方。首 先 在 石 出 发,并 在 大 厦 内 找 到 光 诛。他 立 刻 拔 腿 就 跑, 然 而 在 石 最 终 把 R 标 签 贴 到 对 方 身 上。他 们 变 成 一 组 并 且 一 起 去 找 其 他 的 成 员。

在 另 一 个 地 点,朴 信 惠 出 现 了。她 的 任 务 是 躲 开 跑 跑 人 ,然 而 她 很 快 被 在 石 发 现 了。光 诛 和 在 石 都 很 意 外 看 见 她, 此时 钟 国 优 雅 的 出 现 在 咖 啡 厅,背 景 播 放 着 着 钟 国 的 音 乐。之 后,李 升 基 出 现 了,他 非 常 紧 张 而 且 还 不 时对 着 镜 头 喃 喃 自 语。

升 基 接 到 任 务 也 马 上 出 发 完 成 任 务。而 镜 头 的 另 一 边,钟 国 和 信 惠 发 现 Gary 也 把 把 R 标 签 贴 到 对 方 身 上。升基 把 指 定 的 任务 进 行 得 很 顺 利。他 找 到 了 定 单 也 交 换 了 货 物, 并 准 备 坐 摩 托 车 前 往 指 定 地 点。出 发 前, 背 景 播 放 东 方 神 起 的 'Catch me', 升 基 笑 说 难道 在 说 我 吗?

升基 中, 务。 道,跑 他。光 竟, 目。 惜, 了。

大 家 - 基! 中,哈 X-Man 初。 始, 伍。 中, 装, 示。

一个地 点,然 穿 枪。谁 倒, 一个 点。金 功, 移个地 点。

子,念 里。游 出, 奇百怪 情。
李 升 功, 点。 使 用制作 单位 提供 帕,钓鱼网 和衣架 穿 体。每 议论纷纷, 穿 越。 儿, 战, 的, 里。 关。

最 后 任务 汰。 胜, 队伍 台笔  

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跑 跑 人 (Running Man)

我 之 前 不 知 道 为 什 么 韩 国 娱 乐 综 艺 节 目 如 此 受 欢 迎,直 到 我 因 朋 友 介绍 而 观 看 跑 跑 人 。随 后 更 谜 上 了 这 个综 艺 节 目, 几乎 每 一 集 都 观 看。节目主持人是 刘 在 石 , 他 带 领 成 员 池 石 镇, 宋 智 孝, 金 钟 国,李 光 诛, 哈 哈, Gary 和 前 成 员 宋 仲 基 发 挥 娱 乐 材 华, 以 诙 谐 有 趣 的 方 式 主 持 每 一 集。

节目策 划 人 在 每 一 集 都 想 尽 办 法 以 有 趣, 新 鲜 的 游 戏, 精 心设 计 的 角色 以 及 成 员与 嘉 宾 之 间 的 互 动 吸 引 观 众。跑 跑 人 如 今 以 播 到 一 百 二 十 集 了, 节 目 从 二零 一 零 年 播 放 至 今 陪 伴 大 家 度 过 许多 美 好 时 光。 一 开 始,收 视 率 不 理 想, 然 而 大 家 不 放 弃, 坚 持 梦 想。 随 后,收 视 率 爆 红, 更 受 到 韩 国 以 外 广大 观 众 的 欢 迎。以 下 是 人 物 介 绍:

刘 在 石

外号:草 猛, 007
著名主持人 : 家 庭 外 出 日,X-Man
特点:领 导 能 力,影响力很 强,狡 猾,聪 明,最 会 逃跑

池 石 镇

外号:黑 斑 羚
著名主持人: Star Golden Bell
特点:幽 默, 有 趣,游 戏 开 跑 者


外号:能 力 者,老 虎, 国 儿, 主 导 者
歌 手: Turbo
特点:强 悍,领 导 能 力,刘 在 石 的 对 手

外号:蒙 智 孝,优 秀者, 星 期 一 女 友
演 员: 宫

哈 哈

外号:企 鹅
 歌 手: Jump
特点:幽 默, 有 趣,可 爱

李 光

外号:长 劲 鹿
演员:城 市 猎 人
特点:背 叛 者


外号:星期 一 男友
歌 手:Leessang
特点:一 匹 黑 马

Sunday, November 18, 2012

May Queen Episode 10


Kang San recognized Hae Joo as the one that flipped him over at the nightclub. He coolly smirk and remind her of that incident. Kang San also sabotage her interview by stating that she is a gangster. Il Moon on the other hand do not have any intention to hire Hae Joo despite her plead. Kang San introduce himself to Il Moon and to his surprise, he realize that they were ex-classmate. In Hwa came to the company to look for Kang San, however, Kang san was irritated and wanted to avoid her.

