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Running Man 'Race Start' in Singapore Expo Part II

Next, the Running Man cast is going to play games with some lucky fans on stage. I supposed those lucky fans were picked before the showcase. The Running Man cast was divided into two teams – White team (Jee Seok Jin, Gary), Blue team (Jong Kook and Haha) whereas Song Ji Hyo can participate in either team. The first game is a guessing game. They are supposed to stand in a line and a picture was flashed onscreen and the team have to pass the message through body gesture all the way to the last person in the team and the person have to guess the correct answer. Danny teach the Running Man cast to ‘Sabo’ (use tricks to make the other party lose) each other. The first name that came to mind is Lee Kwang Soo who is known for his betrayal. Jong Kook team did pretty well for this game, thanks to Haha who can imitate a monkey so well that they scored a point for their team when they get the answer right.

The next game is kicking the slippers into the shoes cabinet and their names were pasted inside the shelf. What a pity! Gary almost kicked his slipper into the cabinet but it bounces off the edge. Eventually, a contestant accidentally kicked a slipper into Kim Jong Kook cabinet and that was a mistake, thus giving a point to Jong Kook team. Next, it was Jong Kook turn to kick the slipper and the Running Man cast keeps teasing him by giving him the pink slipper. Jong Kook rejected their offer and carefully picked a orange slipper that is a bigger size. He almost made it but it slipped past the shoe cabinet. Kim Jong Kook team won the games and they give out the freebies to the participants and took photograph with them onstage.

Finally, Danny told the audience to take out their tickets because there is going to be a lucky draw. Each Running Man will draw five tickets from the balloting bowl. These lucky fans will be able to come onstage to play games with the Running Man. To our disappointment, we did not get chosen and some of the fans were pretty sore about it. Sensing the disappointment, HaHa asked the audiences to be sporting and give some cheers to the people onstage. It turned out that the people who are chosen have to dance to Psy – “Oppa Gangam style” One of the participants even danced forward and shake in order to get picked by the Running Man.

Eventually, five participants were picked by the Running Man and the game is sticking post-it stickers on the participants and they have 30 seconds to shake off the post-it stickers. I like the way the four Running Man flower boys chanting, “I am sorry” when they pasted the stickers on the participants. Danny even commented that the way they sing is like ‘hokkien’ song (because of the tone). Before the competition start, Danny asked the Running Man demonstrate to the audience by dancing. Jee Seok Jin and Gary shake and dance to the music. Noticeably Gary is clearly a good dancer as he move and sway with his signature butterfly dance step. Not to be outdone, Kim Jong Kook showed off his dance move together with HaHa and Song Ji Hyo. Gary looked sad when he said to Ji Hyo, “Why did you dance with them?” Ji Hyo replied, “I love you!” to thunderous applauds and cheers from the audiences. Gary was pleasantly surprised and said, "This is the first time you said that!" Ji Hyo did a couple dance with Gary, but when Gary attempt to plant a kiss on Ji Hyo cheek, he gets pushed away by her.

The game starts and the participants tried their best to shake off the post-it stickers. In the end, Ji hyo team has the most number of post-it stickers left on the guy body. The man was teased by Danny for jumping like a zombie. HaHa on the other hand tried to play trick when he took out the post-it stickers from his team by counting to two when there are more than two post-it stickers left. Therefore, the winner is Kim Jong Kook team who has the least number of post-it stickers.

The last game of the day is tug of war and the other five participants will come out and compete with the Running Man team. The person standing behind has to reach out for the bell and ring it in order to win the game. All the participants left were ladies and Danny asked one of the participants, “Are you nervous to face Kim Jong Kook?” The lady said, “No I am not nervous.” Upon hearing that, Kim Jong Kook looked relief and offer a hug to her. For the first round, the Running Man wins easily but subsequently they added the number to nine participants and the Running man finally lost. Likewise, the participants were given autograph T-Shirts and caps for their participation.

Time for some performance by the Running Man as they prepare behind stage, we were shown video clips of the Running Man members. In addition, they recorded a video message from Lee Kwang Soo to the delights of many but some of them were disappointed that Yoo Jae Suk did not appear in the video.

