Friday, October 21, 2016

Jolin Tsai Play Concert

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I had the honor to attend Jolin Tsai's  "Play" concert in Singapore, thanks to my sister. Although it was a restricted view area, i was actually quite close to the stage. I was excited about this concert because i used to listen to her songs. She was the Mando dancing queen of my generation. 

These were the freebies found at our seats and it was nice of the organizer to placed them on our seats. I was anticipating Jolin Tsai concert since i have never been to her concert before.

The stage design looks like some sort of a mini playground, placed in the middle of a stage. It follows the theme of the concert - Play. Jolin Tsai costumes ranges from average to good. Some of the dancers that they hired were quite good and Jolin used English to introduced the dancers. Her English is pretty good for a Taiwanese. Anyway, she major in English and she at least can form sentences.

That night, Jolin sang all her classic songs and hype up the atmosphere with her dance steps. Perhaps due to Jolin getting older in age, she seem to get tired easily. Compared to the past when Jolin impressed us with her rhythmic gymnastic, Jolin did not perform any of that in her concert.  I was a little disappointed that she fall short of my expectation.

Jolin look gorgeous and tiny on stage. Her voice did improved a lot throughout the years and her hard work had lead to success. She was sharing her story on stage with a video of how she attained success despite the negative reviews. I admired Jolin for being such a hardworking artiste and she do deserved all the fame. I love the way she sang live for her ballads such as the smell of lemongrass, i know you are not happy and rewind. She performed steadily without any major mistake during the concert. She even invited two loyal fans from her fan club on stage to sing with her. Jolin is not really good in talking, i am glad that she choose to sing more than she talks to the audiences.  In conclusion, i do enjoy jolin concert and it seem like i took a time machine to the past when i used to listen to her songs during school days. How time flies!

Jolin debut song - I know you are sad
Cute song - Sun will never set
Jolin coming near to the stage
Jolin looking at our direction

Special thanks to my sister and her crew 

Friday, October 14, 2016

BTS Album Wings Music Review

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Bangtan Boys also known as BTS, recently made a comeback to the Kpop scene with a brand new album - Wings. I was amazed by BTS maturity in music, since we knew that BTS was famous for their youthful Hip-hop style. In my opinion, BTS has been experimenting different genre of music style after their last album - The most beautiful moment (Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa). Their brand new album features a variety of music style and solo for each member. This album showcased the member’s talent and what they can do as individuals. I heard that BTS participated in the production of this album which was truly great. Wings touched on a few sensitive social problems and some personal subject about the member’s thoughts and their inner struggles. The circles they were talking about in Wings were self, family, friends and the world as they were interlinked with each other. I am pleased with the overall concept of this album, keeping the mystery towards the end and practically leaving us craving for more of BTS. I look forward to this promising boy band future venture as they did prove to us how versatile and precious they were in pursuing performing Arts. This album definitely showed us a different side of BTS and they were prepared to step-up on their game in this ever changing music scene, while creating their own identity. 

J-Hope open the curtain of this album with his stunning display of dance skills and he totally owned it! I love the mysterious feeling to this music and the way J-hope expressed himself with his body movements. The lyrics - too bad, but it’s too sweet was well written and it rhymes with the whole album concept. The tempo and rhythm of this song was enchanting, drawing us into the world of BTS.

We knew that this album was inspired by the popular novel - Demain. The whole album focused on the member’s life and how they keep falling into temptations. Everyone have their own struggles and worries and there were times when we simply gave in to sins. The rap lyrics is both beautiful and meaningful. Basically, BTS carried a strong message about - life is not a bed of roses.

This official music video from Big hit Entertainment was filmed in high quality resolution and it simply showed that BTS was worth every single penny. The story begins with the boys at the Art Museum. Jin stared at a picture on the wall intently with a zoomed in close shoot of our beautiful Jin. All of a sudden, the boys became seven sophisticated princes dancing seductively to the music. I love the maracas that was used as part of the background music and i can't help but move along with the music. The Spanish inspired tune in between the song created a rather Artistic feel to the whole concept. BTS used the trendy music genre called moonbaton trap and added a bit of mysterious elements. These boys are a bunch of masterpiece amidst the Art work around the museum. 

I appreciate how evenly they distributed their lines in all BTS songs. The producer simply looked at who is suitable for which lines and each individual sang their parts very well. The music arrangement was well done and the boys did their best to seduce us with their new style. The music of Blood, Sweat and Tears went from soft and gentle to loud and aggressive and back to seductive again. It was a roller coaster ride to me! I love their transition from youth to adults. Nothing can stop BTS from moving on towards a new level in the music industry. We know that BTS are moving in a new musical direction and they are having fun in their journey towards exploring artistic expressions. 

Jeon Jungkook shared about his life ever since the age of fifteen. He talked about his brother (hyung) pain and how he felt worse when he see them upset. This song is very personal to Jungkook as he sang about how precious his brothers meant to him. In my opinion, this song was a cross between Zion-T and Justin Bieber music style. Jungkook must have been musically influenced by these two artistes. I can feel the sincerity and heartwarming lyrics in begin and Jungkook smoothing voice matches this song very well. Jungkook sang about his gratitude towards the people in his life that inspired him and make him who he is today. 

I have been waiting for Jimin to sing solo and he finally did in this album. He should have more confidence in himself and he does have a sweet voice. This song really make me proud of being his fan. In the song Lie, Jimin presented a person with a huge inner struggle and pain. He was probably betrayed by someone he trusted and fall into depression. I love the lyrics - Don't be like a prey, be smooth like a snake. This song sang about Jimin been caught in a lie which was actually the devil poisoning his mind. He was tempted to give himself to the devil repeatedly. Although he knows it is wrong, he cannot stop because he actually love that feeling. Jimin sang this song with such passion and emotion which totally blown me away. I melted at Jimin high notes and the beautiful chorus. Jimin had improved a lot in his vocal control and his English pronunciation. 