Hae Joo was disappointed with the rejection and stared at the shipbuilding plant with dismay. Kang San drove his motorbike pass and noticed Hae Joo disappointment. Chang Hee called Hae Joo on the phone but she did not answer and he thought of his father conversation with him. He made the decision to look for Hae Joo and true enough, he found her at the cliff and piggyback her down the slope.

Chang Hee took Hae Joo to a teahouse and meet Bulter Park. Chang Hee stated that they were dating and his father could not take it and left immediately. They chased out but Butler Park cannot stand the sight of Hae Joo without feeling guilty. Hae Joo waited at Ulsan terminal sobbing quietly as she recounted the incident.

Chang Hee tried to talk to his father in accepting Hae Joo by proclaiming that she is the lighthouse that prevented him from becoming a monster. However, Butler Park will have none of this and insist that he become President Jang Son-in-law. Kang San went to President Jang office and introduced himself, President Jang was wary of his motive. Meanwhile, Kang San later discovered that the girl that went to the interview was Hae Joo. Back at home, Hae Joo was surprised to know that her brother had left his job in the insurance company. She reprimanded her elder brother in front of his friends. He was upset with Hae Joo and picked up a fight at home.

Bong Hee tried to seduce Jeong Woo with her dressing at In Hwa restaurant, but the latter did not pay attention to her and went straight to the dining table to order food. In Hwa noticed that Bong Hee dresses sexily but Bong Hee quickly drove her away with a glance. Jeong Woo and Bong Hee talked about the ship drilling plan and Bong Hee was frustrated that work is the common topic. To change the topic, Jeong Woo who was promoted to the chief prosecutor started to talk about the cases which he handles. Unable to take it any longer, Bong Hee bang the table and threw a spoon at Jeong Woo eye before she left the restaurant. In Hwa reported what she saw to her mother on the line and noticed that Guem Hee sounded weird. Guem Hee brushed off her that she is just tired.

Guem Hee waited for Il Moon after work and ask him when did he know that he is not her son. Il Moon answered that he knew about it since young but he did not tell In Hwa. Hae Joo cried helplessly while washing the dishes as her mother watch on. The phone rang many times, but Hae Joo did not answer Chang Hee phone call. The next day, someone from Cheon Ji shipbuiding look for Hae Joo. She met Kang San at the yacht and question his motive for bring her here. She mistakenly thought that he is making fun of her and threw him into the ocean. Just when she is about to leave, she had a call from the company and indeed Ryan Kang is offering her a job in the technical department. She panicky went back and Kang San pretended to cry for help and drag her into the water. She did a CPR on him as he played a trick on her.

Kang San called her 'tinker' and Hae Joo remembered that he is her childhood friend 'liar'. Kang San is curious about Hae Joo first love and she said that it is not him. President Jang looked for President Kang and stated that they cannot fight with him and ultimately Kang San is going to get hurt. President Kang was worried about his grandson, he decided look for Kang San at his house. Kang San declared that he will fight with him openly and will not resort to underhand method.

Chang Hee look for Hae Joo at the lighthouse and Hae Joo break the good news that she is employed at Cheon Ji Shuipbuilding Company. She needs to find a house here and Chang Hee took her to Jeong Woo house. Jeong Woo welcome Hae Joo and her family to stay at his house and Bong Hee came shortly after and was surprised to see Hae Joo. The next day, Bong Hee came home in a drunken state and revealed that Hae Joo is staying at Jeong Woo house and found a job at Cheon Ji Shipbuilding company. Guem Hee immediately asks the driver to send her to the company. Bulter Park followed the car immediately when he heard the news but he could not catch up with Geum Hee at the traffic light junction.

Guem Hee met Hae Joo at the toilet and saw the scar mark at the back of her neck and asked her about it. Hae Joo replied that she does not know about it either as she had it since young. Geum Hee looked like she almost fainted upon hearing that.

Drama Review

Kang Hee and Hae Joo interaction was very cute and funny. It is not a surprise that all the characters in the drama grew up exactly the same person as a child; even the adults remain the same. They never change in personalities and their way of doing things.