Then the Running Man cast did song numbers and Jee Suk Jin sang ‘I swear’, a throwback to his comedic audtion in 1993. The atmosphere was high when Gary appears onstage and rap Leessang’s ‘Can’t break up girl, can’t break away boy’ and ‘you are the answer to a guy like me.’ After that, there was a rendition of Leessang’s ‘Turn off the TV’ by the Monday couple. Haha did a medley of ‘story of a little kid, ‘You are my fate’ and ‘Rosa’, along with ‘Busan Vacance’; and kim Jong Kook rolled out his famous ‘One man’ and ‘Today more than yesterday’. Staffs were holding the torchlight and walking about the place to stop fans from filming and taking photographs.

The finale was the greatest highlight of the day when the fans started to crowd at the front stage. They sang Leessang’s Humility is hard and Kim Jong Kook ‘Loveable’. These energies bunnies ran and dance around the stage while singing. They even prepared flowers to throw to the audience. I was pretty shocked when some fans reached out and snatched the flowers in a slightly chaotic situation. Haha and Gary splashed some water at the crowds and towels were thrown out to the fans. At one point, Kim Jong Kook even showed off his choco abs to the audience. That marked the end of the performances as the Running Man cast hold hands and bowed down to the audience. They promised to come back next year with all the seven members and will suggest to the Running Man team to film in Singapore. After the Fan meet, they went for clubbing at the Zouk before they left Singapore the next day. Kim Jong Kook left Changi Airport at 2.30pm.
My thoughts
Running Man went back to Korea and they left behind great memories for us fans. I still remember the awesome performance by the cast and the excitement in my heart. Although I had met Jong Kook oppa at his fan meet, I was still starstruck when I saw him again at the Autograph session. I was fated to receive Song Ji Hyo unnie autograph and was very happy about it. I even received a hug from her. She is so pretty and slim but her arms are strong. Glad to see the 5 Running Man in Singapore. Love them all!! Gary is Super dubber cute and cool, Haha is humorous and funny, Jong Kook is manly, strong and has sharp features, Song Ji Hyo is pretty and has flawless skin, Jee Suk Jin is a comical funny man.. Next time hope the Seven members will come to Singapore again.. Look forward.. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Running Man 'Race Start' in Singapore Expo Part I

After lunch, my friends and I went back home to freshen up for the Fan Meeting at Singapore Expo. My friend drove us to Singapore Expo and we ate our dinner at Subway. Finally, it was about time to go into the venue and I took some time to take pictures of the surrounding. I was amazed to find some boxes on the table and it turned out to be presents for the Running Man cast. Looking into the boxes, it seems like Jee Seok Jin has the most number of presents in the box.

Nonetheless, we queue up at the stand as we were ushered in by the staffs. The first impression when I stepped into the venue is that the place look spacious but the seats was rather cramped. There wasn’t much space to move and I felt restricted because of this arrangement. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find some Running Man freebies in a bag and we immediately looked into the bag. That was thoughtful of the organizer to give us at least something to bring home. Likewise, there were commercial onscreen to promote the sponsors for this event. Despite my friend queuing up so early for the Running Man Fanmeet, the first few rows infront of the stage was occupied by the Fanclubs.

The Singapore leg of the Running Man Fan Meeting Asia Tour 2013 was called ‘Watson Race Start!’ in Singapore.’ Organized by the One Channel, over 3000 Running Man fans turned up. Soon, the host Danny Yeo came on stage to warm up the atmosphere and urged the fans to call out, “Running Man!” The lights switched off and the screen showed the Running Man four Flower boys and our pretty main actress Song Ji Hyo. T-Max music ‘Almost Paradise’ played and the four flower boys turned around and strike a dashing pose. Fans were cheering for the Flower boys as they sing the song. Song Ji Hyo dressed in a striking red dress was standing behind the boys and was singing along with them.

The Running Man cast sat on the high stools as the host of the day Danny Yeo conducted a short interview with them. Song Ji Hyo red dress was rather short, fear of any exposure, the staffs caringly took out a white jacket for her to put on her lap. This is the first time Song Ji Hyo joined the ‘Race Start’ fanmeet in Singapore and the host asked for more cheers for her which the audiences gladly obliged. In addition, Danny teased the Running Man cast for being so close and even goes to the toilet together. HaHa smiled and snuggled to Kim Jong Kook who stood beside him.