V has always been an impressive vocalist in my opinion and this song stigma totally drawn me to his voice. He has such a soulful voice and it is a shame if he does not utilize it in a song. Therefore, i am glad he managed to sing solo in this album. In Stigma, V was sorry for his reckless and irresponsible behavior. V felt being punished for the things he had done. He wants to redeem himself from the sin and tried all ways to rectify his mistakes. I love the way V sang his high note and it does proved that V has the widest vocal range in BTS. The music accompaniment for this song is simple with a saxophone, drum and piano as the background music. There is this jazz feeling to this song and it felt like V is confessing his feeling from the moment it drop the beat.

Suga always have an anguish overtone in his rap and this song is no exception. I love the way the song was written with such poetic expression. Suga reminiscence about his childhood and his loved ones. He rapped about the brown piano that stood by his side. He clearly stated that he will never leave (give up on) music. This is his faith and he strongly believed that music heal all pains in his heart. He hide behind the music to relieve his pain and anxiety. 

Rap monster lyrics reflected on life been sometimes good and bad. There were dark night and bright morning. I love the way Rap monster rap in English at the beginning. He sound so attractive and sexy. Reflection speaks of Rap monster philosophy about life and his insecurity. He wished to love himself more and not to be too hard on himself. 

J-Hope did a great job in this album and people need to stop underestimate his abilities. He is a talented piece of Art with his own style and he totally throws himself in his craft. I love the way he rap about his mother being there for him in his life. He simply love his mother and he wanted his mother to be proud of him too. 

I always heard that Jin is only a visual representative in BTS and he was one of the underrated member in Bangtan. Some people commented that he does not have much talent compared to other members. This song Awake really proved the haters wrong as Jin demonstrated his potential musically. I was touched by his gentle, sweet voice and the lyrics of this song was so well written that it brought tears to my eyes. Jin faced disappointment along the way and he still choose to hold on to the six flowers (the members) and continue to walk forward despite the obstacles and setbacks. Jin is really good in ballads and he does have a good voice!

Lost was sang by the four vocalists of BTS and it was a nice cover from them. It talks about being lost and how they tried to find a direction in life. This is very common for youngsters these days being lost and does not know what to do with life. This song connects to the youth that are still looking for their own place in this world.

The rappers in BTS continued their venture into Cypher part 4. They wrote the lyrics themselves and trap-rap along with the music. The lyrics - I love myself, i love myself keeps ringing in my head after listening to this song. The rap line tried to convey the message - Do not let the society define us of who we are and we need to find our own identify in this world. Yes, we need to love ourselves and not fall into depression due to other people opinion of us. They are referring to haters who sit behind the computer, sending hatred and resentment towards other people life. They wanted to destroy people life using words that hurts and they were simply saying things casually without sparing a thought for others.

We often question ourselves - Am i wrong? BTS shared about the social problem of these days where people became selfish and self-centered. They talked about the world we are living is going crazy with all the wrong moral values. This is a reflection about the society and we need to look into what went wrong with the young generation. Jimin pronunciation of crazy sound really crazy to me. Other than that minor problem, this song is really interesting.

BTS always talk about empowerment in their music. They did make it a point to be an inspiration to the youth of this generation. They always speak up against bullying, oppression and discrimination. In this particular song, BTS encouraged the 21st century girls to be strong and confident about themselves. Yes, we need not follow blindly on what the world says and define ourselves based on people opinion.

BTS pull the curtain down with an upbeat song that brings hope and a smile on our face. They sang about holding hands together as one to walk through the storm in our life. In my opinion, BTS tried to reach out to the youth with their music. Darkness will end, hope will arise. As long as we stay together, we will conquer the storm. You are not alone because we are in this together. Do not give up hope and let's move on. This song was well arranged and it served as an encouragement for people who are depressed. 

BTS really spread their wings and fly! Yes, this album was a huge success and it will be marked as one of the most beautiful moment in BTS musical journey. I love that the circles they referred to in this album are wings that enabled them to fly higher. Everyone have their own route in life and we can still spread our wings and fly at our own pace. We can if we simply try to spread our wings and fly!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

G-dragon Girlfriend Nana Komatsu

Leaked photos from G-Dragon's private Instagram account have revealed his relationship with Nana Komatsu.

Rumors began to emerge earlier this year, when G-dragon (27 years old) and Nana (20 years old) were spotted at a restaurant together in Tokyo. The two had also worked together on an intimate photoshoot for Nylon Magazine, earlier in March of this year.

However, fans and reporters began to assume that the two were much closer than they had let on. The two were again caught in rumors when they were spotted wearing the same styled white bracelet, reminiscent of couple jewelry.

Now, fans have uncovered leaked photos from G-Dragon’s Instagram that come to near definite proof that he’s in a relationship. - taken from Koreaboo

My thoughts 

When will celebrites ever learn their lesson not to post private picture or open a private account in the social media and still expect to maintain their "privacy"? These Korean artistes live under the public eyes. How can they expect to hide their private life when they actually volunteer to put their personal stuffs in the social media at the first place? 

It is only a matter of time before any hacker goes into the social media system and retrieve their personal informations. This unfortunate incident happened to the Big Bang leader G-dragon. He does not like to talk about his private life to the media. We knew that his previous relationship with Kiko waswidely publicise. However, G-dragon has never comment about this matter. 

Actions speaks louder than words. We do see some intimate photograph of G-dragon and Nana. Even if YG entertainment did not issue any statement, we are certain that G-dragon is dating Nana now. Taeyang even suggested in his private Instagram to produce a song titled Lovers. It was obvious that these two lovebirds are currently into each other. 

Later on, G-dragon posted this picture in his official Instagram. He must be feeling terrible that this unfortunate incident happened to him. G-dragon is a famous musician that has been in K-pop industry for many years, I am surprised that he is so careless in handling his personal matters. 

