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DramaQueen Report: SBS Entertainment Awards 2013

Ready, Set , Go!

SBS Entertainment awards was held last night at SBS broadcasting station to celebrate the harvest of the year and to commemorate the achievements of the various deserving artistes.  It was a star-studded event at the red carpet as the complete cast of Running Man came onstage. They even posed together in a running position! Some people noticed that Jong Kook and Ji Hyo have the same hair colour. Something that I did not notice initially. Anyway, they looked good and ready to grab some awards. 

EXO had the honor to perform at the opening of the award ceremony. In between, there was an hilarious moment when the three goofy entertainers: kim Jong Min, Park Jun Gyu and Kwang Hee made a surprised entrance onstage. They wowed the audiences and even interacted with the Running Man members.

A video was shown during the ceremony and it was about trends and changes of variety shows throughout these years. There were some impressionable scenes that was captured as we were brought through the time capsule to relive those moments in SBS. X-Man and family outing was shown onscreen and we can see Yoo Jae Suk, HaHa and Kim Jong Kook classic moments when they were younger. Kim Jong Kook even laughed in embarrassment and was blushing all the way when he saw his parts in the video. 

There was also another video clip shown that night. It was about Romantic heirs Versus Betrayal heirs. A pleasant joke about the popular drama - The inheritors. The icon of Betrayal  is Lee Kwang Soo and the icon of Romantic is Kang Gary! That was a really funny video and thanks to KJKGlobal who reported the SBS Entertainer awards on their facebook. It was indeed a pleasant night for Running Man fans!

Congratulation to the Running Man team for winning the best and the most popular program of the year. Their hard work paid off and they thanked the viewers and the Running Man cast for their effort. To top it off, Kim Jong Kook was the award presenter and he looked extremely happy too. Lee Kwang Soo clutched the Friendship award and he even mentioned his close friend Lee Jong Ki during his speech. I was laughing when he joked that Lee Jong Ki who is in army now looked uglier! 

Running Man looking good!

Jong Kook oppa!

During a short break, the MC interviewed the Running Man members. Gary confessed that she want Song Ji Hyo and what is her response? She replied, "Thank you." Lee Kwang Soo said that he will continue to play his role well and  betray pleasantly in Running Man. Lee Kwang Soo revealed about Yoo Jae Suk obsession with his 'butt' and the latter admitted it and even showed his butt to the camera! 

On the other hand, Song Ji Hyo won the excellence female entertainer and she teared up during her thank you speech. It was obvious her 'oppa' (Older brothers) really adores and takes care of her. Yoo Jae Suk was seen patting her head as she stood up from her chair to go onstage to receive her trophy. Gary even helped her to carry those flowers while she gave her thank you speech. Such a cutie gentleman!

Monday couple

Last but not least, the winner of the excellence male entertainer was shared by Kim Jong Kim and HaHa. That was one of the touching moments when the brothers said their thank you speech and included each other in the speech. My heart goes to Uri Hyung and Nae Dongsaeng (Elder brother and younger brother)! 

Running Man won many awards and was the big winners of the night. Congratulation to all the runners, all the efforts you guys put in paid off during last night. I had an enjoyable time watching the awards ceremony. Looking forward to Running Man in 2014! Happy New year to all of you! :) 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Kim Jong kook interview with 新 Monday (New Monday HK)

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Kim Jong Kook known as Commander in Running Man is intimidating to both the guests and the viewers. He often used his strong muscular body to overrule the other hosts and guests. However, he had successfully created an image that evolve the emotions of the viewers which helped him gain popularity. 

Contradictory to his image onscreen, Kim Jong Kook is friendly and approachable to the media. He even took the initiative to approach the reporters for a handshake. Without the translator telling him, he adjusted the label on his tuxedo. It is difficult to find any fault in this man who appears to be so cool and pure. 

Does not think that Kwang Soo is extremely famous
Q: what are the things which you gain while starring in RM? 

Ans: The chance to meet other celebrities especially Sports stars whom I admires. Having them guest starring at RM since i personally love sports. People may heard my songs and know that I am a singer but they may not know that I am a host too. Some people might not know that I am the sporty type and I can show the other side of me to the audience, the effect is great too. 

Q: Any special guests you would like to invite to RM? 

Ans: There are too many guests that I would love to invite to RM especially soccer players! In the capacity of an artise myself, there was'nt much excitement to see a fellow artise as compared to a sports star. I would be happier and more excited to see sports stars and I hope I have the chance to meet them. 

Q: What is your view of Kwang Soo title as "Prince of Asia"?

