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My Love From The Star Episode 5

Min Joon rescued Song Yi and placed her gently on the bed. However, Song Yi held on to him and pulled him closer for kiss. She murmured that she must be dreaming. 

After Min Joon exit from the room, he overheard Jae Hyung and his secretary secret conversation about destroying evidence. They discovered Min Joon presence and gave chase. Of course, they are no matched to Min Joon alien power. 

Min Joon went back home in a panic mode and was totally not his usual self with all the clumsiness. We were back to the previous scene at the apartment where the paparazzi were waiting outside the house. 

Curious about the dream, Min Joon probe further about this and Song Yi snapped that it is none of his business. Song Yi boasted that she had kissed Jo In Sung and was angry when Min Joon know him but does not know about her. Min Joon claimed that he only watched news, that was when the news reported about a UFO spotted. Min Joon looked on intently and a flashback brought us back to Joseon timeline again. 

The Joseon governor does not want to ridicule themselves about the UFO infront of the King. Another alternative way is to use a bigger news to cover the incident about the UFO. There was a story about a widow who travelled back home with a man after she faked suicide and gained the title of Virtuous woman.  

The government send his man to Yi Hwa house. Yi Hwa father admitted that he could not bring himself to kill his own daughter and he believed that his wife had plan the escape for Yi Hwa. They did not expect Yi Hwa to be so determined to save his life savior. The guards came to search for Yi Hwa and her father was killed in order to delay time for them to escape. 

After watching the news, Song Yi said that those with superpower should help other people and catch all the bad guys. Min Joon disagreed and said that Man should help each other, why should the alien help the human just because they processed supernatural power. 

Out at the terrance, Song Yi looked at the picture of herself advertised at the billboard. She told Min Joon that she is a mega star since her picture is at the billboard and she revealed that she brought the appartment here to have a good view of the beautiful picture. 

Song Yi also shared about her disappointment with human relationship. Min Joon have some advise for her and that is to stay away from people and do not get involved emotionally with them. Song Yi pointed out that Min Joon must be a lone person then, it had an effect on Min Joon but he soon turn it around on her. Song Yi declared that she is not alone since she has a company.

In a playful mode, Song Yi placed her arm around Min Joon neck and shouted at the sky. Min Joon barked at her to observe the one meter radius rule. Kwi Kyung joined the paparazzi at the hallway to fish out some information about Yura tragedy and act as a defense for Song Yi which arouse suspicious from the paparazzi. 

That night, Min Joon gave Song Yi a big blanket to sleep at the couch. He ignored Song Yi grumble about how hard it is for her to sleep since she is so sensitive. Min Joon went back to his bedroom and read a story book titled "Mysterious voyage". He went to the living room to take a look at Song Yi and he froze at the sight of her. She reminded him of Yi Hwa confession to him. 

Jae Kyung secretary slip into Yura room and placed an envelope in a book. The next day, Yura sister saw the envelope and sob. On the other hand, Kwi Kyung went back home and asked his parents to help to resolve Song Yi issue. He stated that Chabeol can do anything as long as it can be solved by money is'nt it? However, his parents was not interested in this matter at all. 

Min Joon went to the messy living room and Song Yi was doing some sort of exercise that looked funny. She claimed that Min Joon must be feeling thrilled about her presence in the house. Song Yi mentioned that she remembered her PIN number 1111. She reset the number thinking that it is easier to remember.  Both of them started bickering again and ended up on top of each other in a sexy position. That happen to be witnessed by Lawyer Jang who came in without making any noise. 

Min Joon called Lawyer Jang "father" and he was literally shocked to react appropriately. They sat down for a homemade meal although Min Joon was reluctant to eat his meal with people. That look like a couple having their usual lovey dovey moment as Lawyer Jang looked at them smilingly. 

Procecutor Yoo is surprisingly Se Mi brother. He refused to disclose any detail about the case to his family as investigation is still going on. At the meantime, the detectives found a security camera footage of Yura and  Song Yi at the Salon. 

Min Joon head out to the Supermarket with Lawyer Jang to buy things for Song Yi. On the way home, they saw Song Yi advertisement was taken out. In order not to upset Song Yi, he did not tell her about it. 

Nonetheless, she eventually found out about her situation despite Min Joon using telekinetic power to make a vase break. Song Yi accidentally step onto the broken glass, Min Joon immediately attended to her wound. 