Looking back at the girls that caught the eyes of our handsome leader, I noticed that G-dragon seem to adore Japanese models. Indeed, he has a unique taste in women that are docile and exotic.  I can hear the heart of his fan girls breaking into pieces. Don't forget that G-Dragon is going into military soon. Will this relationship last long? 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

就是喜欢你 JUST SO LOVING YOU - 第六页 Chapter 6




从小就被取笑没父没母的骏胜,带着悲痛的心情成长。失去人生方向的骏胜只知道以打架斗殴生活。曾天像一只野兽生活着,认为这就是生存之道。为了生存不得不与现实搏斗的骏胜,心里已是伤痕累累。然而,骏胜任然希望与母亲好好过日子。依静安静地听着骏胜透露出心事,心里感到万分沮丧。骏胜望着窗外的星星,眼里充满着思念。看着骏胜寂寞的背影,依静伸出手小心翼翼地触碰。骏胜回头望着依静的笑脸,莫名其妙的问,“你怎么了?” 依静笑着说,“我感觉到我们的距离更接近了。” 骏胜完全不知道依静究竟在想些什么。” 对骏胜来说依静就像一个不定时的炸弹,无法预料。即使不想与她来往,但是心里就是无法讨厌这个女生。

就是喜欢你 JUST SO LOVING YOU - 第七页 Chapter 7



另一边,丽颖和文妍的事业却节节上升,演出的机会也越来越多了。依静看在眼里,痛在心里。文妍感到困扰,毕竟夹在两个好朋友中间。丽颖说,“要成功就要必须踩着别人的头上才能上位。” 文妍虽然不同意这个说法,但也不敢反抗到底。她心里想难道就不能大家就像没成名之前那么开心吗?虽然自己的确是妒忌心重但也没想过要伤害依静啊!


深夜,文妍前来到访,依静欢迎她并且还把她当好姐妹看待。文妍十分感动和内疚,这时也决定站在依静这里替她加油打气。依静也向文妍道歉毕竟自己之前并不知道她们的感受,无意中或许伤害了姐妹们。这次的挫折能让自己好好反省并且努力从新出发好好学习。文妍问,“难道你不想揭穿丽颖的谎言吗?” 依静说,“我不想以怨报怨,更不想伤害自己的姐妹。我会好好加油,凭实力成功的!” 文妍说,“你改变了许多,不再是高高在上,自以为是, 又遥不可及的大明星了。” 依静感到安慰至少有文妍的加油打气,一切会更好的。

就是喜欢你 JUST SO LOVING YOU - 第八页 Chapter 8







就是喜欢你 JUST SO LOVING YOU - 第九页 Chapter 9


永和住院, 文妍经常来探望受伤的他。永和也渐渐地喜欢上文妍。随着时间,永和的伤口复原了。文妍最终回到工作岗位努力工作,然而她已不再和丽颖来往了。离开丽颖后的文妍和依静一起从新开始再战演艺圈。 虽然一切从新开始,生活却十分充实快乐。 


数天后,依静在拍片现场看见永和与丽颖偷偷约会。顽皮的依静把事情告知骏胜。他们安排了一个聚会把这对情侣邀请到这里好好地拷问这对地下情侣。 永和鼓起勇气向大家表明自己正与文妍交往。大家听得目瞪口呆,完全没有料到永和如此勇敢。 依静感谢永和公布恋情,并且对文妍是认真的对待。

大家祝福文妍和永和这段甜蜜的恋情。依静之后也勇敢的向骏胜告白自己的心意,可是骏胜却表现酷酷的回绝她的爱意。大伙看在眼里,心里都清楚这两个欢喜冤家是如此的登对。虽然骏胜时常躲避依静的猛烈攻势,大家都发现骏胜的举动声明了自己其实是在暗中观察着依静。难道这就实现了这句话,“男追女隔成山,女追男隔成沙” 这个道理吗?依静和骏胜究竟是否能成为一对呢?

就是喜欢你 JUST SO LOVING YOU - 第十一页 (最后一页)Chapter 11 (FINAL)



骏胜在家里看见报章杂志刊登Dreams girl 复合的消息,依静甚至获得最佳人气偶像奖项。永和开始捉弄骏胜,使得骏胜开始脸红了。骏胜假借健身为理由,迅速离开。圣诞除夕夜,骏胜,母亲和依静一同相约看电影。三个人幸福的度过这一天。骏胜依旧对依静冷淡,把注意力在母亲身上。依静俏皮和骏胜吵闹,母亲在一旁看得津津乐道,就像看见一个可爱的情侣打情骂俏。


依静感到心灰意冷,愤怒的说,“我爱得比你深,付出的比你多! 骏胜凝望着依静的脸,严肃的表示,“一个男人若是对一个男生有兴趣就会特别对待她,最近我都没有尊称你,距离。。” 依静没听完骏胜的话,就已经了解骏胜的心意。她对骏胜说自己高兴得快晕倒了。骏胜亲吻依静,不善言辞的骏胜用行动表示自己喜欢依静。他们之后也开始更甜蜜的互动,一切只会越来越好。

就是喜欢你 JUST SO LOVING YOU - 第十页 Chapter 10

10) 千金小姐梁依静。






我的室友 第五页 Roommate Chapter 5


大家围绕在斯特拉身边开始指指点点,窃窃私语议论斯特拉偷窃的行为。愤怒的斯特拉道出是谁传播这种不实的谣言?不料,维多利亚从人群中走了出来,望着斯特拉说,“若要人不知 除非己莫为。” 斯特拉指向维多利亚表示,“你这个谎话精,我何时偷窃了!” 维多利亚冷笑着说,“那你的好朋友应该是最清楚的吧?” 斯特拉感到莫名其妙,不知道维多利亚又耍什么花招。

这时莉娜从维多利亚身后走了出来,望着斯特拉面无表情的表示,“我知道我不应该出卖朋友,但是我已经无法忍受欺骗大家善心的斯特拉了。” 这时,斯特拉彻底崩溃,对着突如其来的状况感到晴天霹雳!周围的声音覆盖了斯特拉的听觉,她的手脚不停地战斗。斯特拉捂住耳朵希望这一切都不是真的。这时一双温软的手把斯特拉从人群中拉了出来,拼命地往前跑。