Danny: Congratulation to Jee Seok Jin for winning the first individual game in episode 165.

JSJ: (Said with a winsome smile) Yes, this is the first time I won an individual race after three years With Running man. Cha, cha cha.. Saranghae Ji Suk Jin.
Danny: Kim Jong Kook Are you a competitive person?

KJK: (Immediately denied) No, I always let them win.

Danny: But they can't win you?
SJH: He is the Hulk.
JSJ, Haha: We betray with Kwang Soo.

Danny: In Singapore we use the word 'Sabo' ( use tricks on others to win)

Everybody: "Sabo"

Danny: This is the third time you came to Singapore, how do you feel?

KJK: Singapore is like my second home. The people here are nice. I be back in December.

Danny: The fans are concern about the tape at your back in Episode 167. Are you alright?

KJK: The tape? Oh it is to protect my back muscles from injuries, I am alright.

Danny: Song Ji Hyo being the only female in the cast, how do you feel?

SJH: I felt great, we are like family.

Danny: Do you face any difficulties?

Gary: She is a superwoman.

Haha: She is stronger than man.

SJH: We are family.

Danny: Gary you kissed Ji Hyo in Running Man!

Gary: (Looking at Ji Hyo) Yes, I was a bit crazy.

Danny: Ji Hyo how do you feel?                                                                                     
(Gary whisper to her ears, Sharp ears KJK overheard everything and exclaimed, " he ask Ji Hyo to say that she feel good!")

SJH: (Blushing) I felt good, we are a family. (Gary fist pump to the air and shouted, "Yes!)

Danny: HaHa this is your second visit to Singapore, how do you feel?

HaHa: I am glad to be in Singapore again.

Danny: What did you eat yesterday?
Gary: Chilli crab
HaHa: Chili crab and pepper crab! (Playfully teased his translator standing beside him)
Danny: What about tonight?

Gary: We are eating chili crab in a club!

KJK: Ji Hyo even quitted smoking because of us!

Danny: We are all part of the Running Man family. (The RM cast agreed)
Danny: Any plans to film Running Man in Singapore?
JSJ: Yes, we will go back to Korea and suggest to our team. We can film at the ferris wheel and some famous tourist place. 
HaHa: Showed his handphone picture of his candid shot with the Merlion. This is a good place to film Running Man.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kim Jong Kook interview - I Weekly

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Q: In the recent episode, you were defeated by Park Shin Hye. It was obvious that you let her win. Therefore, are female opponents your weakness? 

KJK: Yes, I will only go all out towards guys, but I will be gentle towards women. If I give the same treatment for both men and women, I will feel sorry. I have also never want to solve this "weakness" because I only want to defeat guys. Upon meeting with a female opponent, I will let her win.

Q: "Commander" is too strong, but it also has its negatives?

KJK: Yes, because of the need to keep the Commander's strong image, I need to win the competition. When meeting strong male opponents, I need to work even harder and spend more energy. When everyone allies up and attack against me, I only can put in more effort to win. Sometimes there's mentally-tiredness and burden. Because it's too tense, I can get hurt easily. But even though I get hurt, because of the strong image I possess in the show, I also can't tell anyone...

Q: But actually you want to show more of your gentle side?

KJK: Yes, actually I'm a very gentle person. Haha! (ㅋㅋ) But because the strong character that has been fixed, I can only show more of the "strong" side.

Q: Because Lee Kwang Soo is weak, the audience thinks you are bullying him. Do you feel that this is unfair to you?

KJK: No. Haha! I really don't want to bully him. In real life, I am really close to Kwangsoo. But the audience likes to see our fixed characters in Running Man, that's why Kwangsoo also understands that is because of the show, knows that I need to "bully" him.

Q: I heard that you are training your body, so you're drinking this weird "Chicken Breast Milkshake", is this true?

KJK: Yes, because chicken breast meat is hard and dry, it is very difficult to chew , therefore I mix them with banana, milk, sweet chilli powder and honey. At night, I try not to consume starch and take in more protein. This milkshake I usually drink after I exercise at night. "Nice to drink or not?" It doesn't matter, I only want to fill my stomach...