On the other hand, Bo Ja witnessed a kid confessing his feeling to a girl outside her store. It was like a parody to "The Heir". Those cute kids were so adorable. 

At the police station, Yoon Jae sits with a policeman as he had a fight with his school mates. Apparently, it was because his schoolmates has spoken bad about his sister Song Yi. Kwi Kyung came to pick him up from the police station. At home, his mother prepared a feast for Kwi Kyung and hinted him to chase after Song Yi. Kwi Kyung was happy about it but Yoon Jae saw through her selfish motive and left the table. 

Song Yi called out Se Mi for chicken and beer. Se Mi expressed sympathy over Song Yi predicament until she received a text message from a director. She gave an excuse that her mother had sprain her ankle, cutting the dinner short. 

Jae Kyung review the photo at the wedding cruise. He finally saw Yura clutch, it end up in Song Yi purse. He gave Song Yi a call and offer to visit her at her house for a cup of coffee.

In the building, Min Joon noticed Jae Kyung who was just a few steps away from him. He remembered Jae Kyung face from the cruise and was suspicious of him. Unfortunately, Min Joon was unable to give chase as dectective park came to question him about Yura case.

At the car, Min Joon tried to recalled his memories at the cruise and was certain that Jae Kyung is up to no good. At the meantime,  Song Yi opened the door for Jae Kyung. Min Joon suspiciously escaped from the car to the surprise of Dectective Park. Is Min Joon going to reach there in time to save his Song Yi? 


We replay the scene at the balcony. Min Joon bark at Song Yi to stay 1meter away from him. While Song Yi marvel at her billboard poster, Min Joon quietly took a step closer to her. That was so sweet! 


I have always dislike Se Mi and this episode make me dislike her even more. She is just a wolf in a sheep clothing and is full of lies. Jae Kyung was as scary as ever. He looked like he is going to kill Song Yi after he find the evidence. We are convince that he is a cold hearted man who will kill anyone to secure himself. Dectective Yoo is Se Mi brother? That was a nice twist to the story. 

On the other hand, I love the interaction between our two leads. Those bickering and funny moments was so Sweet. The steps which they move towards each other was engaging too. I think their acting skills was excellent to be able to execute this level of chemistry. However, I am worried that the story will turn tragic since one is from the earth and the other is from the Star. I think I will cry if they are separated. 

Anyway, this drama is getting better and the story is engaging enough for me to tune in to the next episode. Kwi Kyung proved to be a innocent and senseless guy but I gradually like his character in this show. The cute little scene about the kids outside the Manhwa store is so adorable. I like it when the drama has a meaning in each episode. 

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My Love From The Star Episode 4

Song Yi attended the cruise wedding in the glittery high heels. Although Lawyer Jang asked him to go after Song Yi, Min Joon explained that he had encountered many terrible incidents. Therefore, he will stick to his policy of not interfering in human matters. 

A flashback to Joseon storyline, Yi Hwa  and Min Joon was back to her parental home. Her mother was relief to know that her daughter was not died. She introduced her life savior to her patents, who treated him with graditute. However, Yi Hwa's father gave a suspicious look that seem to suggest that he is involve in the plot to kill her daughter.

Min Joon was treated to a feast for being their daughter life savior. He ate the earthly foods with gladness. It was late at night, a pair of trembling hands reached out to Yi Hwa. It was her mother strangling her daughter at the neck. Yi Hwa woke up in shock and struggled with her mother. She told Yi Hwa it was better to die a clean death then sullied her body. Her father who was keeping watch outside stepped away. Yi Hwa mother let loose of her grasp and strove some money to Yi Hwa. She begged Yi Hwa to leave this place and live in hiding from now onwards. 

Poor Yi Hwa, she does not know that bringing an unknown man to the house was a shameful thing. Sure enough, Min Joon was captured by Yi Hwa father who poisoned the foods. Min Joon was tied up and he was still alive although he looked sick. He looked out of the window and he looked helplessly as the his fellow aliens rode their UFO and flew back to the space.

Back to the present, Min Joon was still pondering over this matter at home until he watched Song Yi interview on TV. He switched off the TV and walked out of the house. 