Butler Park is so scary as a father to insist on pushing his son Chang Hee into a monster. I think Chang Hee was sweet and truthful when he declared that Hae Joo is his lighthouse to remain cheerful in a harsh society. I understand Butler Park's sacrifice and suffering for Chang Hee but i felt that he is so selfish to think of himself only and he disregard his son feeling.

This is the first drama where i did not really care about who the main characters will end up with. Rather than that, i am more interested in the process and the plot of revenge. My question is, will the storyline be engaging or will it go downhill from now?

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Frankenweenie - The Review

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As Tim Buton filmed this movie, it has his quirky “dark” signature to it, but this movie has been toned down from its original, which Disney rejected as being too “dark”. This is my first stop-motion movie in black and white, which meant that not all of the character movements and scene transition were that smooth; giving that retro old-school projector ‘feel’. The monochrome-ness of the movies does not distract from the storyline and was pretty entertaining. Although in black and white, it is not that gothic and it was amusing to see how the jokes in the movie were referenced to old black and white horror movies.

The movie setting is in an American suburban area in the early 1950-60s where life in a relatively quiet small town called Holland about a boy called Victor Frankenstein. Victor is a very quiet boy who hard has any friends. His only friend is his dog, Sparky. Being quiet and spending all his time indoors with Sparky making home movies have made his parent worry about his development. His father manages to convenience him to participate in some outdoor sports, which ultimately leads to Sparky’s untimely departure. The moment when Sparky departs was very sad and emotional for a black and white movie.

It just so happens that prior to the Sparky’s accident, Victor has a new science teacher who taught about the power of lightning and how it could move the muscles of the dead (the teacher used a dead frog). So in his sorrow and desperation, Victor sneaks into the pet cemetery and digs up Sparky’s body. Back home, he stitches and sews Sparky and wires him up to the electric current from the thunderstorm (through a very complicated process) and Sparky is revived!

The awakened Sparky is the same energetic, happy dog, unaware that he was brought back from the dead. He is somewhat like an electrical device, which needs to get powered up with electricity – cute in a morbid way considering that he is already dead.

As Victor tries to keep Sparky a secret, his classmate (who really resembles Egor) finds out his secret and blackmails him to tell him the secret of being back the dead to life. This is where things start to go awry as there is a school science fair that is ongoing and Victor’s other classmates find out his secret and want to outdo his creation. But they end up with monster creations that are wrecking havoc on the town.

Meanwhile Sparky realizes that he is not the same dog he used to be: an encounter with Victor’s parents caused him to see himself in the mirror and you could see that look of horror flash across the dog’s face when he saw his reflection in the mirror. It made me feel bad for Sparky; he did not ask to be revived and now that he was, he was a monster, just a shadow of his former self. Sadly, the movie does not explore this aspect – about Sparky’s reluctance in this whole thing. Instead, the movie quickly shifts to saving the town from the monstrous creations that Victor’s classmates have brought back from the dead.

In the process of trying to right the wrong of his (mad scientist) classmates, Victor’s life is endangered and Sparky comes to his rescue and dies a second time (emotional). However, as this is a Disney production it is a happy ending. I can’t say that it was a really satisfying ending, but at least there was closure for the characters and it was happy (in a creepy but kid-friendly way).

This movie is perfect for those who love Tim Buton’s style and works, or just a fun filled movie that is slightly ‘dark’ but otherwise entertaining with a simple yet heart-rending storyline. The characters in the movie are enduring and hilarious, particularly Victor’s classmate when they were doing their science experiments and the cat “Mr. Whiskers”.

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May Queen Episode 9


Hae Joo jumped down from the cliff and landed deep into the ocean. While concussions in the water, she remembered what her dad told her and clinched on the the last hope to survive. She opened her eyes and struggled to swim up to the surface of the water. 15 years later, Hae Joo has grown up and work in a ship building factory, giving her opportunity to show her talent in welding. Now, she was spotted ridding a motorbike and goes to the market to get some fishes and crabs for her family. It turns out that she is still living with her stepmother family. Her siblings have grown up and San Tae remain as a good-for-nothing guy that lazed around at home.

When Hae Joo discovered that her stepmother had brought a car for her brother, she was frustrated as she see that San Tae does not need to purchase a car as a salesman. Hae Joo was even more angry when she find out that her brother was being deceived and cheated of the money with the 'new' car. Just when she is about to blow her top, her mobile phone rung and she stepped aside to answer the phone. She was glad to be informed to go for a interview in a shipping company at Ulsan. 