斯特拉被拉到一个无人的角落里,周围的声音仿佛逐渐变小声了。斯特拉抬起头望着眼前那熟悉的背影。是肯德尔?是你吗?不知道他们到底跑了多久,最终停顿在家里。斯特拉望着眼前汗流浃背的肯德尔,心里十分感动。她抱着肯德尔放声大哭。肯德尔措手不及,不知如何是好。他呆坐在沙发上,抱着怀里的斯特拉,只是一心想安慰受伤的斯特拉。这时斯特拉感到时间仿佛静止转动了,她擦干眼泪望着肯德尔竟然看见他早已闭上眼睛睡着了。斯特拉笑了笑说,“你这个傻子其实也挺可爱的。” 不料肯德尔突然睁开眼睛看着斯特拉表示,“你可别爱上我啊!” 斯特拉推开肯德尔表示,“你在捉弄我吗?” 肯德尔傻笑着表示,“我可不敢,只是想看你笑一笑就好了。” 斯特拉开始脸色泛红,心跳加速,开始呼吸急促。 她立刻跑进房间,调整心情。

肯德尔收起嬉皮笑脸,认真问候斯特拉的情绪有比较好了吗?斯特拉把门打开望着肯德尔开口问到,“你认为我是小偷吗?” 肯德尔用坚定的眼神告诉斯特拉,“我不相信你会偷窃。但是你必须证明给大家看你是清白的。” “让那些诬赖你的人获得教训。” 斯特拉脸上流露出笑容,他问为何肯德尔相信自己是无辜的,肯德尔认真的说,“因为你是斯特拉啊。” 斯特拉微笑着表示感激。


一年一度的嘉年华会即将展开,斯特拉准备前往台上演讲。维多利亚先上台表演舞蹈,人气旺盛的花儿得到许多掌声。战战兢兢的斯特拉呆住在后台,心里十分担心观众的反应如何。这时她看见观众席里出现一个熟悉的面孔。他不就是鲜少出现在校内活动的肯德尔吗?斯特拉突然回想起肯德尔的话,心里如同吃了颗定心丸。轮到斯特拉代表文化部登场了。同学们看见斯特拉在台上,开始嘘声不断。斯特拉勇敢的表示自己并没有偷窃别人的东西。观众席开始质疑斯特拉的人品。这时斯特拉问大家,“如果我有偷窃的行为,我会站在这里吗?而且若有人的东西被偷窃就立刻站出来和我对质啊!别诬赖我,请拿出证据!” 同学们突然鸦雀无声,静静的望着斯特拉。过了将近五分钟,观众席里有人突然开始鼓掌。当大家看见肯德尔鼓掌后也随着开始拍手欢呼。斯特拉感到惊讶,望着席上的肯德尔点了点头道谢。


大家正庆祝文化部起死回生,筹款既然达到校内前所未有的十万块钱。这也就把文化部的名声打起,不会被学校逼迫关闭了。大家欢庆的同时,斯特拉发现一个隐藏在墙壁背后,模糊的背影。她跟随着影子到操场,才渐渐发现是莉娜。她回头看见斯特拉,立刻跪在地上哭泣。斯特拉问,“你为何这样对待我?” 莉娜表示,“对不起,我向往自己也能像维多利亚这么受欢迎。有一天维多利亚找我说她愿意接受我,如果我肯听她的话诬赖你偷窃。”“我一时迷失了自己,愿意接受她的条件出卖自己唯一的朋友。” 斯特拉失望地转身离开,莉娜用虚弱的声音问道,“我们还能成为朋友吗?” 斯特拉回头望了望莉娜说,“你很可怜。但是我们已经不能成为朋友了。” 说完之后,斯特拉掉头就走。莉娜痛哭雷霆,责备自己犯下的错误。


我的室友 第四页 Roommate Chapter 4





过了一个月了,斯特拉开始感到气馁,毕竟大家都不愿参与爱心活动。她心想就这么放弃吗?这天下着倾盆大雨,斯特拉还是独自在校门口发传单,就像一个傻子。这时突然出现了一双手把传单接过。斯特拉抬头上看,原来是莉娜。她望着斯特拉无奈的说,“好啦。你的个性好固执啊。明知道没结果还是坚持发传单,作为你的好朋友及团员我当然要支持你啦。” 斯特拉笑了笑回应,“还是你够朋友!” 



经过这几个星期的努力,斯特拉回到家里都累得半死了。肯德尔望着斯特拉累得在沙发上睡着了。他抱起斯特拉把她轻放在床上睡。肯德尔望着斯特拉说,“这几个星期辛苦你了。真的好久没有和你斗嘴了,好像有一点怀念你了。” 他微笑着抚摸斯特拉的头,过后静悄悄地离开。斯特拉在睡梦中里流露出淡淡的微笑。

一大清早,斯特拉慢慢地从床上爬起来。她望着闹钟愣了一下,突然大声喊,“我迟到了!” 她立刻从床上跳起来,换上制服跑出房门。不料肯德尔既然站在眼前望着她说,“不出我所料,你果然迟到了吧?” 斯特拉怒气冲天,踢了肯德尔的脚大声呐喊,“你怎么不叫醒我啊?我的闹钟没响啊!” 肯德尔冷嘲热讽表示,“你没听到闹钟响罢了!” 看着懊恼不已的斯特拉,肯德尔对斯特拉说,“我开车送你到学校吧?” 斯特拉望着肯德尔说,“你不要开玩笑了啦!你没有开车执照啊,更何况你也没有车。” 肯德尔笑着说,“你出去看就知道了。” 斯特拉拿着一块面包走出门。

肯德尔翻白眼表示,“如果你不上车,我就要开车走了。” 斯特拉立刻开门进去,全程不可思议的望着肯德尔。她问肯德尔,“为何你没提起你会开车这件事?” 肯德尔笑着表示,“如果我说出来,你每一天都会叫我开车载你。” 斯特拉默认了,她笑了笑表示那以后你就载我到学校吧!” 肯德尔叹了叹气,点点头答应了。

斯特拉问到,“你和我哥怎么认识的呢?” 肯德尔脸色一变表示应该问你的哥哥吧。斯特拉感到莫名其妙,怒责肯德尔很没礼貌,过后就沉默地开车到校门口。斯特拉望着肯德尔说,“一起进去学校啊!” 肯德尔却说,“我不想别人看见我和你出双入对,免得被误会。” 斯特拉气呼呼的说,“我才不想和你一起出双入对呢!” 斯特拉愤怒的打开车门,跺脚望着肯德尔扮鬼脸。肯德尔看着斯特拉的背影,笑了笑说,“她生气的样子真的好逗趣,忍不住想整一整她。”


不料在嘉年华会的前夕既然传出了谣言指责斯特拉借着善心活动的名义既然去同学家偷东西!斯特拉一到学校就看见大字报写着斯特拉是一个小偷!同学们都用异样的眼神看着斯特拉,大家轻轻细语表示,“原来斯特拉的善心是假的,偷东西才是她的真正目的。” 斯特拉感到不知所措,饱受煎熬。这究竟发生了什么事呢?