Fast forward to Sixty hours later, Min Joon rode his bicycle pass a river and the search party pulled out a corpse from the water. Although the body was covered, we can see the glittery shoes. The lead Detective Park dismissed the incident as suicide because the top star had depression and was drunk on that day. However Prosecutor Yoo decided to investigate this incident. 

Prosecutor Yoo went through the CCTV footage. Back to the wedding cruise and jump back to the day of event, Song Yi was with Hwi Kyung and Se Mi. As  usual, Hwi Kyung talked about marrying Song Yi but was rejected by her. Scary hyung Jae Kyung appeared and Song Yi asked about his rumour with Yura. Jae Kyung insisted that Yura is just a model for their company and they are not in a relationship. 

Song Yi went to visit the bride and Yura came later. They continued their cat fight and even compete with each other. Stealing the limelight from the bride, the two actresses posed seductively, trying to win each other. Yura requests the bride to throw the bridal bouquet to her as she is going to get married soon. 

Se Mi met a director and she tried to network for a role. The director was annoyed that she found out about the screenplay. However, he might consider her if she come to his house for a drink. Kwi Kyung came to her rescue and placed a protective arm around Se Mi. He added that the movie need to have investor first and he is not interested in his project. 

They saw Song Yi holding a glass of Martini and swaying at the other end of the shop. Suddenly, a big wave rock the whole ship and when Se Mi looked up, Song Yi had disappeared. 

The ship pulls into the dock early and Song Yi was missing from the list. Kwi Kwang searched frantically for Song Yi and he heave a sigh of relief when he found Song Yi sleeping on the bed. The detective noted that Song Yi was the last person to come out of the ship. Furthermore, Yura and Song Yi was seen fighting at the bathroom. Therefore, Song Yi was not the victim but the suspect. 

In class, Min Joon lecture was about the power of gossip. Indeed, the internet spread the gossip like fire and they accused Song Yi for harassing Yura to death. 

Song Yi brother Jae Yoon watches the media coverage and was furious on behalf of his sister. Song Yi Manhwa friend defense Song Yi and stated that she is not a killer although she is rude.

It was a PR nightmare for Song Yi and her manager informed her to hide herself from the reporters who were on their way to her house. In a panic, Song Yi ran out of the house and forgot about her pin number. In the end, she hide in Min Joon house. Kwi Kyung went to his brother for help and after that he went to Song Yi house. Kwi Kyung was hilariously mistaken as one of the reporter waiting outside her house. 

Se Min mother was delighted to heard from a fortune teller that Se Min is going to be famous this year. She advise Se Min to make use of this opportunity when Song Yi was involved in a scandal to grab the spotlight for herself. 

On the other hand, Song Yi browse through the artistic decoration and was in awe of the book collections in the hidden chamber. She flipped through a book that was picked randomly and saw a sentence which says "leaving in three months." Suddenly, Min Joon emerge from the back and was annoyed by her action. They bickered with each other and Min Joon even threatens to chase her out of the house, which he eventually did not.

It is no surprise that Jae Kyung killed Yura. He even try to clear all the evidence. It was known that Yura saved the evidence in a flash drive. Yura left the clutch in the toilet. Song Yi discovered it and carries the clutch in her purse with the intention of returning it to Yura later. 

Song Yi make herself at home in Min Joon house. She talked about the incident about Yura and felt guilty although she did not kill her. She revealed the incident she saw at the bathroom to Min Joon. Song Yi witnessed a quarrel between Yura and Jae Hyung.

The detective who were busy looking through the CCTV footage was shocked to see a mysterious man (Min Joon) on board who was assumed to be a ghost. Song Yi revealed that she dream about a man who rescued her at the ship, while Min Joon looked away uneasily. 

Indeed, it was Min Joon who froze the time and rescued Song Yi. While Min Joon put Song Yi to bed, she pulled Min Joon close to her and gave him a kiss. 


In an interview, Min Joon was asked if he had kiss anyone before? Min Joon replied that based on his appearance, he will have this opportunity but he have not try before. Relating to an incident in Joseon dynasty, a lady gave him a painting and offer a kiss. However, Min Joon rejected her and said that he came from the Stars. The lady was heartbroken. 


Yay! Min Joon to the rescue! He look so dashing and hot in this role. I was blushing with excitement at the ending scene when Song Yi kissed Min Joon. That was so sweet and cute. 