Ans: Recently, we went to Indonesia and were surprised by the overwhelming crowds who called out our names. I don't think Kwang Soo is the Prince of Asia, he should be called the prince of comedy  instead. Haha.

Muscles and woman
Q: Haha and Yoo Jae Suk are enjoying their family life. Have you thought about marriage? 

Ans: Haha and his wife often talk about their son and even show video footage to me. Therefore, I have an idea of marriage life. 

Q: Anybody at home give you pressure?
Ans: My mother begins to ask me to be prepared to settle down. In the past, she does not speak about this but now she is concerned. My goal is to have two kids and if my wife is agreeable we can have three kids. 

Q: Are you confident of being a good husband?
Ans: I will try my best to do well. 

Q: Are the kids going to gym with you? 
Ans: Of course! 

Q: Other than hosting, have you thought of fliming a drama or a movie?
Ans: For the time being, I would like to concentrate on hosting. Although my fans hope that I can challenge myself in other areas, I am unfamiliar in that area and I do not want to surge in without any knowledge. If I really wants to try my hand in acting, I have to get myself prepared first. I have always answer this question the same way. 

Q: Is there any genres of drama that you are interested in? 

Ans: I would like to try romance comedy drama. I love sports, if there is any drama which requires actions and the character matches me, I may consider. 

Q: Is bodybuilding your only hobby? 

Ans: Of course not! I l often meet up with my friends. I love to talk non-stop with my friends and eat with them. During my free time, I will travel to other countries. I love to visit Europe but a male companion will be boring. I hope to bring my future wife along to visit Europe. 

Translated from: [2013.12.24] Kim Jong Kook on New Monday HK

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kim Jong Kook won the best entertainer award at KBS

Congratulation to Kim Jong Kook who won the best entertainer award with Escape Crisis Number 1. I am looking forward to SBS awards and hopefully he will win another award again. I think it was cute that Yoo Jae Suk presented a bouquet of flowers to him on stage. Kim Jong Kook hairstyle and image tonight resemblance Barbie doll boyfriend - Ken. He humbly thanked the production team of Escape Crisis No 1 when he was giving his acceptance speech. 

Prior to his recent win at KBS, Kim Jong Kook attended the “Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2013” held in Hong Kong on December 1.  Kim Jong Kook received the award for “Asia’s Most Charismatic Korean Host.” 

Currently the singer is actively starring in SBS’ “Running Man” and hosting KBS 2TV’s “Escape Crisis No.1.” The “Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards,” which began in 2003, selects and awards the most influential stars in Asia using the Yahoo search statistics.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Running Man Episode 176 (Popular Men Race)

The opening of Running Man brought us to a fashion runway. Did I tune in to the right channel? Is it a fashion show or a variety show? Song Ji Hyo appeared shortly holding a 'Mung' labelled microphone. Where is Yoo Jae Suk? Is Ji Hyo going to be the host for today? Bingo! Ji Hyo stated that she is the host and today's theme is Running Man popular men. Question: If you were to reborn again with a second life, which celebrity you would love to date? Prior to the show, they had conducted a survey for the public to cast their votes for their most desirable man. 

Here comes the candidates for this week Mr Popularity tittle. Music starts as we were introduced to the six handsome and stylish Running Man. Yoo Jae Suk gets the ball rolling by strolling on the stage with confidence. Not to be outshine, Lee Kwang Soo did his catwalk with style on the Runway. Yoo Jae Suk complained that Lee Kwang Soo was a model before and he sure look good on the Runway. 

Ji Seok Jin was his usual comical and funny self as he posed in his 70's style. Haha looked awkward and weird onstage but he sure has his own 'Haroro' style. Next, Gary walked in with a casual hip hop style but it looks like he was limping on the Runway. Hahaha. What about Jong Kookie? He came in with a different music - "One Man". Yoo Jae Suk and the rest protested, "why is his music different from us?" Hehe. Kookie posed suavely on the Runway while his song played at the background. Yoon Eun Hye was mentioned and Jong Kook smiled awkwardly. Stop, replay again! 

There was not only competition among Running Man themselves. Will their throne be overthrown by these special guests? Soon, we were introduced to the guests who will compete with Running Man for Mr Popularity Crown. They were Kim Kwang Kyu, Jun Hyun Moo, Muzie, Lee Juck and Jang Ki Ha. Everyone swoon over Lee Juck as he played his song on the piano. I think it is safe to say that Jang Ki Ha receive more love and attention than Muzie, Kwang Kyu and Jun Hyun Moo with his good looks. After all the introduction, we are finally getting on with the mission to receive clues for the ranking of the popular men. Who will emerge as the winner? 