我的室友 第三页 Roommate Chapter 3


斯特拉在球场上看见的女生是谁呢?听说这个女孩可是企业家的千金小姐。另一边,斯特拉也开始对肯德尔产生了兴趣。她心想,“我并不喜欢他,或许吧?” 但是我对这个大家口中的神秘坏男孩感到好奇。他到底是谁呢?


斯特拉在前往社团的途中回想起之前发生的事情。维多利亚是如此美丽动人,大家也十分仰慕她。然而,她看肯德尔的眼神仿佛为他着迷。斯特拉突然摇一摇头,告诉自己清醒一点。毕竟,这些事情于自己无关。斯特拉就这样一步步的走向社团里。出乎意料,社团里只有三名成员。一位就是彼得社长,另外一位看起来很正常的女生竟然是神经大条的莉娜,还有缺乏信心的威廉。莉娜望着刚加入社团的斯特拉,大声尖叫,“啊!终于有新成员加入了,这可是五年来第一次有新成员加入呢!” 彼得社长立刻捂住莉娜的嘴巴,“严厉警告她不要说出来。莉娜说,“她始终都会知道的啊!” 斯特拉望着彼得社长,心里满是疑问。

彼得社长不好意思的说,“是啦。她说的是都是真的。很对不起。我没有对你说这件事,还骗你加入文化部。事情是这样的,如果我今年无法签到一名新成员,我们就要关闭社团了。因此在不得已的情况下,才出此下策。你也可以现在就退团加入别的社团,我想还来得及。” 大家屏住呼吸,等待斯特拉的回应。斯特拉微笑着说,“好吧。既然已经加入文化社团了,我们就一起努力吧!大家听闻后都感到很惊讶,彼得社长更是感谢斯特拉的加入。为了接下来的活动日,大家进行讨论。


回家的路上,斯特拉看见肯德尔独自在操场上奔跑。突然,肯德尔望着她的方向傻笑。斯特拉的心跳了一下,立刻慌忙地转身离开。斯特拉无意中撞到了莉娜,她立刻道歉。然而,莉娜似乎对斯特拉的行为感到莫名其妙。她问斯特拉,“你是不是看见你喜欢的人呢?” 斯特拉立刻表示,“我没有喜欢肯德尔啊!” 突然,斯特拉察觉自己说漏嘴了。莉娜恍然大悟,“原来你喜欢肯德尔!” 他可是女生们的的梦中情人啊!你要知道喜欢他可是很艰难的路啊,更何况他这个人很神秘,好像听说是个冷漠的坏男孩。” 斯特拉望着莉娜好奇的追问,可是莉娜也不是很清楚具体情况。

隔天,斯特拉接到哥哥打来的长途电话,表示因为工作缘故无法抽身回家陪伴斯特共度圣诞夜。斯特拉怒气冲天表示,“你不想回来就别回来了!” 她接着挂上电话,回房间痛哭一场。这时她听见了肯德尔开门的声音。斯特拉心想肯德尔回来了吗?她打开门看见肯德尔望着自己傻笑的可爱模样,心里立刻融化了。

肯德尔手里拿着一包夏威夷比萨笑着说,“一起吃吧。” 斯特拉喜出望外,立刻把肯德尔手中的比萨夺走,带进自己房里。她不忘回头恭喜肯德尔赢得足球比赛。肯德尔无奈的说,“应该是你买食物给我吃吧!” 斯特拉回应,“下一次再换我请你吃吧!” 肯德尔笑了笑轻声的说,“其实比萨是买给你吃的。” 


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BTS Short Films Wings Theory

Rap Monster's narration - still from Hermann Hesse's 'Demian' reads, "My parents' house made up one realm. This realm was familiar to me in almost every way -- mother and father, love and strictness, model behavior, and school." I love the way Rap Monster recite the lines from the famous novel. Big Hit Entertainment Creative team is so brilliant to come out with this idea. Ever since they released these teasers, many people came out with their own theory about the video and interestingly these teasers were all linked to the previous album Forever Young. In my opinion, the circles perhaps represent the imperfection of life. We learnt to spread our wings and fly despite all the hardship in life. Like the butterfly which means transformation. 

BTS Wings Teaser (1) starring Jungkook

The beginning: We see Jungkook taking in all the pains of his hyung (brothers). He woke up from the bed, in a white shirt and the nightmare begins. We can see the bird imprinted on his white shirt. That symbolise he is connected to the sky  and ultimately free himself from the restrain of gravity (in another realm perhaps unconscious after the car incident in Run). 

We were also given the opportunity to peek at the inner struggle of Jungkook in this video. There was a scene where he depict emotions through drawings. The painting that was on the easel board seem to represent all the members pain and agony. Some people say that the pictorial is V and some say it is Suga or even himself. I have no idea who that painting and drawing belongs to, however if I have to choose I think it is probably Suga. Suddenly, the painting and piano burned and Jungkook called "Hyung!" Next, the room became pitch dark, and when the light shone on Jungkook. We can see a pair of wings behind Jungkook. 

My interpretation: Jungkook seem to take all his Hyungs problems on his shoulders.  He saw the devil coming to devour his friends in his "dream".  Jung kook seem to be fearful and lost his direction in life. He is at the beginning stage of turning into a butterfly (adulthood). There are times when he is still figuring out about life and feel anxious of the uncertainty.