The story has a nice twist to it when Song Yi became a suspect and Yura was the victim. I like that the scriptwriter explained everything well and tried to tie everything together. The story plot was nicely done and there was comedic moments too. I am sure, there will be more to look forward to in the coming episodes.

We all know that scary Jae Kyung hyung is a evil villain. Every now and then the people around him were killed. It was exergerating but it lead us to be convinced that Jae Kyung is truly a evil person. I also dislike Se Mi because she is such a hypocrite. At times, Kwi Kyung was annoying too. However, I think this guy is passionate and loyal to his first love Song Yi. I like his cuteness in the drama but I pity him at the same time. There are only a handful of people who stood by Song Yi. Sometimes I pity her struggles in these situations.

I felt sorry for Yi Hwa in this episode because she innocently went back home with his life savior and did not expect to be treated in this way. I can understand why Min Joon learnt the hard lessons of not meddling in human affairs. If trust was misplaced, the feeling of disappointment was terrible. 

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Kim Jong Kook Taiwan Interview

Article translated by Drama Queen from this link: Kim Jong Kook Taiwan Interview

In 1999, Kim Jong Kook came to Taiwan in an Idol duo - Turbo. 15 years later, Kim Jong Kook came to Taiwan as a solo artise. This time round, he is here to participate in a Red Cross Charity Function titled - Mr Capable Power Of Love Charity Event held in Taipei convention centre. He arrived in Taiwan with his mother and was busy signing autographs for the fans who warmly welcome his arrival at the airport. Kim Jong Kook was friendly to the fans and he revealed that he like Taiwanese snacks. His mother who was here for the first time love the Taiwanese snacks that the host kindly prepared too.  It had been a long time since he came to Taiwan. According to the host, he was curious about the changes and he kept asking about the new construction building in every district during his car ride to the destination. 

At the press conference, Kim Jong Kook showed his trademark smiley eyes and greeted the media politely. The secretary of Red Cross Association presented the Chinese New Year gifts due to the festive season. They even gave a red packet (Hong Bao) to Kim Jong Kook in appreciation for his participation in this charity event. Kim Jong Kook opened the red packet and was surprised to see money inside, he cheekily smiled at the camera. 


Host: It had been 15 years since you came to Taiwan, would you like to say hi to everyone? 

Kim: It had been 15 years since I came to Taiwan, I am more nervous and full of anticipation as compared to other countries. 

Host: The last time you came to Taiwan, you came with your Turbo group mate. How do you feel coming to Taiwan as a solo artise now? 

Kim: I felt more nervous to come alone, it reminded me about the last time i came with my partner. Although I am nervous, I am more excited too. 

Host: How do you feel coming to Taiwan for Charity event purposes? 

Kim: I am happy to participate in this Charity event! I hope there will be more this type of Charity events and i will gladly participate. 

Host: Many fans were waiting for you at the airport. What do you have to say to your fans in Taiwan? 

Kim: From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all my fans for their love and support. It had been 15 years since I came to Taiwan and I did not held any activity here for a long time. I am glad that the fans here still supported me.

Host: There are many nice foods in Taiwan. Is there any Taiwan dish that leave a great impression on you? 

Kim: I remembered 15 years ago, I went to the night market and it left a great impression on me. I would like to visit the night market again. 

Host: What is your future plan?

Kim: Last year my focus is on Variety Show, therefore this year i am planning to focus more on music and OST. If Taiwan invite me over, I would definitely be glad to come again. 

Host: How do you achieve a balanced lifestyle amidst your busy work schedule? 

Kim: I am serious when i work and I will usually workout or listen to music during my rest time. I do not have time to do other things. I believe in working hard and resting well. 

The Taiwan fanclub presented a specially customize Chinese traditional clothes for Kim Jong Kook. He happily put on the clothes and did a New Year greeting pose. He look handsome and friendly with his new clothes. He exclaimed," Since I caught a cold, i felt warm putting on this cotton clothes. " 

Kim Jong Kook revealed his new year resolution. He said that he will focus more on Music this year and he would love to come to Taiwan again if given an opportunity in the future, since Korea is near to Taiwan. In addition, he will continue to work hard in Running Man. 

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Miracle in Cell No. 7 (7번방의 선물)

Some time back I had the opportunity to watch Miracle in Cell No. 7 (thanks to Hangeul Korean Language School's movie night - they should have more of such nights!). There were even Korean snacks! More about that soon!