Is that acupuncture mat again? This is going to be a painful mission for them. First of all, the mission team have to pick a number. They picked 2, the men strategized and placed two hands on the acupuncture mat while lifting their legs onto the back of the other members to form a domino in two rows. Yes, they did it within the time frame of thirty seconds. Since they competed the mission so fast, the PD requested them to accomplish the mission again and they will be given another hint.  However, all of them were exhausted by then. Who else to push the most difficult task to, other than Spartakook? Yes, they have to get down on their feet again. 

Bad Ji Hyo temper was risen when the guys were being noisy and none of them were listening to her, especially Jong Kook. Yoo Jae Suk have to step in to intervene and coach Jong Kook immediately stop his nagging and apologize. This time round, Jong Kook have to tolerate the weights of those legs placed on his back. A great team work from the mission team. Finally, the mission team succeeded and they proceed to the next mission. 

In the van, all of them were discussing about the ranking of Running man Mr Popularity. Clues were given to them as they completed the first mission. What are those drawings? It looks like elementary drawing. Haha! Are they supposed to guess based on those clues? At least, they settled some of the people who were assumed to be rank at a higher and lower position. Kim Jong Kook was in disbelief when it was revealed that Lee Juck was placed in front  of  him in ranking. Just like Jong Kook, I was surprised too. On the other hand, Lee Juck was delighted that he won Jong Kook. 

Time for some Quiz test, they were told to achieve 30 points in order to receive two clues. There were different points given, ranging from 2-5 depending on the level of difficulty. It does not seem like a mission impossible to me but I am definitely crossing my fingers to see how well they will score with each question tossed out to them. 

Jang Ki Ha was the first to took on the challenge and based on his intelligence, the rest urged him to chose the difficult (5 points) question. It was a math question and the conversation was in English. Surprisingly, he got the answer correct as everyone cheered for him. Subsequently, Yoo Jae Suk answered his question correctly and helped his team to earned points. That was until Ji Seok Jin turn and he could not answer the question. There seems to be a sparkle in Kwang Soo eyes as suggested by HaHa. He assumes that Kwang Soo knows the answer. However, my intuition tells me that he is going to give a wrong answer. 

Although Kwang Soo looked unsure, he still attempted to give it a try. Too bad he gave a wrong answer and their points was deducted instead. The next candidate was Gary, and I think he was really lucky to guess the right answer. How does he know Tennis is actually a France language? He replied," I am very good in guessing since young!" Haha and several others get their  answers wrong and their punishment was a strong blast of dry ice on their faces! Jang Ki Ha continue to amaze us with his incredible knowledge! Oh, Haha was practically moved to tears and Jong Kook gave him a hug! More bromance please? 

Despite their attempts in answering all the questions, the mission team still missed the mark by a point and they have to settle for a 'not so good' clue. I have to compliment the Running Man team for coming out with this idea. Even Gary the rapper looked puzzled and confused with the speedy chipmunk voices. Who can figure out the clues? Anyway, off they go to the next destination. 

There were two vans waiting for them outside the building. The PD asked them to divide themselves into two groups - those belong to the higher category and those belong to the lower category. Their next mission is to be complete at a women's university! How I envy the crowds who were able to see those celebrities. This is a good marketing strategy for Running Man to interact with the general public. I heard that this episode was well received by the viewers and the ratings went up. 

Back to the mission, the mission team have to find eleven people from the university with unique surnames. They took some time to mingled with the crowd individually and soon they found the people with really unique surname. What was funnier was when they spotted   foreigners (exchange students) and asked for their name. 

The mission team brought the participants they found into a studio room. One of the participants tried to put on some make up to look good onscreen. Ji Seok Jin and Jong Kook kept looking at her. That was really funny! Imagine if you were in her shoes! Finally, they presented the participants with unique surnames. Passed! Now here comes the cruelty when the participants were asked to reveal their Number 1 most desirable man position and 11(last) position. Not surprising, Yoo Jae Suk and Gary got a fair share of votes for Mr Popularity. It was the last position battle between Jun Hyun Moo and Kim Kwang Kyu that was nerve-racking. They were competing neck to neck for the last position! It was funny to see their reactions. Finally, the last position goes to Jun Hyun Moo who collapse to the floor in disbelief! 

Is that consoling for Jin Hyun Moo to know that all is not lost, since the final results were yet to be announce? After this, the Mr Popularity candidates were send to another place.  Talking about the 'cruelty' of the Running Man PD which does not end at the previous mission. Now, Mr Popularity candidates not only have to face the results of their positions, if they guessed the position wrongly, they have to be drenched in water! Hahaha! Is it a mission accomplish for them to be rewarded with golds or will they be drench in water? 