Q: You once said in a show that because you spend too much time on exercising that your girlfriend left you?

KJK: Yes, they were attracted to my body and because I'm hardworking initially, but later they think I train my body too much, that is one of the reasons why they want to break off with me. If there is a girlfriend who can exercise with me, that'll be perfect.

Q: Do you coach the Running Man members on how to train their body often?

KJK: Yes, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo, Gary and I exercise together. I have also arranged a series of exercising sequence, but up till now none of them has accomplished it, maybe... it's too difficult?

(Translated from I-Weekly Issue 835, page 32 - Kim Jong Kook's solo interview when he was in Singapore for 'Watsons' Race Start! in Singapore' on 131018, translations by KJKINTL)

Running Man Autograph Session at Jurong Point

On 19 October 2013, Running Man came to Singapore for their first autograph session and Fan Meeting. This is reportedly the last stop for the Asia Fan Meeting and Singapore is very lucky to be the last stop. A friend of mine who is a BIG FAN of Gary helped us to buy the Category one tickets. Thanks to her, we managed to sit at the centre front row. We combined our Watson receipt in order to purchase a pair of priority tickets with autograph. The first 400 people who brought the tickets will be able to come down to Jurong Point for an autograph session at 11am, including those who had won the tickets. Dressed in my Running Man T-Shirt and my Kookie cap, I am ready for the autograph session!

My friend picked me up at 8am and we headed down to Jurong Point in a group. It is really nice to have a group of friends who have the same goal as you. Surprising, this friend of mine even handmade an LED light designed with the face of Kang Gary. That was really amazing. She wrote a song and burned into a cd for Gary too. She drove us to Jurong point at 9am and we waited in the queue at the registration counter. 
Done by my friend (Gary LED light)
Initially, there was some confusion in between as there was a large crowd near the vicinity and we had no idea where is the queue. We only heard a few security guards said to a group of youngsters telling them not to waste time if they don’t have the tickets and to get out of the queue. There are some who stubbornly waited only to get chased away. I felt that the organizer should prepare a banner or provide an obvious barricade to separate the autograph tickets holders and the crowds who just wanted to see the Running Man. Because of the lack of organization skills, we were left wondering how to get our colored tags. In the end we spotted the queue and received different colored wristband at the counter as we presented our tickets. Pens and papers were given to us to write our name for the autograph. We were quickly ushered out again after I wrote my name on the paper.

My friends and I were guessing that the colored tags have something to do with the represented colours of the Running Man in the promotion poster. I was given an orange wristband, my friends received red and yellow wristband. We left that area as we were told to come back at 10.30 for the autograph session. Initially, we thought of changing the wristband among ourselves but in the end we decided to wait and see. We ate our breakfast at a corner before we go back to the queue again at 10.30am. By then, the crowds were towering us and we can neither go in nor come out of the area. There were screams everywhere and many people stopped by the vicinity for some curious stare. In the end, the host asked the people who had the wristband to raise their hand for the security guard to usher us into the queue again. That was really a bad idea since we are blocked by many people; however that seems to be the only choice for us. 

Finally, we managed to squeeze into the queue and we were quickly ushered in by the security guards. There were a few barricades and we are supposed to stand according to the colours of the wristband we are wearing: Red, White, Blue, Yellow and Orange. We waited in our queue as the Music was played at the background. The people were excited and were holding on to their cameras. As soon as the cast arrived, they stretched out their hands to take pictures. I could not see them clearly because of those hands which blocked my view.

The Running Man cast put on their sunglasses, except for Ji Hyo who look stunning in person. They greeted the fans in English and tried to build a rapport with them. The host revealed that the Running Man will choose a colour each and the fans that have the same colour wristband will get the autograph from the particular Running Man. (HaHa-White, Gary-orange, Kim Jong Kook-Red, Song Ji Hyo-Yellow and Jee Seok Jin-Blue). The Running Man seated in their position as the host instructed us about the safety rules and not to bring out our handphone and camera when we go on stage. The reason is that they wanted the autograph session to end smoothly and quickly as the Running Man need to rush to Singapore Expo.