So if you are interested in learning Korean or just want to join such a movie night, do check out Hangeul Korean Language School's website and/or like their Facebook Page for the latest promotions and updates!

Anyways if you haven't heard about this heart-warming movie, here are the movie details from Wikipedia:

What it is about:

Miracle in Cell No. 7 (Hangul: 7번방의 선물; a.k.a "A Gift from Room 7") is a 2013 South Korean film starring Ryu Seung-ryong and Park Shin-hye. The film is a heartwarming comedy and family melodrama about a mentally challenged man wrongfully imprisoned for murder who builds friendships with the hardened criminals in his cell, and they help him see his daughter again by breaking her in.

The film's early working title was December 23 (Hangul: 12월 23일).


Lee Yong-gu is a mentally challenged man with the intelligence of a 6-year-old, which is actually the age of his own daughter Ye-sung who is much smarter than her peers. The two of them lead a happy life while Yong-gu makes a living by working as a parking attendant at a local supermarket. But one day, when the police commissioner's young daughter dies in a strange accident, Yong-gu is the one who happens to find her. He is falsely accused and sentenced to death for abduction, sexual assault, and murder of a minor. 

Ye-sung is sent to a childcare institution and Yong-gu gets imprisoned and assigned to Cell No. 7, the harshest cell in a maximum security prison. At first, the other inmates in the cell keep their guard against Yong-gu, then realize that there's something not quite right with him. Not understanding his own dire situation, Yong-gu only worries about his daughter. 

One day, he saves his fellow cellmate, an influential figure in the prison, from an attack by his rival. In return for saving his life, Yong-gu is granted a wish: to see his daughter Ye-sung again. The inmates put their heads together to carry out a daring operation and miraculously succeed in sneaking Ye-sung into Cell No. 7 during a religious event. 

While the father and daughter rejoice, the others realize it was relatively easy getting her in, but impossible getting her out. After a while, Ye-sung is detected and sent back, but during the time the inmates as well as the prison guards come to realize that Yong-gu was falsely charged. And they all put their heads together to prepare him for his final trial.

Thoughts (and yes some spoilers... so be forewarned) 

Reading the synopsis I thought that movie would be a lighthearted comedy, but I was so wrong. It was an emotional movie that evoked all of the emotions (be prepared to have a tissue box on hand!):
  • Heartwarming moments at the sweet father-daughter interactions and how they support each other

  • Sadness as Yong-guand his daughter, Ye-sung, lose each other (when he gets wrongfully arrested) and their attempt at trying to find the other even when they had no way

  • Happiness as Yong-gu and and Ye-sung find each other finally midpoint in the movie

  • Laughter at Yong-gu's innocence and the funny mess that his cellmates get into just to help him once they get to know him with Ye-sung in the mix

  • Frustration at the injustice done to Yong-gu just because he happened to be at the wrong place and at the wrong, and taken advantage of because of his lack of intellect. Mostly because of a vengeful police commissioner who just wanted a scapegoat for his young daughter's accidental death. Even when faced with the truth (and evidence) the police commissioner threatened Yong-gu with Ye-sung's life and just wanted to see someone pay for his daughter's death. He was bent on taking a life just because.

  • Sadness when Ye-sung and Yong-gu's cellmates (and new allies along the way) realize that there is no way they can save him and they try to make lasting memories before his day

  • Hope when Yong-gu's cellmates tried to save him and let him escape with Ye-Sung

  • Disappointment when that plan was halted by a piece of rope

  • Grief when Ye-sung and Yong-gu's cellmates (and new allies along the way) see his passing

  • Closure (in a way but not fully) when Ye-sung gets adopted by the prison warden and becomes a lawyer to turn over her father's verdict; it was a success - Yong-gu was vindicated of his guilt and declared innocent (but he is dead so I guess it is more meaningful for the living). Although Ye-sung had her closure, I think there should have been more done: those involved in fabricating the evidence and framed poor Yong-gu (especially that police commissioner) should have also been charged. 

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My Love From The Star Episode 2

We were back at Joseon Dynasty timeline with our hero Min Joon first arrival to the earth. Dressed in black clothing, he and his fellow aliens were seen roaming around a forest, collecting specimen. It seems like they were doing some research about earth. Min Joon pluck out a flower and examine it.