Chang Hee becomes a prosecutor and is performing his duties in a company. He is mean and cold towards others and only response to his father and Hae Joo. At home, Bulter Park informed Chang Hee that he had a missed call from his chief, it turns out that the missed call is from Hae Joo. He is pleased to know that Hae Joo is coming to Ulsan for an interview.

President Jang came back with his family in luxurious cars and stop by the house. Chang Hee greeted them at the doorstep as they walked pass, Il Moon stared at him. It had been a long time and President Jang Mention that Kang San had achieved a lot in America. At the mention of this, Kang San was seen relaxing surrounded by pretty ladies. Except that he does not have interest in any of them and was even angry when one of them touches him.

Ryan Kang is Kang San and he now uses this name. He went to Il Moon company to return a blue print which went wrong. Hae Joo went to her mother shop to help out and was surprised to know that Young Joo went to the Nightclub. Hae Joo went to look for her and coincidentally Kang Sa is there. Young Joo flirt with Kang San and Hae Joo happened to be there and she warned him to stay away from Young Joo. When Kang San tried to stop Hae Joo, she arm twisted Kang San and flipped him over to the ground. In Hwa, having heard that Kang San had returned to Korea, went to look for him.
Kang San went to look for his grandfather who is still living at his old company.

On the other hand, Hae Joo has the burden to take care of her siblings who are not sensible. No matter how tired she is, she tried her best to self study at night. President Jang instructed Chang Hee do help him with a matter regarding his business. But the plan was obstructed by chief prosecutor Jeong Woo stated that the case was not handled in a proper manner and refused to accept Chang Hee suggestion.

Hae Joo met Chang Hee at the Ulsan bus station and she lost her balance and fall infront of Chang Hee. Her high heels was spoilt and they brought a new shoes at the shoes shop. They spent some time together before heading to a hotel room. Hae Joo was too tired and fall asleep, Chang Hee went after receiving countless missed call from his father. It turns out that President Jang and family were having a dinner and Chang Hee is supposed to attend. They were discussing the arrange marriage between Chang Hee and In Hwa. Everyone except Il Moon opposed to the whole idea.

Chang Hee intend to tell his father about him dating Hae Joo, but Hae Joo was reprehensive about it as their status does not match. Chang Hee was disappointed but followed what she says. The next day, Hae Joo went for the interview at Il Moon company and was criticize for the lack of  paper qualification. At this moment, Kang San stomp into the room and demand for an explanation on the change of blue print.

Drama Review

Finally, we are introduce to the adult casts and it is great to know what are these people doing now. I felt that it is time for the adult cast to appear otherwise the show will get very boring soon. I like the introduction to the main characters and their personality traits. I am more amazed by the fact that Hae Joo managed to reunite with her family and keep in contract with her Chang Hee oppa. I guess this only happens in Korean drama.

To my disappointment, Hae Joo (Han Ji Hye) does not have any onscreen chemistry with Chang Hee (Jae Hee), neither does she have any with Kang San (Kim Jae Won).They look like siblings or friends rather than lover. I think it is not that they are lacking in acting, it is just that they did not have any 'sparks' when acting together.

The only thing i look forward is how the story unfolds from now and what Bulter Park will do to seperate Chang Hee and Hae  Joo. The more interesting part is how Kang San will react or response to hear Hae Joo and Chang Hee dating. Hopefully the next few episodes will not be so draggy. 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

May Queen Episode 8


Bong Hee found Hae Joo and her family under the bridge and offered to help them. They pushed the cart to President Jung house and saw Butler Park who was shocked to see them. Bong Hee stopped the cart and went in to look for her sister Guem Hee. In Hwa was glad to see her friend Hae Joo and even asked her mum to help them but Guem Hee disapproved. Chang Hee offered his house to act as a temporary shelter for them instead. On the other hand President Kang was wrongly arrested by the authorities. Kang San watches helplessly as his grandfather was led away by the officers.

Guem Hee demanded President Jang to release Jeong Woo and he agreed to help. Hae Joo was drying the clothes and bedsheet and Chang Hee gave him a hand. While flipping the laundry together, Hae Joo accidentally fell on Chang Hee and they hugged each other. At this time, ll Moon interupted their moment. He spilled insults on the both of them, to the point when Hae Joo could not take it anymore and used a broom and hit ll Moon. Guem Hee witnessed this and was displeased with Hae Joo.