Kim Jong Kook
Song Ji Hyo
Jee Seok Jin

Kang Gary 

We waited for our turn and I did not see anybody pushing and shoving. However, I cannot take good pictures because of the Security guard that stood right in front of the table. Finally, I was ushered to the stage and I forgotten that I am still holding my handphone, a security guard spotted it and asked me to keep it. I obediently kept it in my bag and forgotten all about it.

I saw Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook sitting beside her and I was star struck the whole while admiring Ji Hyo beauty and Kim Jong Kook sharp features. I gave the paper written with my name to Song Ji Hyo and she gave me a ‘blank’ (Mong) look and she keep looking at Kim Jong Kook. She said hello to me in a gentle and soft tone, and signed her autograph on the Running Man poster. We had a handshake and I requested for a hug which she complied immediately. She is so slim but her grasp was pretty strong as we hugged each other. I said in Korean Sandangheyo (I love you) and Ji Hyo unnie smiled sweetly and thanked me. Before I exit the stage, I have a quick glance at Kim Jong Kook who was looking at the front. It looks like the cameraman was taking pictures of him.

I was the first to receive my autograph and before I left, my wristband was snapped off by the staffs. Those who had received the autograph have to go out of the area and I was waiting for my friends to meet me at the mall. I was amazed that some strangers ask me to lend the autograph poster to them so that they could take pictures.

Soon, my friends joined me and I was told that some people exchange the wristband among themselves at the queue. Although I am disappointed for not getting Spartakook autograph, I managed to see him twice and I should be contended. My friends hugged Kim Jong Kook and commented that his body is very tough and buffy. I know I should not be greedy since I met Kim Jong Kook in his fan meet in February this year. I hope next time, I will get his autograph. My friend who loves Gary got a hi-five with him and the autograph poster. Eventually, we are happy that we get to meet the Running Man cast up close and we are ready for the Fan Meeting at Singapore Expo. Thanks to my friend who managed to snap some photo at the autograph session.

Kim Jong Kook
Jee Seok Jin
Song Ji Hyo
Kang Gary

Stay Tuned for more of my Running Man Fan Meet Updates!!

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Special Offer for Wireless Earphones with Charging Case! (Limited Time)

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Good Doctor Episode 11


I felt sorry for the young mother who chose to give birth to her baby against all odds. I admired her for being strong for her baby, despite all the risk to her health. I really dislike the mother-in-law for being so cold blooded and seem to be a ‘witch’ to me. I was even more angry with the lady husband for abandoning his wife when she needed him the most. Shi-on really make me laugh with the way he described the mother-in-law and the comic reference. I really like the way Yoon-Seo encourage Shi-on to curse, only to be disappointed with his curses.

The smile on Do-Han face when he received the toy stethoscope is so adorable. It was a memorable moment for me because all these while Do-Han always gave a hostile attitude to Shi-on. This is the first time he break into a smile after receiving Shi-on birthday present. I was personally touched by Shi-on gesture and how sweet the present was to Do-Han who missed his younger brother. Is this the beginning of a bromance between these two? I am keeping my fingers cross and really look forward to their moments.

Hurray for Eun-Ok to be adopted by the opera boy mum! That was really good news for me and I hope she will be able to lead a normal life from now onwards. On the other hand, Shi-on is such an adoring oppa to In-hye at the staircase. She is devastated to know about how hard her sister needs to work in order to pay her hospital bills. I can understand how she feels for being a burden to her sister. I also like the child actor who acted the younger Shi-on in this drama. How can such a young boy be so talented? I looked forward to his acting in the future and he is really one of the best child actors I have ever seen. Thumbs up!

Chae-Kyung and Shi-on seem to be able to click and befriend with each other. I think Chae-Kyung is not really a bad person and her interaction with Shi-on seem to be sincere too. In this episode, Shi-on shows that he felt guilty that Doctor Choi saved him instead of his elder brother. I was a little taken aback by how much Shi-on has progressed in such a short time that he is able to get in touch with his inner feeling. I supposed that has to be the way since the plot needs to move on and we need to see Shi-on improving in time to come.