The Mr popularity candidates brainstormed their ideas and opinions about each other's ranking. After some dispute and discussion, the rankings were decided and the results will be  announce soon. Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, Jang Ki Ha, Lee Juck and kim Jong Kook were voted as the top five most desirable men. Followed by Lee Kwang Soo, Jun Hyun Moo, Kim Kwang Kyu, Haha, Muzie and Ji Seok Jin. Bingo! They won a gold badge for themselves. Next week, Gary was kidnapped in the Christmas season! Stay tuned! 


I love the opening of this episode as the guys gave a catwalk onstage. I love Kim Jong Kook entrance! His theme song played on the background as he posed on stage. One word to describe my feeling: Melt. Enough of fangirling and gushing about his awesomeness. Move on to the games and I like the idea of quiz game. Some people may find it boring but once in a while, this type of game can be quite fun. 

The Spartace moment when Ji Hyo flared up at Jong Kook oppa was classic. I simply love their cute expressions. Mung Ji Hyo proved to be a good MC although MC Yoo is always the best! At least, Ji Hyo have something to do in this Men popularity game. Spartakook proved his great strength and ability again as shown in the acupuncture mat game. All legs were on his back! Hopefully, his back will not break from all the pressure. 

This is all but a game and there should be no hard feelings for the candidates. What is your opinion about the voting for the most desirable man? Who will you vote and why? :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

Running Man Episode 175 (Escaping Race)

The theme for this episode is 'Escaping Race' and I was laughing at the first scene where the Running Man were sent to the jail because of the hilarious crimes! Yoo Jae Suk is guilty for his uncontrollable urge to dance, Jong kook for coaching everyone, Ji Suk Jin for being weak, Ji Hyo for being pretty and I agree with that. I felt touched when Gary said that Ji Hyo stole his heart. That is Kang Gary cuteness! Kwang Soo is accused of various crimes such as betrayal and his theatrical act. 

Finally, we were introduced to the guests Gong Yoo who is accused of setting fire in women heart and Park Hee Soon whose crime is being charismatic. They were here to promote their latest movie - Escape. Both of them were visibly embarrassed with their 'crimes!' PD Jo instructed them to find a way to unlock their prison cell. Wow! The first mission was tossed out fast and we saw how the guys literally put their heads together to figure out a way to get out. 

Kudos to our detective Sherlock Holmes Kim Jong Kook for being the first to find the clues to unlock the prison cell! The clues were found in their prison clothes. I love it that Jong Kook finally show his skills after so long. Kim Jong Kook have both the brain and brawn. Ok, I admit that I am in fangirl mode right now. The group were divided into three teams namely; Blue team: Jong Kook, HaHa and Hee Soon, Orange team: Yoo Jae Suk, Gong Yoo and Kwang Soo, Green team:  Ji Hyo, Gary and Ji Suk Jin.

Soon they realized that they have to fight hard for their freedom. PD Jo stated that each mission, the team that wins will have a chance to vote a person out for their final mission. Jong Kook whines that everyone will write his names. After the introduction to today's game, they set off to a swimming pool and over there, they will compete against each other at the metal bar. Gong Yoo arrived at the pool late, therefore the orange team will compete with the green team first. The mat-hyungs started to compete first and I expected Ji Suk Jin to fall into the pool. However, I did not expect Ji Suk Jin to pull Jae Suk shorts and fall into the pool! I was snorting out loud while trying hard to control my laughter! After that, Kwang Soo tried to use a towel to wrap around Jae Suk but he accidentally slip and fall! Replay again. Hahaha! Is that a body gag? 

Gong Yoo and ace Ji Hyo face off at the next round. It was nice to see Gong Yoo gently pulled Ji Hyo down into the pool. That was not the case when it comes to Gary and it was an intense moment with the man to man fight. After some struggles, both of them fall into the pool! The orange team was left with Kwang Soo so they won the first round. 

The next round against the Blue team was not an easy feat either since they have Spartakook in their team. Haha gave Jae Suk a few kicks before the latter grab him at the waist and pull him down with all his strength. Hee-Soon was up next and he proved that he cannot do anything when he could not hold on anymore and fall into the water. Finally, Spartakook took over and quickly climbed up the bar. On the other hand, Kwang Soo hands slip from the bar and he fall into the pool. Jae Suk gave a priceless expression as he asked," That was it?" 