At night, Hae Joo comforted her mother and assured her that everything will be fine. Bong Hee waited for Jeong Woo outside the police station and when she saw him, she gave him a big hug. President Kang was released from the police station and he instructed Kang San to study at the states. His shipbuilding plant company was force to give up and he wanted Kang San to attained it back when he grows up.

Kang San went to look for Hae Joo and he met ll Moon who gloated at his misfortune. In a moment of anger, Kang San punched ll Moon on the face. Hae Joo met Kang San and the latter gave her a ship model in exchange of Hae Joo Hairband. He gave Hae Joo a hug after he revealed that he will be studying at the United State. Chang Hee witness the scene and Hae Joo hurriedly pushes Kang San away. Kang San told Chang Hee that he will be leaving to the states and urged Chang Hee to leave the house when he grows up.

President Kang was devastated with the loss of the shipping company to President Jang. On the other hand Kang San get ready to board the plane and In Hwa came to see him off. Hae Joo and In Hwa were trying on new dress and In Hwa suggested to Hae Joo to bun up her hair. President Jang saw the scarred mark at the back of Hae Joo neck and felt uneasy. He asked Hae Joo stepmother whether Hae Joo is her biological daughter to the surprise of Bulter Park. She replied that Hae Joo is indeed her daughter and on the other hand she wonders how President Jang know about Hae Joo parentage.

President Jang ordered Bulter Park to relocate Hae Joo and her family. In a bid to chase Hae Joo and family out of the house, he volunteered to pay the debts on behalf of the family. In Hwa was sad to see Hae Joo move to another hometown and insisted that they keep in contact. Hae Joo read the note which Chang Hee passed to her and was deeply moved. Just at this moment, she asked the driver to stop the lorry and headed to the cliff. She promised to her father that she return to Ulsan again.

The housekeeper intended to throw the garbage away when Guem Hee saw the yellow sweater and she was reminded of Yoo Jin. Guem Hee demanded to find out the truth and Butler Park called the debt collectors to change the plan. Geum Hee went to the house and was surprised that it was abandoned. Hae Joo and her family was locked up in a place. They tried to dig the ground and remove the stones underneath the door. Hae Joo had an idea, she asked Young Joo to crawl under the door and open the door from the outside. Hae Joo and family was rescued but they met the debt collectors on the way and had to hide themslves. Hae Joo used herself as the bait to distract the debt collectors while her family run away.

Guem Hee was looking for Hae Joo frantically while Hae Joo family waited at the bus terminal for her. The debt collector caught Hae Joo and pushed her to the boat but she fought back and ran away from them. She came to a dead end at the cliff and she jumped into the water.


In Hwa is pretty cute although she is a pampered princess. I am glad that she is nice to Kang San and Hae Joo. It is kind of sad that Kang San had to go through so much at such a young age. He had the burden of getting back all that his grandfather lost from President Jang.

Guem Hee finally knows that her daughter Yoo Jin could be still alive and suspected to be Hae Joo. This is the beginning of finding her daughter again after going on a merry-go-round.
 I am glad that Hae Joo mother actually wanted to show affection to her but find it difficult to do so. This shows that her mother is not that wicked or bad as what i thought initially. She does appreciate Hae Joo and treated her like her own daughter afterall.

I like the heart bumping moment between Chang Hee and Hae Joo, whereas Kang San will be the third party. It is the kind of crush that teenagers experience and it is usually most memorable. The next episode is the adult cast. Looking forward to how the story goes from here.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

DramaQueen's Pick: K. Will - The Third Mini Album

K.Will (Kim Hyung-Soo) is a south korean singer, songwriter, dancer, vocal coach, composer and actor. He debuted his first album - Left heart in 2007, followed by Love 119 in 2008. K. Will is one of the few singers in Korean who is able to sing R&B in such a charming manner.

Please don't

This talented singer demonstrated great groove and singing ability in this song. Glad to see him on comeback stage, his live performance is so good. This song is doing well on the music chart and i am glad that he chooses this song as the title track. His nice vocal blends in with the song perfectly. 

I need you

A nice song which is highly recommended, especially to couples who are in love. K. Will sang with passion and conviction that brightens up the relationship. K. Will has the ability to attract his audience through his voice which is amazing.

You are love

This is the OST for Arang and the Magistrate sang by K. Will. This is a beautiful song sang by K.Will which touches the hearts of many. 

You are so beautiful

K. Will can sing R&B blues so well, i am blown off by this song although it is not the main track of this album. K. Will has a beautiful voice certainly, without any doubts. 