He witnessed the pain of the people around him and called out to his hyung. When I linked this video to forever young, I concluded that Jungkook may grew up in a traditional family with strict rules. He could be angry and upset with school. I think he might have been pressured to perform up to the expectation of the adults. There is also a possibility that Jungkook is a victim of school bullies because he is under the eyes of the public. In my opinion, Jungkook only have his hyungs as his closest friends. Thus, his breakdown when he fear that the devil (crows) were taking them away from him. 

Psychological representation: Fear and sense of lost

Symbol: Wings. That is represented as the chipped butterfly wing. There is also a pair of bird wings behind Jung kook. That is the beginning of zooming into the dark side of psychology.

BTS Wings Teaser (2) starring Park Jimin

Lies: This could have something to do with depression. Jimin in this video looked lonely as he struggled with his inner thoughts. He is desperate for someone to save him! The scene with him lying on the bed and the pills that was tossed over reminded me of J-Hope consuming the pills. That is the psychological realm Jimin is facing. He tried to numb himself and escape from his problems but the struggles deepened. On the surface, he looks fine and force himself to smile at the camera. However, he has been putting on a mask and he was actually drowning inside his head. 

My interpretation: Jimin may be neglected in many areas of his life and is always having negative thoughts in his head. He feels that he is always falling short of expectation, just like what Namjoon narrated in the dialogue the realm of circle that make up his life. It's a cause and effect thing. 

Therefore, Jimin always feel the constant need to please others in order to earn the love and attention he desires. He felt "cold" and "weary" of the society norm upon his shoulders. It seem that he is surrounded by the forest, feeling extremely trapped in himself. He is actually pretending to be somebody (model behavior) instead of being truthful to himself. He developed a self defense between him and the world. He need to truly accept himself in order to be happy. 

Psychological representation: Depression and loneliness

Symbol: Apple. It's a lie that he has been feeding upon. The illustration that Adam went to the forest and ate an Apple from the Apple tree that God forbidden, which then open his eyes to the knowledge of good and evil. He is "poisoned" the moment he took a bite and continue to dwell in that forest (A world that he imagine will keep him safe). He is lonely and his only companion J-hope is nowhere to be seen. The feathers and empty bed could hint that J-hope is no longer around for him and he can't truly smile anymore because they are not together.

BTS Wings Teaser (3) starring V 

Stigma: V is trapped in his own circumstances. As what was seen in the video, V accidentally killed his father in order to protect his sister. This led to a crime that he had committed. He have violence tenancy and a problematic childhood trauma. He suppressed his emotions till the day he burst out and accidentally killed his father. V grew up in a broken family with a sense of hatred and anguish. It was sad when he replied to the police that he have no one. 

My interpretation: V was caught by the police and sent to jail. Apparently, V had lost his innocence as illustrated with him hugging the puppy and trapped in a cage. Then the thing that he hold dearly in his heart left him. That was when he felt so helpless. He knew that he had to face the consequences of his actions. In the end, he lost his freedom. He is trapped physically and mentally as he wish to go back to the time when life was so innocent.

Psychological representation: Lost of freedom, guilty, sinful and complicated 

Symbol: Puppy. He lost the most precious thing in his heart. It maybe his family and friends. The white puppy represents his childlike innocence which slowly slipped away from him. Things that he holds dear to were taken away from him. 

BTS Teaser (4) starring Suga 

First love: Suga broke into the music store and was playing piano. Suddenly there was a mysterious tone whistle played, and a car crashed on the piano. Everything was destroyed as Suga looked on with sadness. 

My Interpretation: Suga first love is music and that was when everything was destroyed, crashed and burned. This may refer to his sensitive heart and fragility. Suga retaliate with anger and a destructive behavior. He enjoys inflicting pain on himself in order to feel that he is alive. His world is destructive and he want to burn everything in despair. The whistle may be related to Jungkook. That whistle saved Suga from the car crash.  Suga has a disturbed mental state and he make a choice to pull away from that depression. He is astounded about his life choices and its consequences as he stepped aside to view his life (car crash and burning). He decided that he need to stop thinking about committing suicide in his mind. 

Psychological representation: Troubled, disturbed

Symbol: Fire. It can represent many things such as pain, anger, hurt and destruction. Suga hated himself and he thinks that love is a lie. Perhaps he feels hurt but is unable to let go of those pain and it became his destruction. Generally he thinks that nobody could understand him, not even himself. 

BTS Teaser (5) starring Rap Monster 

Reflection: We can see Rap Monster is reflecting on life. The "tattoo" on his arm is a story in itself. The past regrets and pain that he experience became part of his life. He ran to the telephone booth with the word liar and he hit on the door, while the phone is ringing. The mirror was destroyed and he stood alone at a corner. He tattoo the black bird that he found and burned the paper into a cup and drank it. He used his rebellious way to block the pain that was imprinted upon him. He is resisting the pressure from the society and trying to refrain from feeling "condemned" by the unfair judgment that people placed on him.

My interpretation: Some people say that it was V that called him. I think it could be Rap Monster feeling helpless and regretful for not reaching out to V in time of need and help him. He may experience self-reproach and choose to keep those pain. He felt that it is his responsibility to hold everything together as a leader. when things happens, he condemned himself for the mistake. He feel a need to free himself from the pain and be stronger. 

Psychological representation: Self-condemned

Symbol: Mirrors. He is a broken person and he longs for freedom like the bird. His life was been condemned by the conservative society. He does put the blame on himself for things that happened and its out of his control. 

BTS Teaser (6) starring J-hope

Mama: J-hope is in a mental asylum and the "drugs" which is actually snickers came crushing down. J-hope look like he is in "paradise", being high in drugs. He stared at the picture of forest which  licked to Jimin scene. 

My interpretation: J-hope could be having some addiction to drugs use in this video. He is happy with the chocolate sweet and that is the only way he can live in that illusion world. His mentally state is still at the stage of a kid , longing for his mother and trapped inside a child. The forest painting may indicate that he is in a maze just like Jimin. Both of them lack of love and warmth in their life. At some point of their life, they might be abused. J-hope was taken to the. hospital when he overdose on the pills and was later locked up in the mental asylum.  That is probably why he was separated from Jimin. 