A highly anticipated moment arrived when the strongest rivals Gong Yoo and Jong Kook were about to compete at the bar. As a big fan of Kookie, I was cheering for him and indeed it seems like Jong Kook had the upper hand initially when Gong Yoo was hanging upside down at the bar. Jong kook tried to tickle Gong Yoo while he twist and turn around. Suddenly, Gong Yoo grabbed Jong Kook and turned him over! Oh no! It looks like Jong Kook will fall into the pool but he managed to shove Gong Yoo hands away and emerged as the winner! Hooray! The camera zoomed into Monday couple astonished expressions. The blue team have two papers to fill up the name of the person they wanted to  vote. While the orange team who came in second have one paper each to cast their vote.

Haha started a group chat and rallies everyone to vote for one person. Kwang Soo immediately open another chat and deliberately leave Jong Kook out. That was until Hee Soon asked out loud if they received the private message and handed the phone to Jong Kook. As an act of revenge, Jong Kook opened another chat and publicly warn Kwang Soo. That gave Kwang Soo a shock and he was flustered by that threat. 

Their next destination is at the beach and they will be tested on their escape skills. Each team only requires a person to escape and find the key to unlock the bun steamer to win. Please turn on the music and dance! Hee Soon who earns the nickname - Speedy Hee Soon scrambled out of the tiny opening twice! At least, now he knows his potential in escaping. However, luck wasn't on his side as he chose the wrong keys. Finally, Gong Yoo secured a win for his team as the rest looked at them enjoying their treat. That scene was simply adorable.

All is not lost, since we were left with the two teams competing against each other. Next, they were dancing to Turbo music - Love is... I never get sick of the Jong Kook and Haha combination. Ji Hyo was cheering for them and the orange team who won the race were seen dancing to the music too. Music stopped and the first person who leaped out of the opening was - Kim Jong Kook! The exciting moment arrived as he chose the key and attempted to unlock the bun steamer. Bravo! He did it and his team gets to enjoy their bun. Song Ji Hyo grab a big bite on Jong Kook bun to satisfy her hunger. 

Their next mission is to spin Hula hoop? Jong Kook stated that he is bad in spinning hula Hoop. Hee Soon admitted that he is bad in Hula hoop too. The camera zoomed in as he attempted to spin the hula hoop on his waist, indeed he was bad in that. Not to worry, since their next mission is to spin the hula hoop on their arm. Each team will pick an item from the lists and each team member have to bite that particular food which they picked within the time frame, while the rival team member will spin the hula hoop as a distraction. 

Jong Kook was the first to spin the hula hoop. THAT was fast and scary! Kwang Soo attempted to bite the celery but he was beaten by the celery instead! Next, Hee Soon turn to spin the hula hoop and he soon had difficulties in spinning it. At one point, the hula hoop even spin out from his arm!  Someone please take the hula hoop away in case he hurt himself or other people. Susequently, he managed to spin the hula hoop steadily after a few failed attempts. Eventually, it was Kwang Soo turn to spin the hula hoop at Jong Kook. Time for some revenge isn't it? Kwang Soo spin the hula hoop particularly fast and Jong Kook bite Kwang Soo hand instead. Ouch! Talking about a tiger attacking a giraffe! Anyway, the green team won this competition thanks to Gong Yoo who was gentle with them. Finally, green team gets to cast their votes too. 

At the car, Hee Soon mentioned that nobody will write Ji Hyo name. Hmm...maybe Ji Suk Jin will write her name? Anyway, the most number of votes right now were Jong Kook and Kwang Soo. Back to the group chat again as Haha and Kwang Soo exchanges messages. Jae Suk spam the messages during the chat and interrupted their conversation. Ha. 

We arrived at a building for the last mission - Name tag ripping game. Jong kook mentioned that this is a game and there is no hard feelings. The rule of the game was to eliminate the person who receive the most vote and the only way to save themselves is to find the whistle hidden in this building. The person who is supposed to be eliminated need to blow the whistle for him or her to be place at the last. 

Everyone found a place to hide in the building as they await for the name to be announce. Surprisingly, it was Kwang Soo (11votes) who will be eliminated first. Just like everyone, I expected Jong Kook to be called out first. Kwang Soo hid behind a cardboard. Unfortunately, he did not notice the whistle that was placed in the same room where he was hiding. Ji Hyo found Kwang Soo first and the rest followed and surrounded him. Lee Kwang Soo out! Off to the prison and Kwang Soo complained that the camera was not even set up yet. 