My heart is beating

This is a popular song from K.Will previous album starring I.U and Lee Joon from MBLAQ.  This MTV is very interesting and cute, so i thought of sharing this video. I.U is sweet and innocent in this video, while Lee Joon is comedic and cute.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

DramaQueen's Pick: Kim Jong Kook 7th album - Journey Home

Album Review
Kim Jong Kook has released his 7th full length album on 1 November after a long hiatus. This is a highly anticipated album as it mark his comeback after three years. Muscleman is looking good and i am sure he is well prepared to conquer the music chart again.  I am pleasantly surprised that Kim Jong Kook manage to maintain his singing ability after all these years. In addition, he added more dept and sensibility to his vocal. 
In a recent interview with the media, he revealed that he had been keeping all the good songs during his long break from the music industry. Despite his suceess in the variety program such as Running Man, Kim Jong Kook did not give up on music. In order to ensure a good quality to his album, he put on the hat of a producer and a lyricist to some of his songs. This album showcase a variety of music genre, such as hip hop, rap, electro dance, reggae and ballads.

Men are all like that

This is the main track feautring his good friend Song Joong Ki who was a former Running Man member. Kim Jong Kook sings about how affectionate feelings end up fading and finally dying after a break up.  Check out the heart wrenching music video with Song Joong Ki. I like the way the MTV was filmed, it was artistic and at the same time able to connect with the audience. With the eye candy Song Joong Ki starring in this music video is a big bonus. This MTV also reminded me of his latest drama - Nice guy.

Words i want to say to you

I especially like this track number because it features the Running Man members Haha and Gary. I always thought that it will be good if they collaborate on a song since they were in the Music industry. I like it that his dongseungs were so supportive of their hyung. This song showcase their different style - reggae, soft rap and pop, all in one track! It is amazing and their voices blends in with each other. I can't help but to move and sway with the music.

Men also feel sad

This track features Mighty Mouth and i have always like their rapping and hip hop style. I think it is a great idea to collaborate with them again. Initially, i expected this song to be a soft ballad when i saw the teaser a few days before the release of this single, but i was wrong. Not that i dislike this arrangement through, instead i like the way Kim Jong Kook handle this song. It is an upbeat song which involve a lot of rhyme sense and skills in adjusting the voice and tempo.

Thinking of you

This is Kim Jong Kook unique style of ballad, as usual his signature soothing voice was fully demostrated in this song. It is a good idea not to use high pitch too often as it does get over the top at times. He is smart to tone down on his high pitch and sing this song with sensibility. When i listen to this song, i was reminded of  why i like this 'one man' at the first place. His voice is sincere and it touches my heart.

Thousand footprints

This is a light hearted song which is catchy and easy on the ears. I cannot imagine a tough and strong guy like him can sing like an angel. His voice is sweet and beautiful just like this song. I feel like walking in a garden with wind blowing in my face while listening to this song. 'Sarranghae' i love this song very much.


This track is a great collaboration with Turbo member Mikey. I missed the Turbo days when Kim Jong Kook was an active dancer in the 90's.  Nowadays, he does not dance and i wish he could do some cool dance steps for his songs. To all the young people who were not familar with the Turbo days, this is a great song feauturing Mikey as the rapper. Kim Jong Kook sang a few lines with a mixture of English and Korean as this is the trend nowadays. His English is good but i was a little taken aback with the special effect at the beginning. Subsequently, i enjoyed the song pretty much after listening to it a few times.

The story that is not the end

This is a sad ballad that is sang with much emotion and sadness. A unqiue style which Kim Jong Kook carries in all his ballads. Kim Jong Kook protrays a sensitve new age guy type of image which melted the hearts of the 'ahjumas' and the more mature ladies. Daebak.

Was so pretty

This is the sweet and gentle kookie voice that we are familar with. Kookie returns to the root of album making, that is to ensure a good quality to all his songs. This is something different from all the manufactured albums by the idols in this generation. Indeed, a little old school but it is definately sang with passion.

You should be happy

This song reminded me of his famous hit song - letter. I remembered watching the MTV and was totally blown off by this singer. This is kookie usual style of ballads except that it is more polished than before and i think experience speaks volume.


A nice song that started out slow and gradually increase its tempo and rhythm. Kim Jong Kook stick to his style of music and does it well. Overall, a great effort by spartakook for taking his music seriously. Bravo!