Psychological representation: Addiction, helplessness 

Symbol: Snickers bar. He is trapped in his childlike innocent. The colouful ink and melted sweets soon became sticky and he realized that it is disgusting. There is a dark side in him that he wants to hide from others. He wanted to sugar coat his pain but it only adds to sinking deeper into desperate attempt to mask that pain. The picture of Eva hugging the child links to Jimin because all sins begins in the tree called knowledge of good and evil. Adam ate from that tree and Eve (originated from Hebrew Eva) is the female that persuade Adam into tasting the Apple. This open their eyes to see their nakedness and lack. The moment he bite the Apple, death follows as people are judge based on their sins. 

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一时冲动,七世不祥 (A Moment of Impulse Leads to Seven Lifetimes of Misfortune): Prologue

I was originally just a puff of cloud. 100 years ago, I was happily (and ignorantly) drifting away in the sky and passed by Yue Lao's residence when that drunk old man saw me and on a drunken whim turned me into a spiritual being. When he finally sobered up, he stroked his white beard and sheepishly declared: "It is indeed an auspicious puff of cloud that is destined for divinity. From this day on, let's call you Xiao Xiang Zi(1)."
(1)  Xiao Xiang Zi - could literally translate into "little auspicious child" and the way the name is formed, it is similar to the naming convention of eunuchs.

Being the naive puff of cloud that I was, I did not notice anything wrong with my newly bestowed name and happily accepted my new identity. From that day onward, I began my life as a woman with a eunuch’s name and lived in Yue Lao's home, becoming his little assistant. That old man provided me with 3 meals a day and a little pocket money just enough to buy some snacks and wine. In exchange, I had to look over the mess of red strings(2) that occupied Yue Lao's temple.
(2)  Red strings - usually refers to the strings of matrimony and the connection between two people coming together as a couple
Time soon went by in a flash and more than a hundred years have passed. As I looked up at the sky, I thought that my days would be spent idly sitting in Yue Lao's temple and being his little assistant for the rest of my days. But I digress, since I have been told that a boring story would waste you valuable readers' your precious time. So let me get on to the part where it all began...

That fateful day a 'devil' from from who know which upper part of the Heavens came crashing down head first through the roof and landed onto the red carpet in Yue Lao's temple. The ruckus he caused was equivalent to the effect food has on my stomach after it has digested food with 'gaseous' properties. As I was having a nap, the ruckus he created caused me to wake up from my slumber and give him the 'eye' a couple of times. Coincidentally he was also dressed in red that day, and it took him a great amount of effort to pull his head out of the crater his head had created.

The moment he managed to pull his head out, he glared at me and irately commented, "Brat, instead of just sitting there and staring at me, couldn't you have taken the initiative to give me a hand over here?!".

His berating further woke me up and cleared my head a little bit, as I stared at him wide-eyed, "Haven't you already managed to get out?".

He give me the 'evil-eye' as he stood up and brushed the dust off his expensive looking clothes, and disdainfully commented, "Just look at you. One look and it is obvious that you are just a lowly maid from that stingy Yue Lao residence, absolutely no eyes (foresight)!".

I yawned lazily and moved my butt to a more comfortable position on the stone stairs. As I dug my ears, I retorted, "I might not have any eye boogers (similar sound in Chinese for foresight), but after this ruckus I definitely have an earful of wax!", as I flicked my finger in his direction, "Want to see?".

The moment I did that, he moved to the side like he avoided a plague and with comptempt in his eyes said, "Hmph, like master and servant. What can be expected from a stingy master and a beggarly maid?".

Now, I might always like nor agree with that old man who loves to steal a drink here and there, but he is still after all my Master who has provided for me food and lodging for a few hundred years now. We could be considered family in a way. So we might disagree or hate each other, but there is no way we would tolerate outsiders to badmouth us.

Squinting my eyes, I give him a look once over and said, " I heard that those from Master Ma Er's estate love to be primped and looking their best. Among the gray men there, they all dress up extravagantly and each one outdoes the other before him. I didn't believe them at first, but after encountering you fellow deity, I see that that is definitely true! What an eye opener indeed.".

Watching his face turning red with rage, I added more fuel with a smug, "So fellow deity, who one of the twelve would you be?".

"Insolent brat! How dare you!", he raged and waved his hand. In that moment a whip appeared and ruthlessly made its way towards me. Now I now I am originally a really lazy person and slacked on honing my skills, but ever since I learned that "only the strongest survive and the weak get bullied", I never fell being on practicing my skills. So after a few hundred years of practice, my magical skills could be said to be relatively good (or so I thought).

The whip made its way towards me ruthless and I thought I could handle it as I met it head on with my fan. But he suddenly made a move I did not expect, as a result my fan was shredded to bits. I stood there shocked.

Now the standard of living in Heaven is not high as all, this is Heaven after all. But Yue Lao is an extremely stingy old man and only willing to spend (that little bit more) on the jars of wine that he got high on. There was never enough left over for my daily allowance. So it was with much effort that I managed to buy that magical fan after many decades(!) of saving after cutting on corner when and where I could. The original owner, Zhi Nu (Weaver Girl), sold it to me at a discount after I begged her multiple times. What made matters worse was I just recently bought it and it was hardly warmed up in my hands before this bastard... totally and utterly destroyed it?!

The mix of emotions that overwhelmed made me unsure if the surging emotion was sorrow, anger, or pain. All I knew was that I had to give him a beating that he would remember for life to compensate the loss of my fan!

I rolled up my sleeve, and as I tied up my hair which has not been tied for at lest a century said, "You, come over here. You have two choices.".

He looked at me with whip in hand and gave me a look of disdain with a smug on his face. Having tied up my hair and mastered my courage, I stood on the steps and pointed my finger at him, "One, pay me back. Two, use your body to work off your debt.".

Looking at me coldly, he grunted and sneered, " And who do you think you are?".