No prizes to guess the next target was - "Kim Jong Kook!" The problem is he was nowhere in sight. Jae Suk found the whistle hidden on the floor and attempted to cover it to prevent anyone from finding. Soon, they found Jong Kook and  Hee Soon had the honor of tearing Spartakook name tag. 

Gary shocked expression when he heard his name as the next target was simply priceless! I bet he did not expect his name to be called out so soon. After Gary elimination, it was down to Yoo Jae Suk. Gong Yoo was wondering will his name be called out next, that was when he discovered Yoo Jae Suk and gave chased. Yoo Jae suk was ousted by Gong Yoo and the next targets was none other than Haha and himself. Hee Soon almost eliminate Gong Yoo when they heard a loud whistling sound. Turned out that Haha found the whistle and blew it just in time to save Gong Yoo. Haha became the last and Gong Yoo was placed just before Haha. At the prison, the foursome have their own conversation. Jae Suk confessed that he found a whistle but cover it to prevent others from finding it. 

Ji Suk Jin and Hee Soon were the next targets. It was funny that they both hide at their respective places and wished the other party can find the whistle and save them from elimination. That was not the case as they were soon eliminated. After Ji Hyo elimination, Haha ambushed Gong Yoo and eliminated him. Gong Yoo said that he intend to look cool in the variety show. Haha responded, "That is variety land!"

The king of escape goes to - 'Haha!' He proudly showed off his gold prize at the prison cell and walked off! In closing, Yoo Jae Suk praised Hee Soon for being the first guest to earned the nickname - Speedy Hee Soon and Gong Yoo mentioned that he will prepare himself to appear in Running Man again. Yes, please come back again! 


In my opinion, this episode was one of the best in the recent episodes of Running Man. There was a mixture of fun games, cute interactions, exciting actions  and adorable guests. I love the part where Ji Suk Jin pulled Jae Suk shorts and Kwang Soo accidentally fall into the water. Honestly, Kwang Soo is the funniest when he is not trying hard to be funny. I know he was given a character to act on but he need to control his tendencies to scream and most of the time he overdid his drama. The man to man fight between Gong Yoo, Gary and Jong Kook at the pool game were exiting. Hee Soon was adorable and hilarious in this episode too. 

It was sad that Kim Jong Kook knew that the others will definitely write his name on the paper to vote for his elimination. Nonetheless, he stated that this is just a game and there should be no hard feelings. Kim Jong kook used a lot of strength and energy for all the missions and will win most of the games but it was pointless if he did not win the final race. In this name tag tearing game, it was a disadvantageous situation for the people who were to be eliminated first since it was difficult to find a such a tiny whistle in such a big building. Yes, like what Haha said to Gong Yoo, " that is variety land!" Hopefully, Spartakook will win an individual race soon.

Some people complained that the green team did not get much screen time. After all, they did not have a guest to cater to and these three were mostly not very proactive. Monday couple depends a lot on each other chemistry and Ji Suk Jin character is a weak and comical hyung. 

Gary is always low profile so he was shocked to hear his name being announced so fast at the name tag elimination game. Actually, Gary and Yoo Jae Suk are strong players in Running Man too. Ji Hyo was among the last to be eliminate but to be fair it was a men game and the guys being kind to the ladies will not vote for her to be eliminated.

However, it will be good if the editor did not skip Ji Suk Jin and Song Ji Hyo elimination scene and show us how they were eliminated. In the end, I am glad that the editor eventually did not show the scene where Kwang Soo bite Jong Kook toes while hanging on the metal bar although i saw the picture. 

Monday, December 09, 2013

DramaQueen Report: Leessang Hi 5 Event at City Square Mall

After the showcase yesterday, I do not have high expectation for the high-five event. Indeed this was yet another disappointment. My friends and I decided to go for the event to make our money worth it and to see Leessang before they go back to Korea. Upon reaching, we were given a green colored wristband and a digitally signed Leessang signature poster. 

There were many fans waiting by the time we reached. Category two tickets holders who wore orange wristband were seated next to us and we were only separated by a barricade. My friend commented that we paid a higher price but we get the same privilege with the category two ticket holders! I was also puzzled but I shrugged it off since it does not bother me that much. 

At least the waiting area this time was spacious and there was a big fan spinning at the top. In addition, we were allowed to sit on the floor and wait. There were times when we were asked to move forward to make space for the people who came later than us. 

It was around 1.15pm, the host came onstage and we were asked to stand up. The organizer invited a guest speaker onstage to talk about her experience at Korea and advertise for the Korean tourism organizer who sponsored the event. 