All of a sudden, time came to a standstill at a village. Min Joon now dressed as a Joseon aristocrat stepped out of a house. He took some time to observe his surroundings before everything went back to normal.

While roaming through the street, Min Joon keen vision spotted a con man cheating. When he heard that the desperate gambler said that he needed to raise money for her daughter medicine, Min Joon used his telekinetic power  to make the next round fair. The desperate gambler won this round to the surprise of the con man. 

That night, the 15 years old Joseon girl falls asleep while copying the scroll. Suddenly, a man captured her and planned to kill her in a dark forest. The Joseon girl woke up in time and broke free from her captor. The archer lifted up a bow and attempted to shot the arrow at her back. Just when the arrow is about to reach her back, she disappeared. 

The next moment, Min Joon appeared. Initially, the girl was alarmed but she soon realized that she was saved by Min Joon the other time too. The girl name is Seo Yi-Hwa. She asked Min-Joon for his name, however he for some reason did not reply and float into the air instead. He just handed the hairpin back to the girl.

Fast forward to 2013, the ornament sits at the museum exhibition now. Min Joon listen nearby as a guide talk about the origin of the hairpin and that all the artifacts was from an anonymous donor. 

Now we were back to where we stopped at the previous episode. The lift door open, Min Joon and Song Yi met. Song Yi was unhappy with the incident at the classroom and begin to pick on Min Joon. However, Min Joon gave her a history lecture to shut her up before he leave. Song Yi was left sputtering behind him again. 

Min Joon had a premonition at night. He envisioned a pair of glittery high heels and the next moment, the lady fall backwards into the water. He shared his vision with his buddy Lawyer Jang. He stated that perhaps Min Joon need to use his supernatural power to help people. 

Min Joon disagree and recounted the incident about the desperate gambler that was addicted to gambling. The con man said that if only he did not win that round. Upon hearing that, Min Joon watches with a heavy heart. 

In order to present a good image to the public, Song Yi manager asked her to take part in a 24-hours documentary. Initially, she refused until her stylist slyly stated that it means the other starlet Yura will get this opportunity. Song Yi scoffed at Yura and stated that she won the best actress award at the Grand Bells Award. However, her stylist reminded her that Yura won the Blue Dragon Award. 

Song Yi accepted the project and Yura (Yoon In Young) was pissed off. At this moment, Se Mi arrived at the same beauty salon. She deflated a little when she was treated as the second string to Song Yi. Despite that, Se Min remains sweet and flatter Yura. She snap it up whenever Yura mentioned about Song Yi. 

Prior to the recording of the documentary, Song Yi spend hours to ensure that she look effortlessly prefect. They even created a girl-next-door image for  Song Yi. During the interview, the reporters accost her with compliment and questions. Song Yi handle the interview like a pro until she mistook Propolis for propofol. Her manager tried to salvage the situation and plead with the cameraman to edit the video. 

Song Yi arrived in the school compound and pretends to know her school mates with the help of her manager. In class, she handed in her paper earning the admiration from everyone present. However, Min Joon rifle through the report and call Song Yi out saying that she broke the rule and was guilty of plagiarism. 

Song Yi recalls her manager telling her that nobody will know about the plagiarism. Min Joon starts rattling all the reference she copied and gave her a Zero for the report. Song Yi was stunned  and people started to gossip behind her back. 

The gleeful students posted comments about Song Yi online. Min Joon overheard the conversation and uses his telekinetic power to crush the girl's phone to the ground. 

Song Yi spendthrift mother met Se-Mi mum at the departmental store. They started to talk about Song Yi and her documentary. Their conversation became  aggressive when chaebol son Hwi-Kyung was mentioned. 

It was Se Mi birthday and she took the initiative to ask Hwi Kyung out and he agrees to the delight of Se Mi. However, Hwi Kyung regards Se Mi as his best friend and suggested to ask Song Yi along. Se Mi stated that Song Yi need Some time to be alone after the documentary and they can ask her out next time. Meanwhile, Se Mi gets ready to doll up for the date. 

Min Joon had a mahjong session with lawyer Jang and a group of old men at the palor. He was amazingly good in the game, suddenly an old man recalled a person named Kim Woo-San who look exactly like him. A flashback shows us the earlier version of Min Joon. They pass him off as the man's grandson, to which Lawyer Jang stated that Min Joon is his son. They chuckle at the fond memories, until the old codger boasted and claimed that 'Kim Woo San' always lose to him. 