I clenched my hands with crackling and announced, " I am that piece of dark ominous puff of cloud that will make your life cursed and miserable from now on. Be prepared to tremble in fear!"

Rising his eyebrow, he looked at me with surprise at my boldness and resistance, he said, "What a joke. Coming from someone who only a few hundred years of cultivation... You still have the nerve to challenge me. You sure have guts.".

Just at that moment, I cast a spell that made the carpet he was standing on become soft and mushy like quicksand. That guy was caught unaware, and his legs soon started to sink into the carpet slowly. I flashed my pearly whites at him as he started to sink unbeknownst to him, and suddenly gave him a shove. The move shocked him, but by the time he realized what had happened his feet were firmly rooted into the carpet; unable to move.

I slung my hand over his should and cunningly smiled, "You sure smell nice", and bit him without any reservations. My level of cultivation might be low and I may lose out to those deities who thousands of years of cultivation with my poor magical skills in the Heavens. Since my magical skills are inferior, I will not waste my time on using them. The important thing is to make this guy regret he ever messed with me!

If anything happens, at least there are still the laws of Heaven. There is no way he can take my life. The important thing is to make him regret and make him feel pain... very pain.

With that in mind, I bit down on him harder. He was so stunned that he did not even retaliate with his magical powers as he yelped out in pain. Instead, he grabbed my hair (which was unfortunately tied up to his convenience) and pulled it with all his might, messing up my neatly tied hair in the process! Despite the pain, I still clung onto him with all my might and refused to let him go.

"Are you born a dog? No wait, you should be a donkey instead. Let go of me you little fool!", he hollered.

With my mouth still biting him, I said, "ay eee, ohh ee onnt eett oo (Pay me, or I won't let go)".

Actually I think that I am quite the amicable person. If only this jerk did not make me lose my investment of over decades of saving (the fan), I would definitely not be so unreasonable. With determination, I bit onto him and time soon passed by with my saliva starting to drool all over him, mixing with the blood that I had drawn from him; further staining his original red outfit. Seeing that I was already drooling all over him, I thought that it was rude, so I released my bite and apologized, " Sorry, it was not intentional to drool on you. Since this spot is dirty, let me choose another spot to bite you.". With that said, I immediately selected another area and bit down on it relentlessly, "ay eee, ohh ee onnt eett oo (Pay me, or I won't let go)".

He stood there flabbergasted. I could feel his taking deep breaths as he started to shake with rage, "You are the one biting people and you think I am dirty? You dare to tell me that I am dirty?!". His whip changed into a short one and it was aimed at my behind. Before I know it, searing pain met my bottom as the whip made contact with it. I yelped in pain and instantly released my bite on him. I was furious and stunned at the same time, but yet managed to sob, "You are the one that ruin my fan and refuse to pay me back. You even have the nerve to spank me when you are the one who damaged other people's property!".

He was just as shocked as me retort as he regained his senses and hollered back, "You have the audacity to talk back! So what if I spanked you? Was it wrong? Was it? Was it? Who asked you to bite me.". For every "so what", his whip collided with my bottom. All I could feel was the searing pain from the bottom reaching my head. It was absolutely unbearable! I was about to explode with anger from the pain that was being inflicted on me.

With fury I yelled, "No one has ever dared to spank my bottom!". And with that declaration, I gave him a hard headbutt in the chest with the intention of destroying him along with myself. As soon as my head collided with his chest, all I saw was little birds flying around me head as I dizzily lost control of the spell on the carpet and it soon reverted back to its original form.

He was also dizzy from the collision and so I took the opportunity to grab his hair and made lose his balance falling to the ground. He soon recovered from his daze and started to pull at my hair and we tumbled onto the ground together as we lost our balance. Although we were on the floor, we still clung onto each other and pull at the other, poking the nose, pulling the ears.. all movements we could think of we did rolling all over the floor in Yue Lao's temple. Magic spells? None came to mind as we used the most primitive methods to get back at the other.

We went on and on and on.... I have no idea how long we were pulling out each other hair, or how many books we knocked off the shelves. But soon the ruckus we created attracted the drunk Yue Lao and he was utterly horrified as he wailed, "Oh my goodness! The red strings! The red strings are in a utter mess!"

And so that is how the story begins...
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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Bangtan Boys (BTS) Vs Infinite

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These two idol groups are coincidentally the Korean boy band that debuted with seven members.  They are considered the popular Korean idol groups that have international fandom. In my opinion, they have individual style and charisma. However, I see some interesting similarity between them too. Who is your ultimate bias? 

Jin Vs L

Similarity: They are the visual representative of their own group and are the pin-up flower boys that girls go crazy over during fan meeting. Interestingly, both of them are the same age, although Jin is the eldest in BTS.

V (Taehyung) Vs Lee Sung-yeol 

Similarity: Both of them are cute and funny in their own ways. They also know when to joke around and when to be serious. When they are working on something or performing onstage, they are seriously doing their best to entertain us. In my opinion, both of them can be really good actors. 

Jungkook Vs Woohyun

Similarity: They are playful and fun loving people who have their serious and manly moment. In addition, they are both rather good in sports and have beautiful voice. 

Jimin Vs Hoya 

Similarity: They are one of the best dancers in their group. In fact, they both have nice body to show off to their fans. Most of the pictures, we can see the both of them wearing sleeveless shirt/singlet. What can I say except that they do catches my eyes on stage with their charisma? 

J-hope Vs Dong-woo

Similarity: These two rappers and main dancers have warm and friendly personality. If I first get to know all the members in the group, I will most probably approach them the first in order to speak comfortably without much awkwardness. I just feel that they are more approachable and smiley. 

Suga Vs Lee Sung-Jong

Similarity: They are more difficult to understand among all the members. The fact that they are more "mysterious" and hard to figure out or predict their action and mood swing is something that connects. I observed that the both of them look the best when they did cross dressing as a girl with their delicate facial feature, slim body and fair skin. 

Rap monster Vs Kim Sung-Kyu

Similarity: They are both born to be leaders. It is known that both of them have the quality of a leader and they have the respect from their members. Most importantly, they know when to joke around and when to be serious.