However, the sound system on that day was really bad and we could not hear what she says. The organizers who were standing near the stage seem to be panicking and was spotted looking worried. There was supposed to be a video chip shown, however due to some technical problem we did not get to watch the video. In fact, nobody was upset since that only means that we will be able to see Leessang soon! 

The host came onstage and told us that there will be a lucky draw to pick 30 fans to take picture with Leessang. The lucky numbers were found on our wristband. The host does not seem to do his 'homework' since he does not know that different numbers indicate different category. 

The people at the back could not hear clearly and it does not help that the host actually spoke too fast and did not wait for the fans to react in time before he skip to the next number. That is to the delight of the other fans since it means that they still stand a chance. At one point, i even thought my number was called. Many people in my area were upset since most of the category two ticket holders were picked instead. Those people whose number was called have to shout out loud to be heard and make their way to the right hand side of the stage, I wondered what type of arrangement is this? 

Finally, Leessang came onstage and all the cameras and hand phones were lifted up. They waved and greeted the fans with a mega smile.The host asked them where would they recommend the fans to go in Korea. They replied that fans can come to their restaurant in Korea. Wow! What a clever way to advertise their restaurant. They welcome fans to visit them at their restaurant in Korea. Smart move!

The 30 lucky fans took a group photo with Leessang on stage. Some of the fans commented that it will be better to have individual photo taken instead of the group photo. According to my friend, during HaHa and Skull Fan Meeting at Malaysia, the fans were able to take individual photo. Lol! That sounds cool! Anyway, many looked on with envy eyes as the 30 lucky fans took picture with Leessang.

Soon, we were ushers off by the event coordinator to queue up at the left hand side of the stage for the high-five session.  The organizer emphasized that there is strictly no photography on stage. Many enthusiastic fans were so eager to see their idols up close and some managed to sneak a hug with Leessang. Soon, it was my turn and there was a fan in front of me requesting for a hug with Gary but was rejected by the security guard who practically 'chased' the fans off stage. Still, it was nice to see Leessang up close to shake their hands and gave them a high-five. Yes, they are very friendly and Gary often make funny faces that was cute. 

The event proceeded smoothly and orderly. The host even commented that the High-five event ended in half an hour! Wow! Which means the fans waited for hours just for that half an hour touch and go? Wow! That was so ridiculous and he actually said it out loud?

After the event, there was a booth near the area to sell Leessang merchandise. Some people stopped by and take a look at the merchandise. 

My conclusion for the Leessang showcase is,"We were all confused and rushed by Fast Tracks Event!" How to enjoy ourselves when everything was not plan properly at the first place. The only pleasant thing that happen is Leessang. As an average fan, I felt disappointed with the event. What about their hardcore fans? They may felt worse than me. Some of the fans were busy taking pictures of Leessang, as a result, they missed the high-five session with Leessang. I hope next time Leessang will come to Singapore again and this time with a different event company or else the fans will be driven mad!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Drama Review: TVB Drama - Triumph in the Skies 2


Samuel Tong (Francis Ng) resided in the UK to spend a long vacation following his wife's death. After encountering Holiday "Holly" Ho (Fala Chen), a wanderer whose boyfriend died in an aviation accident, he ends his vacation early after finally making the cake that he made for his deceased wife, Zoe, he returns to Hong Kong, and joins Skylette Airlines as a pilot to fly again. He meets Captain Jayden "Captain Cool" Koo (Julian Cheung), and the two exhibit two distinct personalities, with Sam being reserved and Jayden being a man who likes to attract attention. Respectively, the two get emotionally entangled with Holiday, who arrives in Hong Kong to apply for pilot training (PPP - Pre-pilot Project). 

Moreover, Sam becomes a training captain to assess Jayden, leading to a competition between the two for both career and love. Jayden's younger sister Summer Koo (Myolie Wu) is an aircraft maintenance technician, and she bears grudges against her brother due to an unhappy experience during her childhood. Issac Tong (Ron Ng), due to Summer physically resembling his sister-in-law Zoe so much, cannot turn a blind eye on it, so at last, he helps settle the dispute between Summer and her brother. Summer has a crush on Issac, yet Issac restrains himself from taking another step forward in order to avoid evoking Sam's grief. In the end, the misunderstanding causes Summer to think that she was only treated like Zoe (Sam's deceased wife) in Issac's eyes. 

First Officer Roy Ko (Kenneth Ma) has two girlfriends and cannot make up his mind as he does not bear to hurt anyone. After sharing his secret with Heather Fong (Elena Kong), a senior purser, Roy and she become close associates, and the two even have a one night stand. Jim Jim (Him Law), who used to represent Hong Kong in swimming, plans to retire and enroll in flight training, where he falls in love with CoCo Ling (Nancy Wu), who is to be a surrogate mother for her friend. With the planes taking-off and landing, stories of sorrow, parting, joyfulness and re-encounters have been constituted.