Lastly, I like Do-Han and Yoon- Seo pairing because they seem to know each other well and were compatible in my opinion. However, they still gave me a sibling’s type of feeling and I think Yoon-Seo suits Shi-on better. Nonetheless, even if there is no romance in the air, I will still root for this drama because the storyline is so good and I actually like the bromance better in this drama.

Please view dramabeans at this link for the drama recap: Episode 11

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Running Man Episode 167 (The Legend of TroubleMakers)

The opening scene of this episode look familiar and i wonder if that have something to do with a spy theme. The next moment, Lee Kwang Soo dressed as a woman opened the door. It turned out that Female Lee Kwang Soo (Lee Kwang-Ju) worked for the Korean police force and he will be send for a undercover job to disguise as a high school student and compete with these students that is on the list. Lee Kwang-Ju have to retrive the legendary backpack and the secret document inside it. Next, we were shown a video clip of this week theme about a violent troublemaker played by Go DongWan. The PD told Kwang-Ju that she will recieve the clues to the backpack if he win in each game.

The Running Man wore different school uniform and we were introduced to each delinquent. I like it when Turbo song played at the background once Kim Jong Kook stepped into the scene. Subsequently we were introduced to the guests Chun Jung Myung and Kim Min Jung. They were divided into three groups (Punk High -Yoo Jae Suk, Chun Jung Myung and Song Ji Hyo), (Tiger High- Kim Jong Kook, Gary, Kim Min Jung) and Betrayal High (HaHa, Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin). Yoo Jae Suk noticed that Kim Jong Kook unbutton his shirt because it is too tight and Song Ji Hyo is jealous of Jong Kook chest? LOL.

The first game is at the rice paddy and the mission is to build the bridge. The guys have to bring the wooden planks over and the ladies have to cross the bridge from one end to another. The first game started off with Grey team (Betrayal High) competing with the Red team (Tiger high). I love how Kwang Soo acted as a woman and how his wig drops into the muddy water when he falls. Kim Jong Kook being a strong rival grabs hold of HaHa and Ji Suk Jin while Gary fixes the planks for Kim Min Jung to cross. Regardless of how hard Kwang Soo tried to win, he always loses balance and fall into the river. The next team to challenge Kim Jong Kook is Yoo Jae Suk blue team. As usual, Kim Jong Kook managed to grab hold of his opponents while Gary build the bridge, however they begin to turn very violent from the next round onwards. There was pulling, pushing and biting involved as the guys Wrestled among themselves. Kim Jong Kook received a few bite on the head and on the toe while been crushed between Yoo Jae Suk and Chun Jung Myung. That was pretty exhausting for the (Red) Tiger team because by now, both Gary and Kim Jong Kook had lost their stamina.

Eventually, what turned me off was when Chun Jung Myung hit Jong Kook hyung (big brother) using a plank during the struggle.That was so uncool! In the end, Song Ji Hyo managed to walk across the bridge and reach the other end first. Therefore, the blue team won the first game and gets to choose a card first. The next game is to buy the foods that they have choosen and eat it as fast as possible. Each team rushed to grab their food and drinks at the convience store. After that, they run back and sit around in a pinic style and stuff the foods and drinks into their mouth. It was funny how Kwang Soo stuff everything in his mouth and how Kim Jong Kook keep on feeding Gary. Finally, Red team won and they gets to relax at a corner under the shelter. The other two teams have to compete among themselves. Kwang Soo managed to swallow his food and whistle, thus his team grabs the second place. Each team chose a card and they proceed to the next destination.

The next mission is at the boxing ring and both Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin fooled around with each other using the boxing glove. Finally, Gary showed off some of his boxing skills during the show and that was cool. Three of them were in the boxing ring and they have to use the gourd to hit each other head till it breaks. Gary managed to break the gourd when he hit Ji Suk Jin head, thus the Red Tiger team won. The next round, HaHa, Kim Jong Kook and Chun Jung Myung were in the boxing ring. As usual, Kim Jong Kook showed off his shadow boxing skills on HaHa. Then, the game started when the board was lifted up. The mission is to pick up a 500 won coin tossed to them and drop it into the piggy bank. Chun Jung Myung pushed Jong Kook away and grab the coin once the race start. That was a hard knock on Jong Kook and he looked like he was in pain. Needless to say, Chun Jung Myung won this round and Kookie whined about the hard push that caused him to knocked his head on the floor. He exclaimed, "I am still a human and nobody showed any concern to me!"