Having to swallow his pride, Min Joon left the palor and complained to lawyer  Jang. They talked about the girl whom Min Joon had saved twelve years ago. Turned out that lawyer Jung have been helping to find her. Min Joon stated that although he is curious to know about her, it is not necessary to look for her. If fate has it, they will meet each other. If not, they are not meant to meet each other. This is what he learnt on earth. 

Late at night, a drunken Song Yi mistook Min Joon house as hers. She made lots of noises and keep pressing on the pinpad. Feeling irritated, Min Joon open the door and stated that she had entered the wrong house. However, Song Yi was too drunk to listen, she barges into the house and slept on the coach.

Hwi Kwang tried to call Song Yi on the phone and Min Joon answer it. Hwi Kyung was shocked and rushed over to find Song Yi. He  arrived in a huff and warns that he did not laid a finger on her. He calls himself his boyfriend and collects Song Yi to her home, leaving her wallet behind.

Min Joon could hear their voices and he tried to ignore it with a shower. While Song Yi was asleep, Hwi Kyung tried to lean over and plant a kiss on her. Song Yi woke up just in time to warn him against it. Min Joon was smiling to himself when he heard that. By the time Hwi Kyung remembered the date with Se Mi, it was too late and Se Mi was left waiting for two hours. She tried to brush it off and take it lightly but she was crying by herself. 

Hwi Hyung went back to the Chabeol mansion and met his elder brother. while he is a carefree younger brother, his elder brother appears to be more responsible. However, there was something eerily about this man when he received a call from a desperate woman. 

The next day, Min Joon found the wallet under the coach. When he flip open the wallet, he was astonished to find a family photo and a familar face. 

Song Yi wore the familar glittery high heels and met Yura at the beauty salon Soon, they started to quarrel over the documentary. Yura was fuming mad and raised her hand in an attempt to give Song Yi a slap, which was intercepted by Min Joon. Yura scream at him and stated that she is not yet finish with that bitch. Min Soo point his brainwave at the light and they simultaneously exploded.

Min Joon grab Song Yi and pulled her outside, staring at her intensely. Song Yi thought that it is about the incident last night and tried to explain. Min Jong took out the wallet with the family photo and demanded to know who she is. Song Yi snatched back the wallet and Min Joon stared at her and asked, "who are you?" 


During an interview, Song Yi was asked about her first love. She mentioned about the truck incident and that if she meet him again, she would most likely be able to recognize him. At this moment, Min Joon rode by in a bicycle and she sneers at him. 

In another interview, Min Joon was asked about his preference in women.  Min Joon replied that there are many types that he dislike such as drunken woman. I know of a woman who processed all the characteristic. She is the worst.


This episode was enjoyable and fun. I pity Song Yi for being an modern actress that many people targets. It is the harsh reality of the world isn't it? It is tiring and sad that celebrities always have to be perfect and projects a good image infront of everyone. It is true that she is only a human who will make mistake. People are too harsh on her sometimes. However, that is reality and people like to gossip about stars. 

Min Joon begins to show more of his character in this episode, although he still remain mysterious. I like that suspense and I look forward to more of this drama. Since Min Joon character is written in this way, I will gladly embrace it. Anyway, Kim Soo Hyun as always gave a remarkable performance onscreen. However, I wondered are they trying to push the ratings by showing the shower scene again? Not that I mind though and the rating for this drama is good to begin with. I enjoyed the longtime friendship between Min Joon and Lawyer Jang too. 

Se Min is like a fox in a sheep clothing. I know that she is jealous of Song Yi and secretly wanted to snatch Kwi kyung. This lady always try to act pitiful and sweet infront of people. 

On the other hand, Hwi Kyung elder brother looks evil and I bet he is the villain of the show. I like the way the scriptwriter gradually led us into the story and reveal the answers slowly. 

Interestingly, both Min Joon and Song Yi 'dislike' each other and yet they were link to each other by fate. I agreed with what Min Joon quote about fate. If they were meant to meet each other they will, otherwise they were just not meant for each other. 

In this case, the main leads are fated to meet each other again after twelve years. However, Min Joon have to leave the earth in three months! What will they do? 

Photo credits: Dramabeans