Triumph in the Skies 2 theme song by George Lam
Triumph in the Skies 2 trailer


Triumph in the Skies 2 is an overrated drama by TVB in my opinion. True enough the first series of Triumph to the Skies was a great success. Therefore, the media generated a lot of hypes about this drama been the biggest TVB drama of the year. The production crew recruited some good actors and actresses such as Francis, Julian Cheung, Myolie Wo, Fala Chen, Ron Ng and Kenneth Ma under their wings. 

I have great anticipation for this drama initially. However, I was neither excited nor fascinated by this drama after watching it. At the most, i find it an average TVB drama that is worth mentioning. Yes, I tried not to compare with the former but it is a continuation from the first series isn't it?

The story development is rather messy. Fala Chen keep shuffling between Francis and Julian characters. The supporting characters side stories were rather complicated too. I think the pacing of the drama was weird and certain parts were too draggy. The focus is always shifting everywhere in the story line. The first few episodes tried to link the story with the first series but it felt rather forced. Gradually, the story focus on some technical terms for the airplane and some situations which can happen when flying a plane. Subsequently, the officer exams and some stories of the trainees were thrown into the story line to make the drama more interesting.

There were complains about the 'sex scene' in the drama. I have to agree that to a certain extend, some parts were over-the-top and even dramatic at times. However, these scenes were to showcase Jayden Koo playboy image and is also part of the plot. As for the technical terms used for the airplane, I have no comment since I have no idea either. George Lam who sang the theme song for the drama received negative feedback for being old fashion and the song does not match the drama. In my opinion, i prefer Eason Chen version from the first series. Talking about the acting of the actors and actresses, they are generally good in playing their roles. However, I expected more from some of them. 

Francis Ng
Francis Ng is my all time favorite actor and I basically watch this show because of this veteran actor. He delivered what is expected of him and was re-enacting the same character Captain Tong, a role which he played previously. Not much changes, except that years had past and he have more wrinkles on his face. Despite that, his acting is as solid as a rock. 

Julian Cheung
Julian Cheung is another actor that I personally like. I had watched his earlier drama and listened to his songs since my younger days. I know he is a capable actor and given an opportunity, he is able to shine. Indeed, his role as Captain Jayden Koo is a role which he can handle. His baby face never seem to aged and he definitely pass off as a charming and handsome playboy. Anyway, congrats to Julian for his nomination at TVB annual drama awards, in the running for the most popular actor category. 

Fala Chen
Fala Chen is a pretty actress with good acting chop. At least, her acting is watchable. Her role as Holiday is interesting. However, I was tired of seeing her shuffling between the two main leads. Her chemistry with both of them is not very convincing but Fala Chen have her way to charm the audience. She tried her best to prove that she is not just a pretty vase beside the men. 

Myolie Wu
Myolie Wo is a great actress and I was disappointed that her role in the drama was not prominent. What a waste of talent! She is convincing as Jayden younger sister but I am sure she can deliver better and much more than that. I blame it on her character in this drama which does not do justice to her acting chop. 

Ron Ng
Sometimes, I don't even realize that he act in this drama. Don't get me wrong, not that I dislike Ron Ng as an actor. It is just that he does not have much scene presence especially when he stood beside Veteran actors such as Francis Ng. His presence somehow fade to the background during the group scene.

Kenneth Ma
Kenneth Ma does nothing much in this drama. He is basically at his comfort zone of playing the same character that he does so often. He is a competent actor who was like Myolie Wo been underrated. His character basically goes from cheeky to lovesick to carrying a torch on a woman that is older than him. 

Nancy Wu
I always thought that Nancy is a competent actress and she did demonstrate some of her acting chop in this drama. At least, I notice her presence and she delivers her character pretty well. 

Him Law
With a big budget production like this, TVB would slid in their up and coming star to grab some attention. Him Law did showed some potential as an actor. However, he has to work harder to prove that he is more than meet the eyes. There was one impressionable scene of him removing his shirt to swim in the pool, thus showing off his six-pac abs. Other than that, what are there to show case his acting talent and grab the audience eyeballs? Looking forward to his breakthrough.

Elena Kong
Elena Kong did moderately well for her role in this drama, portraying a lady in the middle age who is independent and pretty. As a senior purser, she is convincing in her role and showed her professionalism in various situation. However, her love entanglement gradually caused problems in her life and she have to make some decisions.