Song Ji Hyo and Kim Min Jung were placed on the Ring with Kwang Soo (Kwang-Ju). It resulted in a girls fight as they wrestled with each other fiercely. Bad Ji Hyo gave Kwang Soo a few hard knocks on his face and even snatched the xylophone stick from 'her'. Not about to give up, Kwang Soo used his mouth to snatch the stick back which look very hilarious. In the end, Kim Min Jung managed to snatch the stick and hit the xylophone. Next, Ji Hyo was pair up with HaHa for a fight, they wrestled each other and surprisngly, HaHa found the strength to carry Ji Hyo up on his shoulders. He was so happy that he ran around the ring and 'Pop' hit the mic!

They travelled to the next destination and they went into an exhibition hall. Over there, Kim Jong Kook found a 'R' labeled box and he shouted for Gary. They look at the mission card and Kim Min Jung decided to tear it up as a means to destroy the hint. Each of them carried a bag while figuring out the mission and they roamed around looking for hints. Kwang Soo being the 'spy' purposely suggested tearing off Yoo Jae Suk nametag. He pretended not to know the mission and set a trap for him to fall into, eventually he was ousted. Finally, all of them engaged in a battle of nametag tearing. Subsequently, the spy Lee Kwang Soo was eliminated by Spartakook and behind the nametag reveals 'secret police'. There was a flashback of Kim Min Jung meeting the PD in a secret room. That was when it was revealed that Kim Min Jung is Lee Kwang Ju partner who is another 'secret police'. Both Kim Jong Kook and Kim Min Jung collaborated and eliminated Ji Suk Jin. Just when they thought that their team wins, Kim Min Jung placed her hand behind Jong Kook and tear his nametag. Therefore, the ultimate winner is Kim Min Jung. She searched all the bags and found one that was labeled 'R'. Finally, she found the confidential document and win the game.


They may think it is funny to do this to Spartakook but not to his fans, instead I find their actions distasteful. Why did Yoo Jae Suk and Chun Jung Myung do that to Jong Kook oppa? Basically, the fight is too violent and they all do not know their limit. I always respect Yoo Jae Suk but i find that he went too far when he bites Jong Kook head. That is not setting a good example at all to the others, despite that he is still my favorite MC. I know they are just trying to be funny by setting up a biting grasshopper verus Muscular Tiger to fight together. Some people may say that Jong Kook deserve it for bullying his hyungs and his dongsaeng but seriously he do not deserve this type of treatment and he always tries to control his strength.
I read a news article online at Yahoo Philliphines News : Kim Jong Kook Taped back worries fans.   Although the theme requires the cast and the guest to act violent, i think they should not go overboard and from my point of view, Chun Jung Myung should really apologize to Kim Jong Kook for being a horrible guest. Eventually, it boils down to the Running Man team and scriptwriter for planning this episode with such a 'violent' theme.

Kim Jong Kook is strong and he can hold two people at a time, therefore, to win him was tough. I can accept some underhand method or tricks but I cannot tolerate too much physical violence. It really does not matter who wins a game eventually, but the process of winning is a bigger issue to me. In variety land, nothing should be taken seriously and who ever win is fine but not at the expense of somebody suffering. Kim Jong Kook has a back problem and the members should look out for him too.

On a brighter note, finally the classic nametag tearing game is back and i am glad to see the 'spy' mission again. I like the cat fight between the girls and Kwang Soo acting as the secret spy. The fighting between HaHa and Song Ji Hyo is fantastic. HaHa finally showed that he is not exactly a weakling. Gary is very good in boxing and i laughed out loud when he accidentally hit Ji Suk Jin face who turned around and accidentally hit Yoo Jae Suk. However, i don't understand why Kim Jong Kook will lose in the final game and not suspecting anything when Kwang Soo was caught. Obviously, he seems to let the female guest win again. Nonetheless, i missed the fun and exciting actions in Running Man.